Hero Inside

Chapter 5

Auggie entered his home and went to his bedroom right away. He folded his walking stick up and placed it on his dresser as he always did, pulled out a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt to change into, and then walked into the bathroom to shower and get ready for bed.

He kept everything in the same place in order to make sure that he wouldn't lose track of anything or trip over any furniture. It took a long time for him to get use to not being able to see; any kind of change was hard. The one good thing about being blind was that he didn't have to have lights on, unless he actually had company over. It saved him money on his electricity bill every month.

Once Auggie had finished in the bathroom, he walked over to his stove and turned one of the dials to make himself a cup of tea. He had a tea kettle in place already. Every morning before work he would wash out the kettle, fill it back up with water, and place it back on top of the right, front burner.

While he waited for the water to boil, he started toward his computer to turn it on, but as he did so, he heard a noise behind him. As he stopped walking in order to listen, he heard nothing. However, Auggie knew the sound to be the click of a gun being prepared to fire.

He called out asking, "Who's there?"

Instead of someone answering him, he was suddenly hit over the head and knocked unconscious. As he fell to the floor, the lights were turned on and two men walked over to a third who stood over Auggie with a gun in his hand.

One of them said, "I guess that explains why he's been walking around in the dark; he's blind."

Another asked, "How on earth does a blind guy get a hot woman like the one who is spying on us and our boss? Why does Richert even want us to take him in the first place?"

"Because he wants to use him in order to get the girl to talk," the third man responded. "Kidnapping her would be easy, but since she has been spying on us, she must be working with some government agency like the FBI, CIA, or something else and they are all trained not to talk under interrogation. Richert wants to use him to get her to do so. Then, we will kill them both."

The three men carried Auggie out to their car and put him in the trunk. Then, they drove off, leaving the lights in his apartment on, as well as the stove. They headed to the place where Richert had told them to go; a cabin deep in the woods, which was hours away from where the CIA headquarters were.


It was just after one-thirty in the morning and Annie was having a hard time sleeping. She couldn't get the harsh words she spoke to Auggie out of her mind or the sad look on his face. After another hour, Annie finally decided to get up and get dressed. She was going to go back to Auggie's to apologize to him as she should have done before. Even though it was very early, she had a feeling that Auggie would also be awake.

Once she arrived at his apartment, the first thing that Annie noticed was that the lights were on. For a minute, she didn't think anything of it, until she remembered that Auggie never used the lights. He didn't need them unless he had company over and that didn't happen often. She knew that Auggie always went out with friends because he didn't want to risk anything in his apartment being changed on him. He had told her once that it took a long time for him to get used to getting around without running into things.

Annie walked up to his door and rang the bell. After a few minutes, he still didn't answer. Annie was about to knock, until she could hear a faint whistling sound coming from inside. She tried to open the door using the knob, but the door was locked. However, her instinct told her that something was very wrong.

Annie kicked in the door and saw that there was smoke coming from his kitchen. Annie ran in and found that one of the burners on his stove had been left on and the smoke was coming from the now empty tea kettle. She quickly pulled it off, placed it in the sink, turned on the faucet to run water over it, and turned the burner off.

She turned around and called out, "Auggie, are you here? Are you all right? Auggie, it's me, Annie! Can you hear me?"

When there was no response and after she walked throughout the house, Annie knew that Auggie was not here. She also knew that Auggie would not have gone out for a walk while leaving the stove on. As she pulled out her phone to call Joan, she looked down and noticed that there was red liquid on the floor of his kitchen. As she bent down to take a closer look, she saw that it was definitely blood. Worry built up in her chest as she knew without a doubt that the blood belonged to Auggie.

Annie knew that Auggie had good instincts, but without sight, it would have been impossible to defend himself against god knows how many attackers were here. Annie snapped out of her thoughts and quickly dialed Joan's number.

Joan answered after three rings and Annie spoke first saying, "Joan, I need you and anyone else you can bring to come over to Auggie's. I'll explain everything when you get here, just please hurry. He's in trouble."

After Joan hung up, Annie began to walk throughout the house to see if there was anything that may give her some idea who it was that had kidnapped him. Annie's thoughts brought her back to her last words to him and she realized that if they didn't find him in time, she would never get the chance to tell him she was sorry and most importantly, that she loved him too.

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