Hero Inside

Chapter 10

At CIA Headquarters…

Joan was up in her office waiting to hear from anyone on her team about the whereabouts of her agent, Annie. She was getting impatient and worried. She cared about both Annie and Auggie. They were the best at what they did. They were her friends. However, she knew that they were at least together. They would make it out of trouble as long as they remained that way.

Joan's husband, Arthur, walked into her office a few minutes later and asked, "Joan, how are things going? Is there any word on either Annie or August?"

She replied, "He prefers to be called Auggie, Arthur. And the answer is no. I haven't. It has been almost twenty-four hours now and we are no closer to finding them. Richert has to have them in some kind of warehouse or abandoned building. They could be here in the city, or they could be in another one by now."

"Ma'am, we found Jason Highmore just a few minutes ago," one of her agents interrupted as he walked into her office. "He's dead. He's been dead for several hours. My guess is that he was killed shortly after he helped his boss' goons kidnap Auggie."

"Did we find the body or did the cops out looking for him," she asked?

The agent answered, "According to the news, a couple of cops found the guy. There was a witness to a body drop early this morning down by the river. Whoever that was, saw two guys throw a body in the river and then went to the cops. We hacked into the police database to get this information from them."

Arthur kissed his wife on the cheek and left her office as Joan said, "Very good. We need to see Highmore's personal affects right away. Have an agent go undercover to get into the station and see if there is anything that will tell us where Auggie and Annie are right now."

"Yes, Ma'am," he replied.

"Wait a minute," Joan shouted suddenly as she looked at a message she just received on her cell phone. "Forget going to the cops. I just received a message from Annie. She said she's with Auggie and that they are running through the woods hours away from DC. I want a trace put on the phone she is calling from and helicopters in the air, searching all the woods within five hours from here; there aren't too many that are within that radius. Everyone split up. Call in every half hour for an update. Right now, people; move!"

At the cabin…

Don Richert and his partner, Evan Greer got out of the car and walked back into the cabin, anxious to get this mess over with that was caused by Highmore. They weren't prepared to walk in and see both of their men trying to get up off the floor of the cabin, after being knocked unconscious.

Richert shouted, "What on earth happened and where are they? How could the two of you let her and a blind guy escape? Get up and go after them, now! Evan, I need you to go with them and make sure that they don't screw up again. Kill the boyfriend; I don't care, but try to bring back Annie alive. If you can't, don't worry, but I want to know who she is working for. We need to clean this mess up now."

"No problem, Don," Greer responded. "We will get what we need."


Right before Annie grabbed Auggie and bolted out the back door of the cabin, she bent down and picked up the female cop's cell phone from her pocket. As she quickly led Auggie through the woods, she typed up a brief message to Joan; not giving any important information, but enough that her boss would understand so that she would send out men to find them.

Auggie did his best to keep up, but he couldn't help stumbling a few times. It was one thing to walk around, but at least when he did that he had a cane or his laser to guide him around the office. There were trees and hazards everywhere that despite how hard Annie tried to keep him clear of, they couldn't avoid them all.

They had been running for over an hour and after stumbling once again, Annie finally led Auggie over to a tree and helped him to sit down. As she did, she noticed that she had cut her arm from running into a tree branch. It wasn't too deep, but blood was spilling out more than what she wanted. She knew that she needed to put a makeshift bandage over it. She sat next to Auggie and began to rip off the sleeve of her shirt she was wearing.

As she did so, Auggie asked, "You cut your arm, didn't you? Is it bad?"

Annie replied, "No, it isn't deep at all. There's just more blood coming out of it than I would have expected it to. I'm going to wrap the sleeve of my shirt around it. My shirt's ruined now anyway. I'm good. What about you?"

"Aside from being out of breath and slowing you down, I'm good too," he answered.

"Listen to me, Auggie," Annie said. "I am running into my share of branches and stumbling myself. My arm is proof of that. Stop worrying so much. Are you ready to go? We can't rest anymore. They are going to find us if we don't get going."

Auggie got up this time on his own and bent down to where Annie sat and helped her up. Together they ran for just under a mile, until they stopped to catch their breath. As they did so, they began to hear a motor sound in the sky. They realized that it was the sound of helicopters. Annie grabbed Auggie and pulled them toward a clearing. They knew that in order for their team to find them, they needed to get into the open, despite the risk of being discovered by Richert and his men.

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