Chapter 7


Chapter Seven

The crime scene tape went up and the coroner, as well as his assistants and the forensics techs, all joined the RED CELL team and other detectives at the site of the dead body. Sam was kneeling over it as he was taking a closer look at the ground around him.

His teammates joined him as Beth asked, "What are you thinking, Coop?"

Coop responded, "Look around on the ground. There is blood and scuff marks everywhere around his body. It looks like Mick got into a fight with this guy and probably his friends. He has tattoos all along his arms, as well as scars on his face and several piercings. My guess is that he was from a gang, possibly their leader."

"This guy and his gang must have attacked Mick on his way back to the station," Gina replied. "But for what reason, other than just because they could? There is no way Mick would have done anything to provoke them."

"They were hired thugs," Sam answered. "Our UNSUB knew that he couldn't take Mick down on his own. Mick is a skilled fighter and despite him being outnumbered, it would have taken something bad to bring him down. Take a look at this blood spill here. When the forensic results come back, I'll bet this blood will be his."

Prophet rubbed his hand over his face and said, "So, Mick was injured. Probably a knife wound, the same knife here in our body. Mick may have pulled this knife from his own body and shoved it into this guy's chest. If your saying that our UNSUB paid these guys to attack him, why did he take him? He's always left a body for us to find. Why just leave the message for us this time?"

Sam answered, "He's taken him because he wants Mick to suffer. He's killed all of his other victims fairly quickly. Obviously, he's taken Mick to torture him because he's got so much hate for him. I will not believe that Mick is dead, not until we find proof, but we must find him before that happens."

Beth replied, "We'll find him, Coop. Now, we should get back to the station to talk with Franklin. We can get him to tell us why he was working with our UNSUB and hopefully something that will help us to find Mick."

"That dirtbag used us to deliver Mick to the monster," Prophet said angrily. "I want nothing more than to go back to the station and strangle the man myself."

"We all do, but it won't help Mick," Gina responded.

"I helped him to lead Mick right to our killer!" Prophet shouted. "I never should have been so stupid to suggest that we split up!"

Sam put his hands on his friend's shoulders and turned him around to face him as he answered, "This is not your fault, Prophet, just as we told you before. You cannot blame yourself for this. Mick certainly wouldn't. Blame Franklin, blame our killer, and blame the gang members that we are going to find and bring down for helping the scumbag. We'll find Mick and make them pay."

About fifteen minutes later, the team arrived back at the station and headed over to where Captain Grayson and Detective Daniels stood in front of the two-way looking into the same interrogation room they were all in earlier, watching the man that was no longer Daniels' partner.

As the team approached, Grayson said, "I put him in here because I knew that you would want to talk with him. So far, he's refused to say anything to me or Daniels, but I have a feeling that you can make him talk. We're going to bring him up on charges, but we're not really sure which ones to bring him up on. We'll let you decide."

Daniels spoke up saying, "I see that you weren't able to find your friend. I'm sorry that I didn't say something to you before. I should have."

"Yeah, you should have," Beth responded as she followed Sam, Jon, and Gina into the room.

As they entered, Jon glared at the man sitting in the chair, but before he or anyone could say anything, Franklin cried, "Look, I had no idea when our killer was going kidnap your friend…"

Sam replied, "But you did know that your friend was going to kidnap Mick at some point. Right now, we want to know why you willingly helped a psychopath and lured us here."

"I didn't do it willingly," he pleaded. "And he certainly isn't my friend. He threatened to kill me and my family. I had no choice, but to do all I could to convince our captain to bring you and your team in to help us. I told Captain Grayson that I had a friend, Agent Rawson, with the BAU, who would be more than willing to help us to solve our case and that he owed me a favor. We were desperate to solve this case. Grayson agreed and told me to make the proper calls. Then, the killer told me to call him once he arrived. I don't know how he knew when your man was by himself. I just ran when I realized you were about to catch on to me. I had nothing to do with his kidnapping, I swear."

"Why didn't you tell your captain or your partner what was going on?" Sam asked. "Daniels suspected something was wrong from the beginning. He even confronted you about it more than once and you lied to him. You could have told us. We would have helped you. We could have gotten protection for your family. You sold Mick out!"

As Franklin looked down at his lap in shame, he replied, "He would have killed me."

Jon pounded his fists on the table right next to the man and shouted, "If I was given a choice between my life or the life of someone else, I would have gladly chosen theirs! My friend is hurt and may die because of you! Do you even care?"

"It doesn't look like he does," Sam said as Franklin turned away from them and Gina walked over to try to calm Prophet down. "Your captain is going to charge you with obstruction and conspiracy to commit attempted murder of a federal agent. If it becomes murder, you'll wish that you let that monster kill you and your family. Just so you know, the man that you helped our psychopath kidnap, would have died to protect you, despite what you have done. That's the kind of man he is."

Sam and his team walked out of the room as Beth looked over at the captain and said, "He's all yours, Captain."

Sam walked over to the boards and wrote down what they knew about the gang's involvement with Mick's abduction as he talked to his team saying, "I'm going to call Garcia to have her do what she can to find out the known gang members involved with our dead thug. Then, we'll pass the information off to the other detectives, so that we can focus on our killer and finding Mick. Everyone who is involved in hurting Mick is going down, no matter who they are."

"I agree with you, Coop," Beth replied. "I'll go talk with the captain and Detective Daniels. Maybe he can redeem himself by helping us out now."

"Penelope, it's me again," Sam said as he called her once again. "I need you to do something else for me. I'm sorry to have to ask so much of you."

Garcia quickly responded, "It's no problem, My Darling. I am willing to help you in any way I can to find that lovely, hunk of a man that we have all come to love and adore."

Sam smiled and answered, "Thank you! Now, I am going to send you picture of a man that we believe Mick killed trying to defend himself when he was taken by our killer. We believe that he was a member of a gang, maybe even this gang's leader. I need you to do what you can to try to find out who his known associates and fellow gang members are so that we can bring them down. Did you find anything about anyone who might have enough of a grudge against Mick to do all this?"

"I am afraid not yet, Coop," Penelope replied. "There is a lot of information for me to go through. I promise I will let you know what I find, as soon as I find it. The more information you guys can give me, the better. I wish you luck!"

"Thanks, Sweetheart!" Sam said as he hung up. "Now, while Penelope's doing that, we need to try to come up with a list ourselves of anyone we know from our cases that might be doing this. We also need to keep in mind, that our killer may also be someone from Mick's past back in England. If anyone there sticks out, Penelope will find him. Let's get to work. Mick's counting on us."

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