Hero Inside

Chapter 9

Richert and Greer were getting ready to question the woman who worked for some agency, but Richert suddenly received a message on his phone telling him that they needed to attend to a problem in the town they were staying in. Before they drove away from the cabin, Richert ordered the man and woman who stayed behind to watch over their captives to make sure that they didn't touch them until they returned.

Greer drove himself and his boss to the sheriff's office in town and when they entered the building, the sheriff walked over to them and turned on the news. What they saw made Richert suddenly become very angry. The headline read, Suspect Wanted for Questioning in a Small Town Market Stick-up. Above the headline was a picture of Jason Highmore, one of their former partners; now dead.

"I thought that Highmore was on our side, Sir," the sheriff asked? "Why would he try to rob a market?"

"He was trying to get some quick money in order to escape the city," Greer replied. "We caught him ratting us out to some cops or some other agency. We got him and killed him, but apparently not in time before he got himself into the news. The cops and now whoever Annie Walker works for will be looking for him. If they find him dead, they will have enough evidence to pin his death to Don and eventually the rest of us. We need to find out who this cop works for, shut her and her boyfriend up for good, and then find a way to close the case they are building against us for good."

The sheriff responded, "We could all just get out of the country. You have friends who will help us."

Richert shook his head and said, "No, I have worked too hard to build up what I have. I will not allow a snitch and a cop to destroy everything. Once I know who Walker works for, my friends and I will take care of the rest."

"Do you mean that you are going to kill a bunch of cops," the sheriff asked again? "If you do that, then you will be wanted forever, and so will I. I didn't sign on for this. If you do this, I am finished."

"Don't worry so much, Paul," Greer answered. "We hire the best men to work for us. They are good at what they do. If you try to run or tell anyone, we have a bullet with your name on it. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir," Paul replied.

Richert and Greer left the sheriff's office and headed back to the cabin to finish what they began with Walker and the blind guy. They knew that they were in even more of a hurry than they were before. Luckily, Richert's home, which they knew was probably overrun with cops by now, had no incriminating evidence that linked them to any crime they had committed. Annie Walker was the key to everything.


The woman and the fat guy were still in another room of the cabin, while Annie finally finished loosening her ropes. Once she got up from her chair, she quickly, but quietly walked over to Auggie and began to untie his knots as well. However, as she did so, the woman walked in and shouted out for help from her partner.

"Roy, the cop is trying to escape," she shouted! "Get off your lazy butt and help me!"

Annie stopped what she was doing and got into a hand to hand fight with one of her kidnappers. Roy was about to jump in and grab Annie, until Auggie suddenly stood and used his arm to strike the guy right in the neck, causing him to stagger. Auggie used the training that he once taught to Annie a long time ago and managed to knock the big guy out after a few minutes.

Annie used the same training and easily managed to take out her attacker, as she looked over at Auggie and asked, "How on earth did you manage to do that. He's like ten times bigger than you and…"

Auggie interrupted, "And not blind? I heard his heavy footsteps as he ran toward us. I knew exactly where he was and I used his shock as I made the first attack to take him out. It's not how I prefer to fight, but it works. Are you all right?"

"I am thanks to you," Annie replied. "I wouldn't have been if Roy there had managed to help his partner out. Thank you, Auggie. You are totally awesome!"

"I do what I can," he responded. "Do either of them have any id?"

Annie bent down to search the woman's pockets and as she lifted up her jacket to do so, she saw a police badge hooked to the outside of her left side pocket. Annie reached in to pull out her wallet and read the id.

Annie said, "Her name is Lauren Racine; she's a cop. Why would a cop help a scumbag like Don Richert?"

Auggie answered, "Why else would a cop help out a criminal? Because Richert paid her good money to. We know that Richert is selling secrets and information about our country to some high bidder in Europe. In order to get the information and to keep everything he's done off all law enforcements radars. Who knows how many more cops or even agents he has on his payroll?"

"This is much worse than we originally thought," Annie said. "If it wasn't for Highmore giving us the information that he did, we would still be completely in the dark like every other agency out there. We need to get out of here. Richert and Greer could be back at any time."

Just as Annie said so, a car pulled up out front. Annie ran over to the window, watched as they got out of the car, and then ran back to Auggie. She quickly pulled him toward the back of the cabin and out the back door.

"We have to get out of here, Auggie," she said quickly. "I am going to get us out of here, I promise. I need you to trust me."

Auggie replied, "I've always trusted you, Annie."

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