The Double, Double Cross Job

Chapter 10

The Double, Double Cross Job

Chapter Ten

Ray and his friends, except for Dan, all looked as if they had seen a ghost, or four, and Ray spoke up asking, "What is this? What's going on?"

Nate answered, "My friends and I are con artists and thieves and you fellas, are our marks. You were spying on us, we were spying on you. My name's Nate Ford, the mastermind. Miss Peggy Doyle here is actually Sophie Devereaux, our grifter. She and I are the faces of a con we like to call the double cross job.

First flashback…

"They plan on spying on us to kill us when each of us are alone," Nate said yesterday morning as Ray spoke with his team inside the Haddaway Roxbury. "I suggest we give them exactly what they want."

Second flashback…

Sophie sat in the café and had just asked for her check. Dressed as a waitress, Ray's girlfriend dropped her check on the table and refilled Sophie's coffee cup. She watched as Sophie went to take a sip and left. However, Sophie never touched a drop of the poisoned coffee. She knew the waitress was Ray's girlfriend and only pretended to drink and then choke to death. The paramedics that arrived were Hardison and Nate. Hardison had intercepted the 911 call that went out.

Nate continued, "Eliot is our hitter and believe me when I say it, you don't want to test him," Nate continued. "He can kill you without breaking a sweat. Your boy didn't get the chance to kill him."

Third flashback…

Eliot walked into the gym's dressing room, changed quickly, and walked back out. He noticed Lang's thug following him as he left the gym and after walking a few feet away, the sound of gunshots suddenly sounded. Hardison and Parker sat in a car across the street as he set of the electronic blanks he had used once before to fool another mark of theirs. Eliot pretended to be shot several times as he finally collapsed to the ground. The blood on the ground was just another prop. The officers and the coroner were Sophie, Parker, and Nate.

"Parker here is our thief," Sophie said as she finished their story. "Thanks to her, we have cleaned out everything from your safe; all the money and the ownership papers to the clubs and businesses you have stolen from all the others, as well as the photos of the men you killed. And finally, this is Hardison, our hacker and resident geek, as he loves to prove to us time and time again. Thanks to him, we have your confession to four attempted murders, and the proof from your own mouths that you killed the club owners. There are video cameras and bugs all over this place."

Fourth flashback…

Hardison and Parker kept together all day long as they were being watched by Ray's other friend, except for when she snuck off from their dinner to go rob their safe inside the Haddaway Roxbury. She had gone through the restaurant's back door and once again through the vents inside the club. Just like before, she broke into the safe, only this time she took everything.

As soon as she made it back to the restaurant, she and Hardison left together and after walking hand in hand back to the Den of the Five Thieves, they were suddenly hit, Parker once in the chest and Hardison twice in the back as he dove over on top of Parker. As the thug drove off after firing the shots and seeing their blood splatter on the wall, Hardison and Parker sat up and opened up their shirts to reveal bulletproof vests. The blood was once again just Hardison's creation."

"This is impossible!" Ray responded angrily.

"Actually, it's not," another man replied as he walked into the room followed by several officers with their guns raised and aimed directly at Ray and his friends.

Eliot spoke up saying, "Meet Lieutenant Bonanno with the local police. He's a friend of ours."

Bonanno responded, "Gentlemen, and lady, the four of you are under arrest."

Ray's girlfriend suddenly asked, "Wait, what do you mean the four of us? There are five."

"Sorry Ray; guys," Dan replied as he stepped forward and moved to stand next to Hardison. "You're my friends, but you guys changed a long time ago and I couldn't do this anymore. I had to do something to stop you. The deaths were too much. I didn't want you to end up dead either. This way, we all live."

"How dare you turn on me!" Ray said angrily as the cops began to lead them out of the club. "We trusted you! We were friends long before we began all this. We started this together; all of it. I thought we were brothers!"

Dan turned his head to look at Hardison and then answered, "No, Hardison here is my brother."

Ray and the rest of the thugs struggled as they were handcuffed and shoved into the police cars that were now parked outside. Hardison gave a small smile when Dan mentioned that he was his brother, but the smile quickly disappeared as he slowly walked away from him and his friends.

"What's wrong with him?" Dan asked. "We did it! We're done."

"It's up to him to tell you if he wants to," Eliot answered. "I am only going to say this once. If you hurt him after the two of you leave here, I will hunt you down and make you pay. I promise."

Dan looked at him and the others as he asked, "Did he say that he was going to come with me instead of going back to Boston with you guys?"

Sophie responded, "Just take good care of him if the two of you choose to stay together and get to know each other again."

"Thanks again for coming to us with these thugs, Nate," Bonanno said as he walked back inside the club once the other cops left with Ray and his friends and Dan turned and left the club himself. "We never would have known about Ray Lang's little business without you. The families of their victims never would have had justice. Now they will and the clubs and money will be returned to where they belong. Great work!"

"It's our pleasure," Nate replied. "It's good to see you again. Take care of yourself, huh?"

"You've got it!" he answered.

Parker turned to Nate and asked, "Now what? Are we really just going to let Hardison leave? Without him, we're not a team anymore."

Sophie responded, "We have to respect his wishes, Parker. We all knew that we wouldn't be together forever. Just because we're not a team any longer, doesn't mean this is goodbye. We'll see each other again. Fate is funny that way."

Nate agreed, "Sophie's right. Let's get working on finding the rightful owners to these clubs and give them back what belongs to them. But first, let's have a little celebration dinner on a job well done."

However, neither of them felt much like celebrating, knowing that Hardison wasn't there with them and that this was probably their last job they were going to pull together. They worried about their friend after seeing how hurt he looked as he walked out on them right after Ray Lang and his team's arrests.

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