Chapter 9


Chapter Nine

Jon, Beth, and Gina sat at the table they had placed near the case detailed white boards in the main room of the police station. Sam was pacing back and forth in frustration, knowing that their friend was out there somewhere, hurt and alone. Most of the detectives, and other officers helped the team for a while until they were finally sent home to sleep. Captain Grayson and Detective Daniels stayed behind.

For hours, the team had been going over their past cases where they knew that their UNSUBs had gotten angry with or threatened Mick in any way. After checking with Garcia to see if several UNSUBs were released from prison or members of their families who may have threatened him were free, they had come up with nothing.

Each of the team were at a loss and on edge. It had been over twenty-four hours since Mick had been taken and they were no closer to discovering who had taken him. Sam slowly rubbed his hands over his face and then slammed his fist on one of the boards.

Beth stood up from the table and walked up to Sam as she said softly, "Mick wouldn't want you to beat yourself up over this. This is not your fault. None of us blame you either, neither would Mick. You know that."

Sam chuckled as he replied, "It's my job to tell you guys that. I know this isn't my fault. Mick and I go way back. He's like the kid brother I never had. I don't think I ever told him that. I can't…"

"Mick's like a brother to all of us," Prophet interrupted. "We're a family. He's still out there, still alive and still fighting. He won't give up. Neither can we."

"We will find this scumbag in time," Gina spoke up. "We've always come through when things really mattered."

Just as Beth was about to say something, Sam's cell phone rang and when he saw that it was Garcia calling, he put the phone down on the table and hit the speaker so that everyone could hear her.

Sam said, "We're all here, Sweetheart! What have you got for us?"

Penelope responded, "I finally got that information you asked me for on the thugs who attacked Mick. Their leader's name was Theo Chang. He was in prison for assault, but was let out when the victim refused to testify against him and his gang. They are all brutes and real scum, each of them having a record for something or other."

"Good work, Penelope!" Sam replied. "Can you send us the information?"

"It's already on its way as we speak, along with the location of their hangout." she answered.

All of a sudden, another voice was heard over the line saying, "Your man is totally awesome! Sorry!"

Beth asked, "Who's with you, Garcia?"

Penelope quickly responded, "Oh, sorry! I called in some help with going over the information. You've asked for a lot, not that I'm complaining, but I am trying to get it to you as soon as possible and this was the only way I could think of. Everyone, I'd like you to meet Kevin Lynch; my boyfriend. Actually, he's my fiancé now."

"Congratulations to both of you!" Sam replied. "Thank you for joining us, Kevin. We could really use your help."

"It's not a problem, Sir," Kevin answered. "Penelope has told me good things about your team. I'll do all I can to help you find your friend."

"We'll be in touch," Garcia added as she hung up.

Beth pulled up the files that Garcia sent them as Beth said, "It may be late, but I'll call SWAT and have them meet us there. At least we can bring down some of the guys responsible for Mick's kidnapping."

Sam nodded and responded, "That's right. I don't care who we have to wake up. I want these thugs to pay tonight. Hopefully, we can get them to give us a better description of our UNSUB."

Prophet replied, "Yeah, they definitely should have seen the guy, at least, if when he paid them for hurting Mick, they made the transaction in person."

"Let's go find out," Sam said.

About forty minutes later, the team, as well as SWAT, all arrived outside of the garage where Theo Chang's gang was known for staying at. Sam, Beth, Gina, and Prophet stayed behind SWAT as they busted in and began to make their arrests. Some of the gang members went down without a fight, but some of them pulled out their guns and fired at the men and women coming to arrest them.

In the end, one of the SWAT team took a bullet to his shoulder and two members of the gang were shot and killed. The fight didn't last very long before the rest of the gang finally gave themselves up.

As SWAT rounded each of them up and brought them before the RED CELL team, Sam spoke up first as he asked, "Which one of you is this gang's new leader? We know that you were paid by our killer to bring down the Federal Agent you fought earlier."

One of the thugs replied, "You mean that Brit who killed Theo?"

"That Brit, as you call him, is a friend of ours," Sam responded angrily. "You and your pals here are going to pay for delivering him to the guy you sold him to, but we will offer you a deal, despite my better judgment, if you give us a description of him and any other details that will lead us to finding him. If you don't, we'll throw you all in a cell for the rest of your lives. No one will be able to help you get out of trouble this time."

The same thug, who spoke up before, answered, "I don't care what you Feds do to us. Go ahead and throw us in jail. We won't be there as long as you think. No one has ever made the charges against us stick."

Beth spoke up saying, "Believe me, Buddy. We've got plenty of evidence against you and your pals here, which is enough to make you rot for the rest of your useless lives. We've got your ex-leader's dead body at the scene where he stabbed our friend, as well as plenty of your fingerprints and different blood samples. There will be no getting out this time."

"Wait, I'll tell you all I know!" another one of the thugs shouted as the team began to walk away from them. "Some guy came up to us off the street and gave us a picture of your guy, telling us that he would pay us good money if we beat him up. The money was too good to pass up, so we agreed. We thought one guy would be no problem, but he was a lot tougher than we expected and Theo got angry. He was the one who pulled out his knife and stabbed him. All of a sudden, your guy suddenly pulled the knife out of his stomach and shoved it into Theo. We didn't see it coming. The guy arrived to pay us and then we left. That's it, I swear!"

"What did this guy look like?" Jon asked.

Another gang member replied, "He was a white guy. He wore a hat that covered most of his face, but we saw that he was clean shaven. He was average height, uh…"

Gina interrupted, "Did he have any scars, either on his face, his hands, or his arms? Is there anything else you can give us that will narrow our search down?"

"For the brief moment that I saw his face, I saw that he had a scar along his cheek," the first thug to be cooperative replied. "It was pretty long. He had blonde hair too."

"Thank you," Sam said as he and the rest of the team walked away to let SWAT book them.

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