Hero Inside

Chapter 7

Auggie awoke in a sitting position on the ground with his hands tied to a wooden beam behind him and a serious headache, no doubt from being knocked over the head from what he assumed was the butt of a gun. The beam was obviously from inside a room in a house, not only because of the way it felt, but also because of the way it smelled. There was no sound coming from within the room, except for any movement he made. The ground beneath him felt hard, but as he moved his feet across it, he knew that it was dirt. Auggie realized he was probably in a cellar somewhere.

He tried to loosen the ropes tying his hands, but the knots were too tight. Auggie put his head up against the beam and tried to think of who would want to kidnap him and why. He was just a tech ops operative, and no one knew that except for those who worked within the CIA. Besides, who would believe that a blind man worked for the CIA? It sounded more like a joke, than reality. That was why he brought it up when he first met Annie, as a way to ease her into things.

As Auggie tried to figure things out, he suddenly heard a door open from somewhere nearby, the clicking of a light switch, and footsteps coming toward him. It sounded like there were at least two other people in the room with him now as they came up in front of him. One of them was heavy set and the other was a woman.

When no one spoke right away, Auggie asked, "Who are you and what do you want with me? If it is money you two are after, then you're out of luck; I'm broke. By the way Lady, whatever the big guy is paying you, I hope you think this is worth it."

The heavy set one asked, "How did you know that I am big and that my partner's a woman; you're blind?"

"People are always surprised that a blind guy can figure things out without being able to see," Auggie replied. "You're partner wears perfume pretty heavily and it stinks. Your footsteps are heavy on the floor as you walk. That's how I knew that you are fat, or maybe just a bit over weight. Now, are you going to answer my question? What do you want with me?"

"You'll find out soon enough," the woman answered. "In the meantime, I suggest you get comfortable. You'll be down here awhile. We are waiting for our boss to get here with a surprise."

After she finished speaking, the kidnappers left the room, shut off the lights, and went back upstairs to wherever it was he was at. He once again laid his head back up against the beam and closed his eyes. His head was throbbing. Auggie knew that Joan and the others at the CIA would do whatever they could to find him.

His last thoughts before he passed out again, were of the argument he had with Annie. He was stupid for saying the things he said to her. He didn't mean to hurt her, he just wanted her to know that he loved her. He realized that last night was the wrong time and that he should have waited until he knew she was over Ben. He only hoped that he would get the chance to apologize.


Richert's right hand walked Annie into the house she had been watching for the past few days and into the entryway outside of his boss' study. He knocked on the door and opened it as soon as he heard Richert tell them to enter. As they did, Annie saw Don Richert sitting behind a desk with a cigar in his mouth. He looked upset, but also smug. Annie assumed that was because he had leverage over her to get her to talk.

Richert was the first to speak saying, "Hello, Miss. Did my friend introduce himself to you? His name is Evan Greer. He and I have been friends for seventeen years, but something tells me that you already know that. So, you know who we are. What about you?"

She answered, "My name is Annie Walker. Where is my friend?"

"Is that all he is to you," Richert responded? "From the kiss the two of you shared in your car outside his home last night, makes me think that you to are something more than that. Although, that fight the two of you had afterward might have implied that you are no longer together. Am I right?"

"Why have you been spying on us," Annie asked. "As I told your pal here, I was just watching the sunrise this morning. I come to the park every morning to do so. That's all."

Richert and Greer laughed as Richert replied, "Then, how do you explain getting copies of my phone records and spying on me wherever I go? An old friend told me that he snitched on us to the cops, but something tells me that you are more than just a simple cop. The snitch died before he could tell me who you really were though."

Annie said, "So your buddy Greer told me. Just because your dead friend told you I was spying on you, does that mean it was the truth? What if he was lying? He was after all, ratting you out to someone."

"You are good, Miss Walker," Richert answered. "However, I do believe my dead friend, as you called him. Who do you work for? And let me remind you that if you lie to me again, I will have my men kill your boyfriend. I have a feeling that you know I will do it."

"I'll tell you once I see that he is all right," Annie responded. "If he is hurt, you can forget about it. I want to see him, now!"

"Very well, Miss. Walker," Richert replied. "Evan, please take our guest out to see her friend. Don't forget to blind fold her. I don't want her to know where she is going. Prepare yourself for a long trip, Annie. By the way, what is it that you see in the blind man? He can't do anything without help."

Annie said, "He's always been there for me when I needed him. It's my turn to repay that favor. He's more of a man than you or right hand here could ever hope to be."

Evan walked Annie out to his car and told her to get into the backseat. Another one of Richert's thugs joined them and sat beside her. Greer handed the guy a blindfold and told him to wrap it around her eyes. Then, they headed off toward the cabin where Auggie was being held.

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