The Double, Double Cross Job

Chapter 7

The Double, Double Cross Job

Chapter Seven


Ray and his friends arrived back at their hangout, at the Haddaway Roxbury. He, Dan, and the rest of the gang gathered in the office, since the staff of the club were busy getting ready for it to open in a few hours. Dan stepped away from them in order to ask the bartender for a round of drinks, to be brought to them once they were ready.

As Dan walked in the office behind the others, Ray spoke up saying, "You've been more quiet than usual the last few weeks, Dan. What's going on with you?"

Dan sat down and answered, "Nothing is going on. I just am tired of all this. These guys are pigheaded. What are you going to do if they still refuse to pay for our protection? Are you planning on killing Mr. Cooper or his business partner too? What about the other three? They all seem to be pretty tight. If you take out one, you're going to have to take out the others as well. We've gotten away with everything we've done so far, including killing two of the other club owners, but I think the police would notice five deaths, don't you?"

"I have to agree with Dan, Ray," Ray's girlfriend replied. "We should cut our losses and find a new city to start over. Let the Den of the Five Thieves be."

"I don't mean that we should leave, let's just give them time to resettle before we make another move," Dan responded. "Maybe then, the pictures of dead men will be enough to scaring these guys to giving us what we want."

One of the other friends agreed saying, "I think Dan may be right. Let's wait just a few days to…"

Ray interrupted, "We will not wait. We will be there tomorrow night when they open. If they refuse to listen to reason, then we will kill them. There are ways to kill five people, if need be, without the police suspecting us."

"We're with you, Ray," said his girlfriend and each of his other friends, except for Dan.

"What about you Danny Boy?" Ray asked.

"You know I'm with you too, Ray," Dan answered. "You and I have been through a lot together for a long time. Let's do this."

Dan's answer pleased Ray and the others. Little did they know that everything he had just said was a total lie and that within a few days, each of them would be in prison for the rest of their lives.

The next night at the Den of the Five Thieves…

The club was once again booming as it had before, if not even more so. The lights and the color on the walls were brighter, the sound system was larger and better than before, and those who had been before had come back with family and friends. Hardison worked to promote their club with advertisements on both television and the internet, as well as with flyers.

The members of the team were each where they needed to be. Eliot was roaming around the floor to make sure that the guests were behaving properly. Parker also roamed the floor, once again dressed as a waitress in order to deliver food and drinks. Nate and Sophie were sitting at a table in a conversation with a woman, who was there to evaluate the club. The critique going was well. And Hardison was acting as the club's DJ. If it weren't for the mixed feelings he felt about his brother and his friends, he'd be having the time of his life.

The club had been reopened for about seven hours and there had so far been no incidents. Ray and his crew had yet to show up. Around one- thirty in the morning, several of the guests got into a verbal fight, which Eliot then had to intervene as it grew into a brawl that was going to end up spinning out of control very quickly.

A woman, who came to the club with her husband, was cheating on him with at least three other men, each of whom showed up at the club as well. Apparently, she wasn't very careful about hiding her multiple affairs and when they found her out, they followed her here.

It was when one of the men attempted to smash a beer bottle over another's head that Eliot quickly pushed his way into the middle of the men as the rest began to throw punches and kick at one another. He managed to push them all apart, but they were not ready to back down just because one man stood between them. Little did they realize that Eliot was not an ordinary bouncer.

"I'm going to say this one time," Eliot began. "Each of you will back off and leave this club peacefully right now, or you'll wish that you had. Trust me, you do not want to go with open B."

"This isn't your fight, Pal," one of the guys replied. "These guys stole my woman."

The woman's husband responded, "She isn't your woman, Scumbag. She's my wife."

Another of the boyfriend's was about to speak up, when Eliot interrupted saying, "Don't even bother trying to say that she's yours pal. If you ask me, you're all pretty stupid to fight over a woman, who obviously doesn't deserve your loyalty. However, if you insist on fighting me, be my guest. Just don't say that I didn't warn you."

The husband charged Eliot, who was easily able to side step him and shove him into a table nearby. The other guys attacked Eliot as they tried to punch and kick him, with beer bottles, and even with a table as well, thinking that they could knock him out. Within five minutes, Eliot had each of them down on the ground, still conscious, but hurting badly enough to make them stay down. Nate had called the police to have them send a squad car to the club to escort them from the building.

As they were being cuffed, Parker came running over to Eliot and stomped her foot as she said, "Dang it! I missed the whole fight. I was hoping to get a little action tonight. Are these guys with Lang?"

Nate walked over to them, followed by Sophie and Hardison, and answered, "No. They're just a bunch of idiots fighting over a woman."

"Are you saying you wouldn't fight other men for my honor?" Sophie asked.

"I uh… Well…" Nate tried to reply, not picking up on her sarcasm. "Hardison, nice job on the sound system.

Hardison responded, "Thanks. I told you it'd be ready in time. I better get back. We've still got a job to do. This place needs to be hoppin' if we want to make it look luring for our pawns and king."

His friends watched Hardison as he walked away and Sophie spoke up saying, "He's really struggling, Nate. I have never seen him so upset. I'm very worried about him."

"We all are and we'll make it up to him when this job is done, but right now we need to worry about getting Ray Lang and his thugs in jail where they belong," Nate replied. "Let's get back to work."

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