Tabula Rasa

Chapter 10

Tabula Rasa

Chapter Ten

The next morning, Travis walked into Captain Sutton's office and asked him if he could go out and order both Goodin and Scott to hand over their evidence and the work they had done so far on their victim's case, knowing that they wouldn't do it willingly without direct orders from the captain.

Sutton looked at Travis and then said, "I thought I told you to take today off. What are you doing here and where is your partner? Did everything go well last night between you, Wes, and Dr. Ryan?"

Travis shook his hands as he answered, "Whoa, easy there, Captain. First of all, I just want to get back to work, as I am sure Wes will agree, if he comes in this morning, so that we can finally get this case over with. And second of all, what happened between me and Wes and our therapist is between us. We all talked and then I left so that they could talk on their own. If he doesn't come in today, then…"

"Travis, did you get it yet?" Wes suddenly called out from the main room as he took a seat at his desk.

"I guess their conversation went well," Travis spoke up again as he looked down at Sutton and then turned and walked back out of the office, shortly followed by their boss.

When he noticed Travis walking toward him from the captain's office, Wes looked up at his partner and quickly asked again, "So, did you get it?"

Travis responded, "The captain's going to go get it now. I take it the rest of your talk with Dr. Ryan paid off last night. How are you feeling this morning?"

"I think I've got a long way to go before I can stop blaming myself, but I am better than I was last night," Wes replied. "I'm ready to focus and do whatever it takes to help Jeremy and find whoever really killed Ryan and Jacqueline."

"You no longer have the urge to kill Brady then?" Travis asked as both Brady and Nora walked by glaring at them.

Wes quickly answered, "Oh, no, I still want to kill him, but if your question is really, am I going to, then the answer is no. I'm not going to kill him."

As he came over and stood beside Travis' desk, their captain responded, "That's good to know. The stuff you asked for is on its way. Scott and Goodin are still pretty upset that I gave away the case to you again, but they're going to have to live with it if they want to continue working here, which reminds me, I need the two of you to do me one more thing on top of trying to solve this case."

"Captain, our hands are already full as it is," Wes replied.

"I know, but this is a part of it," Mike answered and then lowered his voice. "I saw the news last night. It played the story over and over and they probably will for some time, at least until this case is solved. They got some pretty gruesome footage and their speculations have been pretty negative. I've been getting several calls all night and all morning from a number of people, some of whom are trying to put the blame for the kid's death on you two, mainly you, Wes."

Wes scoffed angrily, "That explains why there were reporters outside of the hotel this morning. A dozen of them were waiting to talk with me, hoping that I would give them something about the case. How can they do that? I mean, the footage wasn't that great and they couldn't possibly know what went on up there on that roof."

Mike nodded and then responded, "I agree, which is why I believe that someone called up a source within the press, which explains how the cameras got to the campus so quickly, and has been talking about things they have no right to be talking about, in hope of making you two look bad."

"Brady," Travis replied angrily.

"Or Nora, or both," Mike added. "My problem is, there is no proof that either one of them were talking to the reporters, which brings me to asking the two of you to do what you can to find some, or they are both going to get away with it and I don't want detectives, who are deliberately trying to make my two best detectives look bad and giving away the details of an open case, on my team."

Wes nodded and answered, "We'll do what we can, Captain."

As Mike went back to his office, Brady and Nora finally came back over with their files and the evidence they had collected so far and just dropped everything on both Wes' and Travis' desks, then walked away without saying a word. Travis looked over the reports, while Wes began to take out the evidence from the box to look it over.

Travis finally spoke up again saying, "So, Jacqueline's time of death was about two and a half hours after Ryan's time of death, which means there was still plenty of time for Jeremy to kill them both before sneaking back into Anna's place, not that I am saying he definitely killed them. It looks like Jacqueline was stabbed as well, but much less brutally and with a different weapon."

"Yeah, I'm looking at both of the knives right now," Wes responded as he held them up, while they still remained in the evidence bags. "Do the reports say that Jeremy's prints are on both of the knives?"

"Yeah, they both do," Travis replied after he quickly scanned over the documents. "And the blood matches both of our victims."

Wes pulled out the bag that contained the jacket that the first knife used to kill Ryan was in as Wes said in confusion. "As I told you earlier, I didn't see this jacket in the closet when I searched through it while we questioned Jeremy. It wasn't hanging up and it wasn't down on the floor."

Travis looked over at his partner and then asked, "How could a jacket suddenly appear out of thin air? Who all was inside the dorm room while we were searching it?"

"Aside from us and Jeremy, just the techs," Wes answered. "The only thing that would make sense would be that someone somehow snuck in and planted it there when none of us were looking."

"Then, how do you explain Jeremy's prints on both knives, which both belong to Jeremy, the one knife found in Jeremy's jacket, and Jeremy's shoe prints left behind at Jacqueline's crime scene, the imprints being in her blood?" Travis asked. "I'm looking at the picture right now."

Wes pulled the picture away from his partner and then picked up the pair of shoes that the techs had picked up from the garbage pail outside of Jacqueline's home, which also contained all of the bloody clothes. According to the techs, they confirmed that everything, as they were all the right size, did indeed belong to Jeremy Walker.

Wes shook his head and then responded, "I have no idea. If I am right about Jeremy being innocent, then someone went through a lot of trouble to frame him, but I'm not going to quit trying to prove that I'm right. I know what I saw in his eyes before he died. Since I can't save his life, I will fight to prove he was innocent."

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