The Double, Double Cross Job

Chapter 4

The Double, Double Cross Job

Chapter Four

Two nights had gone by and so far, Ray and his friends had yet to show that their threat was real. Nate asked Hardison to make contact with Dan to find out if Lang had taken the bait, but was unfortunately unable to get a hold of him. Hardison assured his teammates that Dan would be in touch with him soon.

About quarter to four o'clock that morning, just before their club was about to be closed for the night, Dan finally gave Hardison a call in order to warn him that Ray and the others were going to be breaking into the club around four thirty to make good on their threat.

"I told you he'd call," Hardison said to Nate and Sophie, who were in the wine cellar taste testing their newest wine supply. "And you doubted me. I'm hurt."

"It isn't that we doubted you, Hardison," Sophie responded. "It's just that we didn't think we did a convincing enough job ourselves. You are doing fabulously!"

Hardison smiled and replied, "I know I am, thank you very much."

Nate gave Hardison an odd look and then placed his hand to his ear and called out on his com saying, "Eliot, Parker, we're going to be having company around four thirty. I need you both to make sure everyone, including other employees, are gone before they get here."

"You got it, Nate," Eliot answered over his own com.

"Do we get to kick their butts, or do we just hide while they trash the place?" Parker asked. "Cause I mean, we really worked hard to set it up. I'm not really looking forward to spending another day setting it up again."

Hardison responded, "We don't have a choice, Parker. We have to let them think that we are scared enough to agree to their terms in order to get enough on them to give to the police. We can't be there, but we can watch them from our home away from home."

Eliot replied, "You do realize that they will end up destroying all your décor and great sound system, don't you, Hardison?"

"Yeah, but I've got a better system to replace it with," Hardison answered.

"Do you ever run out of things to build or whatever it is that you do?" Eliot asked.

Hardison laughed as he responded, "Age of the geek, Baby! Age of the geek!"

It was about four forty-five when Ray and his friends showed up at the club. Hardison, Nate, Sophie, Parker, and Eliot observed their break-in from a building under construction that was just down the street. They saw that Dan was not with them, as he had told Nate the day they had first met their client.

Hardison grabbed one of his orange sodas that he drinks so much of from the table beside him and pulls out his cell phone to dial Dan to find out what he's doing. Parker remained seated in the chair beside him and watches Lang and his thugs start to pull apart their club. Eliot pulled both Nate and Sophie aside in order to talk to them in private, out of Hardison's earshot.

Sophie could sense that something was bothering Eliot and so she spoke up first as she asked, "What's bothering you, Eliot? Everything seems to be going just fine so far."

Eliot answered, "Do either of you sense something's off with Dan?"

"Off how exactly?" Nate asked as he looked at Eliot.

"I'm not really sure," he responded. "I mean, he looked genuinely surprised to see Hardison the day we met him, but I think that he is playing us somehow. I am just not sure why he's going through with this double cross. Maybe they stole something from someone and he wants whatever it is for himself."

Sophie laughed and replied, "Eliot, I think you are just being paranoid. Dan seems to be on the level. I think you are just worried that when we are finished, Hardison is going to leave our team in order to go off with Dan."

Nate added, "Hardison hasn't seen his brother for years. Of course he's going to want to want to take some time to get to know him again, but I'm sure that in time, he'll be back. However, if your feelings are that bad, keep your eye on him. I don't want to take any chances."

"Nate, do you honestly believe Eliot's concern too?" Sophie asked.

"What concern?" Parker asked as she walked over to them. "Is something wrong?"

Nate answered, "Nothing. We're just hoping that Hardison's right about him being able to repair the club better than what it was before. We need Lang and his pals to come back again in order for our plan to work properly."

Sophie replied, "I'm sure everything will be fine."

"Right now, Dan is waiting at their hideout," Parker said. "Shall I go take a look at their heavily protected loot now?"

"Go ahead," Nate responded. "But Parker, don't steal anything right now. There will be time for that later. They can't know we're setting them up yet. Do I make myself clear?"

Parker mumbled, "Fine."

After she walked out of the room, Eliot walked up behind Hardison and asked, "How are they doing?"

"They're doing a pretty good number on the place," Hardison answered. "But believe me, it's nothing I can't fix. Everything's going according to plan. Whooo!"


Dan stayed behind as his friends raided the club that his brother and his teammates set up to get them arrested. After they left, he finished eating the Chinese takeout he had ordered and took the call from Hardison when he rang. As he got off the phone, Dan stood up and walked over to the safe where Ray kept everything they had stolen over the last year and started messing with the buttons that opened the safe. He knew it was a long shot to get the right combination, but he tried nonetheless.

After a few tries, he suddenly heard someone walk up behind him and swung around in fear, thinking it was Ray or one of his other friends, back early from the break-in. However, he saw that it was only Parker standing there with a skeptic look on her face.

"What ya doin'?" Parker asked.

"Nothing," Dan replied. "I mean, I was just trying to save you some time. I am not sure how long they're going to be. Hardison told me you were on your way."

"Uh huh," Parker responded as if she wasn't sure she believed him. "Just stand back and let me know if they get back sooner than we expect them to. I don't need any help to open this baby. It's what I do!"

Parker pulled out the device that Hardison had made to decode the numbers needed to open any computerized safe from her bag she had carried with her and within five minutes, had the safe open. She just smiled as Dan told her that he was shocked that she could get it open and as quickly as she did.

She looked through the safe's contents and found well over five hundred grand as well as several of deeds to other clubs they had stolen from other club owners. After a few minutes of going through everything, she found something that she didn't expect to find that would make this job more complicated; evidence that Ray Lang and his team, possibly even Dan, had murdered two club owners.

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