The Double, Double Cross Job

Chapter 9

The Double, Double Cross Job

Chapter Nine

Ray Lang and his friends returned to the Haddaway Roxbury shortly after they finished their meeting with Brant Cooper down at The Den of the Five Thieves. As they left the club, Dan told Ray that he had a few errands to run. Little did they know he had actually gone to talk with Hardison instead.

As they settled in, Ray spoke up saying, "Cooper and his friends are too cocky and sure of themselves. I want them to see their mistake of not doing business with me before they die."

One of Ray's friends asked, "Do you want us to kill all of them, or just Mr. Cooper?"

"Actually, we're going to kill Cooper's pretty business partner, Miss. Doyle, the club's manager, Carson, and the bouncer, Raine," he responded. "I want you each to keep an eye on one of them and when they are alone, kill them. Then, we'll show Cooper what we've done. Then, he'll sell us the club. If he doesn't, I'll kill him and we'll burn the club down."

"Why don't we just kill him too and take the club for ourselves?" asked Ray's girlfriend.

Ray answered, "Because we need the ownership papers signed over to me in order for us to run the business legally. We'd be caught if we tried to make a good profit without them. I want the others dead by the time Cooper's Club closes tomorrow morning. Do I make myself clear?"

The girl replied, "Crystal clear, Baby. I've got Peggy Doyle. I doubt like her prissy attitude."

Ray nodded and said, "That leaves Carson and Raine for you boys. Get it done."

"You've got it, Man!" the other two friends responded simultaneously.

The next day…

Sophie was eating lunch in a café, just down the street from the thieves' club. She sat alone, with the exception of three or four guys coming up and hitting on her. She acted as if she were flattered, just before she turned each of them away. Then, a waitress walked over to deliver her check as well as a refill on her coffee. Just after Sophie took a few sips, she suddenly collapsed to the floor choking and struggling to breathe.

No one paid any attention to the waitress as she slipped out the door, while the other patrons just stared or concentrated on helping the beautiful woman as she collapsed. The cashier behind the counter quickly dialed 911, but as the paramedics arrived a few minutes later, she was dead.

Two and a half hours later…

Eliot was working out in one of the many gyms in downtown Chicago. For about two hours, he did every possible work out available to him. Finally, he walked into the showers and about ten minutes later, he walked out refreshed and fully dressed. He made no notice to the man following him as they walked out.

After stepping outside and walking a few feet, the sound of several bullets firing rang out and several onlookers watched as Eliot jerked to the bullets hitting his body and then fall to the ground dead. Blood seeped out from the wounds and leaked out around his body, onto the sidewalk.

The man following Eliot out of the gym took off running as two police officers showed up within a minute of the shooting. A coroner's van showed up about twenty minutes later, while the witnesses looked on out of morbid curiosity.

Just before the Den of the Five Thieves opened around 400 in the evening…

Hardison and Parker walked out of a restaurant where they had gone to dinner before work. One of Lang's friends, who was in charge of keeping an eye on Hardison, watched them exit the restaurant, walking hand in hand.

The thug picked up his cell phone, dialed a number, and said, "Ray, I've been watching Carson all day long and the guy has been constantly with that cute little waitress from their club. You know, the one that turned me down the night we first went there? I can't get a clear shot at him, without taking care of her too. What do you want me to do?"

"Kill her too," Ray answered. "Another reason to get Cooper to think twice about refusing me again."

"You've got it," his friend replied.

Just as Hardison and Parker walked around the corner that led to the side entrance of the club, Ray's friend pulled out a gun and fired three shots, one of them hitting Parker square in the chest, the other two hitting Hardison in the back as he dove over Parker trying to save her. He could see that they were both dead, as neither of them moved afterward and he could see the blood smeared on the wall of the building nearby. The thug quickly drove off before any cops could arrive.

Once his last friend showed back up at the Haddaway Roxbury with the news that his jobs was finished, Ray Lang chuckled and said, "Congratulations, everyone! We're about to get ourselves a new club to add to our collection. Tomorrow, when he realizes that he will not be opening again, we'll go give the news to Brant Cooper and warn him that he will die just like his friends if he refuses to sign it over to us one more time. Even he isn't that foolish to decline my offer."

Ray girlfriend spoke up saying, "It's a bit ironic that our latest place is named the Den of the Five Thieves. I like it, but I think we should probably change its name. Don't you think it's a little conspicuous?"

"I like it just as it is," Ray answered. "It suits us."

"I think Ray's right," Dan finally spoke up. "It's a great name. There are five of us after all."

About five- thirty in the afternoon the next day…

Ray, Dan, and their friends walked inside the club to find Nate sitting down at a table in the middle of the club's main room, with a glass of scotch in his hand. Each of them expected to see him look devastated. However, as they walked up to him, Nate looked up at them and smiled.

He spoke up saying, "Gentlemen, it is good to see you again and just around the time I expected. Hardison and I had a bet to see when you guys would be coming to bring me the bad news. It looks like I won!"

Ray looked at the man in front of him blankly and asked, "Why do you seem to be so happy? All your friends are dead and we killed them."

"Actually, you didn't," Nate replied as Sophie, Eliot, Parker, and Hardison all walked into the room with grins on their faces. "Gentlemen, I'd like you to meet the five thieves, who own this pretty great club."

"I told you you'd find out who the five thieves were soon enough," Hardison added as he and the others snickered.

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