Hero Inside

Chapter 8

Inside the CIA Headquarters…

Joan, Jai, and all of the agents on Joan's team were busy scrambling around, trying to find any clue to Auggie's disappearance from the evidence found in his apartment. They had very little to go on. The forensic specialists verified that the blood found on his kitchen floor, did indeed belong to Auggie, as they expected.

"Please tell me there is something here, people," Joan shouted! "It's been over ten hours since he's been taken and so far we have absolutely nothing. I want to know if he was taken because someone learned he works for the CIA or if this is something personal. For all we know, it could have just been a robbery gone wrong and Auggie walked in on them. I want to know."

"I've got something for you, Ma'am," one of the operatives replied. "I just got the DNA results off of the cigarettes found outside Auggie's apartment back from forensics. They belong to a Jason Highmore."

Both Joan and Jai looked at each other as soon as they heard the name and Jai asked, "Isn't that the name of our snitch who gave us the Intel on Don Richert and Evan Greer?"

Joan took the folder with the lab results, looked at the file carefully and answered, "Yah, it is. Dang it, Annie! I warned them to not to have Auggie help out in the field. It looks like Highmore told his boss everything, probably because they found him out. He tells them about Annie in order to save his hide and Richert has her followed. Auggie went with Annie last night to her party. They see them together, follow them back to his apartment, chances are to use him to lure her out and find out who she's working for. Call Annie and tell her that her mission has been compromised and to come back to the office right now."

Jai made the call, but there was no answer on Annie's cell. When he told Joan, she ordered he team to put a trace on her phone and find out exactly where she was. The signal showed that she was in the park outside of Richert's home. However, when a team arrived there, all they found was the phone. There was no sign of Annie.

Joan ordered the team to enter Richert's home, but found that no one was home and there was no sign that Annie had ever been there. Joan ordered two different teams to search the guy's home, not only for evidence of Annie or Auggie, but also that proved he was selling country secrets to people in Russia as Highmore had lead them to believe.

At the cabin in the woods…

Evan Greer and Richert's other guy led Annie inside the cabin as soon as they exited their car. They kept Annie blindfolded as they did so and led her down to the cellar in which Auggie was being held. When they entered the tiny room, Greer pulled off the blindfold and left, leaving Annie alone in the dark.

Annie fought to adjust her eyes to the dark, when suddenly she heard a voice call out, "Look fellas, whatever it is that you want from me, you are not going to get it. I told you that I don't have a penny to my name."

Annie ran over to where she heard Auggie's voice and knelt down next to him as she replied, "Auggie, thank God! Are you all right?"

"Annie," he asked? "I'm fine, but what are you doing here? I heard two other thugs with you. Are you all right?"

"I'm fine too," she responded. "I'm so sorry about them kidnapping you. It's Don Richert and his guys that I've been watching for the last few days. They discovered that Jason Highmore was giving us information about them and they killed him for it. However, he told them about me to try to save himself, except that I work for the CIA. He died before he could give them everything. They've been following me too. That's how they knew about you. They were watching us at the party last night and outside your apartment. They want to use you to get me to tell them everything. Hang on, I'm going to untie you now."

Once Auggie was free, he allowed Annie to help him stand and said, "I guess that explains why someone would kidnap a lonely blind guy. That also explains what they meant about bringing a surprise."

As soon as Auggie was standing, Annie wrapped her arms around him and was about to say something, when the door to the cellar opened once and again and the light was turned on. In the doorway stood Richert, Greer, and three other people; one of them being a woman.

Annie stood in front of Auggie as Greer and the fat guy moved toward them and Richert said, "Will the two of you join us upstairs please. We would like to have a talk. I kept my end of the bargain, Miss. Walker; I brought you to your boyfriend. Now it is time for you to keep up your end."

Once they were upstairs and entered another room of the cabin, Annie and Auggie were led toward two chairs in the center of the room and tied down to them. Their arms were tied behind their backs and as soon as the bad guys turned their backs to them, Annie began to work on loosening the knots.

"It looks like the big guy was a boy scout," Auggie said. "These knots are really tight. Nice job!"

"The blind man is much smarter than I would have thought he was," the fat guy replied.

"What makes you think a blind man can't be smart," Auggie asked. "I told you before that I figure things out differently than you do. My other four senses are much stronger. I know that I am certainly smarter than you and the rest of your pals here."

The fat guy walked over to Auggie and slapped him hard across the face. Richert and Greer just laughed as they exited the cabin and drove off, leaving the big guy and the woman behind once again to keep an eye on them. Annie and Auggie were left alone to talk quietly to themselves.

Annie looked over at Auggie and whispered, "Auggie, are you all right?"

He replied just as quietly, "Yeah, I'm fine. Listen, Annie. You can't tell them anything. Who knows how much Jason Highmore told them, but you can't talk. Lie to them like you would to anyone else. It doesn't matter what happens to me."

"It matters to me," she responded. "Don't worry. We are both going to get out of here. I've almost got the knots loose. When I do, we can find a way to knock them out and make a run for it."

"Even, if you can get loose and you do manage to knock them out to escape, you are going to have to go without me," he answered.

Annie looked at him and said, "No way! I'm not going to just leave you behind. We are going to escape together."

Auggie shook his head and replied, "Who knows when Richert and Greer will be back and you will need a good head start if you hope to get out of this. I'm blind, Annie and you know that you won't get away while dragging me along with you. I'll only slow you down."

"I don't care," she responded. "We are both getting out of here. Just think of it as the mission that you have been dying to go on; forgive the pun. You've been wanting to prove to Joan that you can do more than just office work. Here is your chance."

Auggie just nodded and waited. He knew that Annie wasn't going to listen to him no matter what he said. She was all about accomplishing the impossible. As much as she hated being shot at and lying to her family, she couldn't help but love the thrill and risk this job gave her. And even if she didn't love him like he loved her, he knew that they were at least friends and she wouldn't let anything happen to him as long as she could help it.

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