One Man's Worth

By Genevieve Kelly

Mystery / Action

Chapter 12

One Man's Worth

Chapter Twelve

The next afternoon…

A young man walked into the police station and looked around for someone who was in charge. He looked to most people like a punk because he wore his baseball cap sideways, had baggy pants that hung a bit loose around his waist, and he had an earring in his left ear. However, he was no longer the wild punk that he used to be, thanks to a detective who believed in him to be something more and helped him up when he hit rock bottom. Truth be told, he owed this detective his life and today he was going to try to repay the debt, if he was in time.

He walked over to a female detective who was starring at a white board with details about the missing detective's disappearance and asked, "Excuse me Ma'am, are you the detective in charge of Detective Ryan's kidnapping?"

Kate Beckett snapped out of her train of thought, looked at the young man in front of her, and answered, "Yes, I am. My name is Kate Beckett, this is Detective Ryan's partner, Esposito, and this is Richard Castle, a consultant. Can we help you?"

"My name is Josh and Kevin, or Detective Ryan is my friend," He said. "He saved my life and helped me out a lot when I needed him. When I saw on the news that he was kidnapped, I called all of my friends and we went to find out whatever information we could that would help you find him. This morning, one of us saw the man and woman who took him, leave a restaurant and get into a cab. My friend followed them down to an old warehouse by the waterfront. When he told me about it, I told him to watch the place to see if they left and to call me if they did. They are still there."

Beckett asked, "Are you absolutely sure that they are the suspects on the news?"

"I am positive," he said. "I wouldn't have come to you if I wasn't. I owe Kevin my life. This is my chance to repay that debt."

"We have to get there now," Esposito stated. "I'll call our backup and have them meet us outside the warehouse. Let's go! This may be our only chance to find him."

"Thank you so much, Josh," Beckett said as she picked up her badge and left the room behind Esposito.

Castle quickly stepped up behind Beckett as they all exited the station and headed toward the waterfront, where they were told that James and Jessica Clayton were holed up in an abandoned warehouse.

When they arrived, they found Josh's friend, who pointed to the right warehouse and told him to go back to the station to wait for them to come back. Beckett, Castle, Esposito, Johnson, and a number of other cops geared up outside, waiting for Beckett to give them the order to storm in.

Inside the warehouse…

James Clayton and his sister walked into the room where Kevin was still hanging and barely conscious. His fever was dangerously high, and both James and Jessica were surprised he was still alive. James wasn't sure what he wanted to do more; shoot him like the others, or watch him die from the fever.

"James, lets just leave him to die and get out of here," Jessica begged. "Lets get out of the country like you promised. The cops nearly found us once. Lets not press our luck, please."

He responded, "I want to see him dead, Jess. I guess I can shoot him. Then we can leave once I write the message on the wall like the others."

James took out his gun that was tucked behind his back, which no longer had the silencer attached to it. He checked to make sure that he had a bullet left inside and saw that there was only one. He aimed the gun at Kevin's abdomen and fired.


Beckett was making sure everyone was ready and was about to tell Castle to stay behind her when suddenly there was a shot fired, coming from inside. Everyone charged in shouting freeze and entered the room where James Clayton had his hand inside a bullet wound in Ryan's stomach.

Clayton aimed the gun at Beckett and tried to fire, suddenly remembering that there were no bullets left. He was shot in the shoulder and taken down by Johnson and another cop. Jessica was overpowered by two other cops as she struggled to break free.

Esposito ran over to Kevin and the first thing he did was put his fingers to his neck to check for a pulse when he couldn't tell whether or not he was breathing. Thankfully, he felt one, but it was weak. Esposito could feel the heat that was radiating off of his partner.

With help from both Beckett and Castle, they managed to gently untie his wrists and lower him to the floor. Beckett shouted for someone to call for an ambulance, as Esposito put his hand over the wound to try to stop the blood from flowing out so fast. Castle just put his hands on Ryan's shoulders for comfort, letting him know that he was there. Ryan was barely breathing and very ill.

"Stay with us, Man," Esposito said as he struggled to keep Ryan awake. "You're going to be fine."

Beckett added, "Esposito's right. You just need to keep fighting. Help will be here any minute. Please hold on."

Castle just listened to everything going on around him and looked at the many wounds that the Clayton's had inflicted upon Ryan. Beckett saw Castle cringe and knew exactly what he was thinking. Esposito just remained focused on Ryan's face and keeping his hands over the gunshot wound.

The paramedics finally entered the warehouse and they heard a woman's voice shouting at them to come over quickly. Esposito, Beckett, and Castle all let go of Ryan as soon as the paramedics pushed them away from him.

They stood back and watched as they placed an oxygen mask over his nose and mouth and bandages over the gunshot wound. Once they got him stabilized, they loaded him onto a stretcher and into the ambulance.

Esposito was going with Ryan in the ambulance, but before he got in, he walked over to where another paramedic is bandaging up James Clayton's shoulder. As they locked eyes, Esposito punched him in the face twice. Castle and Beckett had to pull him back.

He got into the ambulance, after which it sped to the closest hospital. Beckett and Castle drove there and met up with Esposito in the waiting room. Beckett took out her phone and called Captain Montgomery to tell him to bring Lanie, Ryan's Father and sisters, Jenny and Josh. Within the hour, everyone was there inside the waiting area, including Alexis and Martha, praying that Kevin was going to make it.

Six and a half hours later…

The doctor finally came out and began to explain Detective Ryan's condition saying, "First of all, Kevin is in critical condition and will be for at least the next seventy-two hours. He has various burns, deep lashes, and bruises all over his body, many of which have become infected. This is the reason why he has such a severe fever. His temperature has reached past critical. He has several fractured ribs and amazingly, none of them are broken. Also, we took a sample of his blood to have it tested and saw that he was injected with heroine, quite a bit. He is lucky that he didn't die from and overdose. As for the gunshot wound to his abdomen, the bullet nicked his intestines and the wound was deep. We were able to get the bullet out, but there were some complications and we almost lost him on the table. We had to resuscitate him twice, but we finally managed to stabilize him. I noticed that the bullet wound had some tearing, which probably cased the bullet to get lodged deeper than it had originally. I am afraid the wounds are deep and extensive and his chances are slim, but I promise we will do everything we can for him."

Kevin's father was the only one to speak up saying, "Thank you for everything doctor. I'd like you to keep us all informed of Kevin's condition."

The doctor nodded and left them alone again in the waiting room. By the next morning, everyone had finally gotten a turn to see Kevin and sit with him for a while. Only time would tell, if Kevin was going to recover or not.

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