Chapter 8


Chapter Eight

Mick lay on his back, on the floor of the living room inside a filthy, empty house. His arms were tied behind his back and his feet were tied also. His head lolled to his right as he remained unconscious since the fight.

Light came through the window as the sun was rising and Mick finally began to wake. As he did, the first thing that he became aware of was the intense pain that he felt in his abdomen and suddenly remembered the knife wound he had received in his fight against the gang thugs, however long ago it was. He looked down at the wound to find that it had been crudely bandaged up.

He struggled to move and look at his surroundings, but he realized that his arms and feet were tied and he felt so weak that his movements were sluggish. It was then that he noticed someone, a bit younger than himself, sitting in one of the corners in the room. Mick tried to focus on the man and when he finally did, he remembered seeing him leaning over him just after the fight.

The stranger spoke up first saying, "Good morning, Mick. I was beginning to think that you were dead. You've been out for a long time. However, that might have something to do with the drug that I injected to your blood stream in order to knock you out. I took care of your wound. It will be awhile before it becomes infected, so you won't be getting sick too soon. Do you remember me?"

Mick kept his eyes trained on the younger man as he answered sadly, "Lance Bryant. Of course I remember you."

"Very good!" Lance replied. "Now, do you recognize this place at all? It's a bit different than the last time you were here. It's the same since I saw it last, except it's emptier and much dirtier. Dust and filth sure builds up when there's no one around to clean it up."

Mick looked around the best he could and after trying to remember why the room looked so familiar, it finally dawned on him where he was. He lay his head back down on the floor and closed his eyes before opening them again to find that Lance had moved to kneel over him once again.

"This is where the doctor and his family lived," Mick responded. "The doctor, who diagnosed your dad with post dramatic stress and gave the final word for him to be discharged from the British Special Forces You came back and you killed them to finish the work your dad had started."

"That's right," Bryant answered. "He couldn't do it because you killed him. You, the man who claimed he was his friend."

Mick replied, "If I hadn't have shot him, he would have killed the family and my friend. I couldn't let that happen. I begged your father to stop and let them go, but he wouldn't. Believe me, I did not want to kill him, but he left me no choice. I am so sorry."

Lance snickered and said, "You're sorry? Sorry will not bring my dad back!"

"Why did you kill all of those people?" Mick asked. "They had nothing to do with what happened between me and you. Why didn't you just find me and kill me alone?"

"My family was destroyed because of you," he answered. "We were never the same since then. My mom began to drink, a lot and my brother is in prison for two counts of assault and murder. He has anger issues. I wanted you to feel what it is like knowing you are responsible for the deaths of all those people I killed, before I kill you slowly and painfully. You deserve to suffer for what you've done. Maybe I am crazy like my dad was, but at least I got to have fun out of it and believe me, killing those people was fun. Killing you will be the icing on the cake. But rest assured, the killings will stop because there will be no one worth killing after you."

Mick pleaded one last time saying, "I will do all I can to help you if you let me go, but if you don't, when my team catches you, you will be executed, I can guarantee it. I will talk to them to try convince them to keep the needle out of your arm."

Lance chuckled, "I never thought a guy like you would ever beg for his life."

"I am not begging for you to spare my life," Mick responded. "I am begging for yours. I don't care about what happens to me. I never really have. Just my friends and the people I've sworn to protect. That includes you."

"I'm sorry to dash your hope of convincing me to stop what I'm doing, but it isn't going to happen," Bryant replied as he left the room.

Truth be told, a part of him felt that he deserved to die for what he had done to his friend over a year ago, as well as his family. Mick just wished that the bullet that Todd Bryant had shot at him had been what did it.

When Lance walked back into the room, he was carrying a video camera and a tripod and he began to set it up. Mick saw that his friend's son planned on videotaping whatever he was going to do to him. It was a way for him to remember the way he was going to feel as he slowly killed him. It was a way to remember the satisfaction of killing the man who killed his father and his family.

Then, Lance left the room once more and brought a chair back in with him, as well as a defibrillator that had electrodes attached to it, instead of the paddles that doctors used to restart a patient's heart. This machine was fixed as a torture device and Mick knew what Lance had planned. The pain was inevitable, but he certainly wasn't going to give Lance the satisfaction of hearing him cry out or scream, not if he could help it.

Lance finally walked over and untied the ropes from his wrists, but not his feet. He roughly dragged Mick over to the chair and shoved him into it. Then, he quickly tied both of his wrists down to the arms of the chair and made sure that the ropes were tight so that Mick could not get loose. The drug he had given Mick was wearing off, but Lance didn't want to give him another because he wanted him fully alert for the pain and his satisfaction of watching him suffer.

"You're going to kill me by electrocuting me to death," Mick stated while Lance ripped open his shirt, exposing his bare chest. "I won't scream out for you."

"You don't have to," Lance responded as he then pulled a rag from his pocket and tied it around his head, covering his mouth. "This is just in case you do. I do not want the neighbors to call the police. Don't worry. I won't let this kill you. I've planned something else for you. Not painful, but terrifying."

Lance placed the defibrillator on the floor next to the chair, picked up the electrodes, and taped them across Mick's chest. Then, he walked over to the camera, turned it on, and pressed play. As his kidnapper did so, Mick kept his eyes trained on him and not on the camera. Lance kept out of the camera's line of sight, not wanting to be seen. The camera was focused solely on Mick and the chair he was tied to.

Once he was ready, Lance walked over and knelt by the machine, and finally cranked the dial to its lowest setting, causing Mick's body to jerk as the electricity flowed into his chest. He threw his head back and kept his eyes and fists closed as the pain continued for over a minute. As Mick claimed, he did not scream, but Lance could hear him moan as he struggled through the pain.

When Bryant finally shut the machine down, Mick slowly lowered his head down to his chest, kept his eyes closed, and opened and closed his fists, knowing that the pain was going to get worse as it continued.

Lance Bryant smiled as he continued the process, slowly increasing the voltage, until Mick could no longer take the pain and passed out. After a few minutes of keeping the camera focused on him, he walked back over and shut it off. Before leaving the room, he turned back around to look at his dad's killer once more and laughed as he walked out to go prepare for his final plans for Mick.

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