Hero Inside

Chapter 15

Back at the cabin in the woods…

Don Richert sat in one of the chairs waiting for Evan and his two other associates, Racine and Davis, to get back with Annie Walker. He couldn't believe that he underestimated the woman's abilities. She was small and didn't look like much of a fighter, but the beating she had given his guys proved otherwise. She couldn't be just an FBI agent or a cop. They fought with guns, not like she appeared to do.

Then, there was the blind guy. According to Davis, the guy packed a pretty mean punch himself. Even though Davis being fat slowed him down, he was still tough to knock out and the blind man did it. This caused Richert to realize that he also underestimated him. Apparently, he wasn't just Annie Walker's blind boyfriend after all. He just didn't know what.

That was going to change as soon as she was brought back here, or so Richert believed. It was then that suddenly the front door of the cabin was kicked open and a small group of men and women entered the room, pointing their guns straight at Richert's head.

They shouted at Richert to put his hands above his head and drop down to the floor on his stomach. He did as he was asked. Richert didn't want to go to prison, but he wasn't suicidal either. He knew that these men and women would not hesitate to take him out. From the fact that they weren't wearing bulletproof vests as FBI agents would be, but wearing just their everyday streets clothes, Richert realized that they must be working for the CIA and that they had already taken down Evan, Racine, and Davis.

Richert was the first to speak asking, "So, you must be the CIA, am I right? Where are my men?"

One of the agents answered, "All three of them are in our custody now, Mr. Richert. So far, we have you on charges of kidnapping and attempted murder, and murder, but thanks to Mr. Greer, we will soon have you on a few more charges as well. You'll end up with a needle in your arm for these alone, but you better pray that the agent you had your pal shoot survives. If not, God help you when our boss and a close friend of his get a hold of you. You may not make it to the day of your execution."

"You guys are good," Don replied. "I am impressed that you found us all the way out here and that two of your agents managed to escape, despite one of them being blind. How does that work by the way? He can't do field work, but my guess is that he probably used to, am I right? What are the chances that he survives? Greer said he was soon to be a dead man. I hope he's right."

"We got to him in time," another agent responded. "He's going to be fine. He's much tougher than most people think he is."

As the agents walked Don Richert outside to the helicopter that would transfer him to their headquarters, he spotted Evan, Racine, and Davis sitting inside the bird with their hands cuffed behind their backs.

Don frowned at his team and then looked at a female agent as she walked up beside him and said, "We found you without difficulty thanks to your so called pal here, Evan Greer. He gave you up without hesitation when it came down to your life or his own. I guess it's hard to find good help these days, isn't it?"

Don looked at Evan and replied, "Isn't it though. I'm sure that anyone would stab their friends in the back sooner or later if they wanted something bad enough."

Greer spoke up saying, "You had to know this would end someday. I certainly did and I was not about to go down alone. It was fun, but not worth dying for. Good luck with that."

"Don't think that you are going to get off so easy," Don responded. "You of all people should remember that I have friends in high places. You'll be as good as dead soon enough."

Back at Langley…

Joan and Jai were in the tech ops room waiting to hear from their agents who were sent to arrest Don Richert. Joan couldn't wait to come face to face with the man who had given the CIA so much trouble since his name first crossed her desk. It was thanks to Annie and Auggie that he was finally being brought down.

Around five in the evening, the leading member of the team called in and informed them that Richert was found, arrested, and being transported straight to them, as well as Greer, Racine, and Davis. Joan and Jai were going to work together to interrogate each of them in hopes of finding the rest of the men on their payroll.

Joan felt some of the weight from her shoulders lighten. However, most of her stress came from worrying about Auggie. She had yet to learn if he was going to make it or not. Even if he did, was he going to come out of this incident in one piece, she wondered?

The last time that he was in the hospital, he was wounded and blinded from an explosion in Iraq. On top of that, he ended up losing his fiancé. It took him a long time to come back from and all he had was her who showed the tiniest bit of concern for him. This time, he had Annie and Joan's instincts told her that there was more than just a strong friendship between her and him. Thankfully, Auggie was in good hands.

Suddenly, her phone ringing interrupted her thoughts. When she reached down and picked it up, she heard Annie on the other line. After waiting for several hours, Annie had informed her of his condition. His condition was critical, yet the doctor seemed optimistic.

Thankful she was finally alone in her office, Joan sat down in her chair and felt the rest of the weight on her shoulders disappear. Then, she reached out for the phone once again to call her husband and invite him to a late dinner once she was finished with the interrogations and visiting Auggie and Annie in the hospital. She could not wait for the day to finally be over with.

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