One Man's Worth

By Genevieve Kelly

Mystery / Action

Chapter 10

One Man's Worth

Chapter Ten

Ryan woke up from being unconscious, still feeling very ill. Both Jessica and her brother, James, had given him several doses of heroine and other drugs over the last three days. His body was shaking, not only from the drugs, but also from the beatings that he had received from James.

Once Jessica had finished fulfilling her sexual fantasy with him the first night, he had become sick and threw up. The first dose of heroine had overwhelmed him and he felt dirty for being violated and raped. However, James woke him about a half hour later, so that he could have his fun too. Ryan had found himself hanging by the leather straps from a hook in the ceiling and his feet were unbound, not even touching the floor. He was beaten with James' fists over and over and in between beatings, more and more drugs were injected in him.

Then, James became bored with just the beatings and decided to move up to burning Ryan's body with a fire poker. The first burn was on the right side of his neck and James held it there for a few seconds. The next burns came to his left, upper leg, several across his back, his right arm then his left, and his abdomen. The final burn came across his chest, which James had held the poker there for about half a minute. James became angry that Kevin was refusing to scream and he knew that he would have to inflict worse pain on him. He walked out of the room leaving Ryan alone once again.

Kevin had no idea how long it has been or what time of day it was anymore. His body was severely bruised and burned, and his head was swimming. He was still hanging from the hook and he could hardly move. Ryan was in a lot of pain, but despite the torture he has been forced to endure, he has refused to cry out, not wanting to give James and Jessica the satisfaction of his suffering. He allowed himself to rest as much as he could.

After awhile, James and Jessica both walked back into the room. Jessica seemed almost remorseful when she saw the condition that Kevin was in, but quickly shoved the feelings aside when she remembered that this was the man who refused to love her and murdered her brother. James walked over to a hook on the wall which held a whip, known as a cat-o'-nine-tail and took it down. It was a whip consisting of nine knotted cords fastened to a handle. This one also had bone fragments embedded in the knots. He walked back over to Ryan with it in his hands and cracked it, causing Ryan to flinch. He knew what was coming and deep down he was afraid of the pain that was coming.

Jessica walked out of the room after James hit Kevin, with the first lash across his back. The pain was unbearable, but Kevin still bit his tongue as James continued to whip him over and over. After several lashes, Ryan had lost track of time as he slowly began to drift off into unconsciousness. He didn't know how much more pain he could take and he prayed that Esposito, Beckett, and Castle would find him soon.

After about fifty lashes, James saw that Kevin was practically unconscious and he threw the whip down on the ground. He still hadn't heard him cry out and he was angry. He then noticed that Kevin was sweating hard and leaned down to put a hand on his forehead to check for a fever. He was burning up and knew that some of the burns had become infected and that soon, some of the lashes on his back would too. By letting them go untreated, Kevin would die. He didn't know if he wanted to put a bullet in his head like the others or if he should just let him suffer to death. James smiled and walked out after deciding to let him remain this way at least until tomorrow.

Jessica decided that she needed to leave the warehouse and went home to her apartment to get some sleep. She had been up for awhile, mainly because what her brother was doing to Kevin bothered her more than she thought that it would. Not that she didn't want him to suffer and die, but the images of his broken and bloody body wouldn't get out of her mind. She didn't want to watch it happen and wished that she never did.

The next morning, she woke up and discovered her brother in the kitchen making breakfast. He had gone through the fridge and had found eggs and vegetables, and decided to make a couple of omelets for them. Jessica was surprised to see him somewhere other than at the warehouse.

"What are you doing here," she asked him? "Are you done torturing him, already? I thought that you were having fun."

James responded, "I was for the first two days, but he won't cry out and I am getting bored. There is nothing left to do to him, except just to let him suffer from the infections. He is very sick and should be dead soon if I don't go back. He is suffering and that is all I wanted."

She asked, "Do you plan on leaving him to die, or do you plan on putting a bullet through his head like you did with everyone else?"

"I may put him out of his misery like I did everyone else, but I will at least wait until tomorrow," he answered. "Either way, I will leave his body to be found by his partner and friends."

James looked down on the kitchen table and saw several pictures of Ryan from over a year ago, shortly after she was released from prison.

"Why aren't these pictures with the rest of them at the warehouse," he asked?

She was about to answer when she looked out the window and suddenly saw a group of cops entering the apartment building. Jessica grabbed her brother's arm and they ran out of her apartment to the apartment next door. Her neighbor had just opened the door to take out some trash and they threatened their way in as James had taken out his gun and pointed it at the man. Jessica quickly closed the door and James shot him in the head. He was grateful he still had the silencer on the end, otherwise the cops would have heard the sound of the gunshot as the cops entered the hallway outside the door they were looking for. They knew that they would have wait quietly until the cops left the apartment building completely. They would be safe until then, knowing that the cops wouldn't break into every apartment to find someone they didn't think would actually be there.

James and his sister listened as a woman gave the order to brake down the door and the cops soon swarmed the apartment that once belonged to Jessica Clayton.

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