Tabula Rasa

Chapter 13

Tabula Rasa

Chapter Thirteen

On their way back to the office, Travis stopped off at Wes' hotel so that he could change, as his clothes he was wearing when he had been hit by the car were both torn and dirty. Wes grumbled as he used the crutches to walk, but he had no choice. His legs were hurting too much for him to be able to walk without the assistance for the time being, but he was grateful that the crash wasn't enough to break them or cause any major damage. A concussion was serious, but not bad enough that he couldn't do his job. The medication he was given was going to have to be enough to help him cope with the pain he felt, pretty much everywhere.

As they walked into the LAPD building, Mike was waiting for the two detectives just inside the metal detectors and as they made their way over, he spoke up saying, "Thank God you're all right, Wes. If only I hadn't babbled on to your partner for so long. If I hadn't, he would have gotten out of here sooner to meet up with you."

Travis replied sheepishly, "I wasn't actually planning on going out after you. Cap here had to convince me that I should."

"It's all right, Captain," Wes responded. "It's not like he could have done anything. Someone is watching us. They knew exactly when to make their move. Is there any chance you managed to catch their license plate number, Travis?"

"There were no license plates," Travis answered. "Whoever drove the car, obviously removed the plates so that we wouldn't be able to identify him, or her."

Wes nodded and then said, "Whoever the people are that are involved, are smart and they know how to cover their tracks. There's got to be something that will give us a lead."

Travis replied, "I have a feeling the people we've questioned so far aren't telling us something, or they're out right lying to us. If there are drugs being distributed at this club that are turning people into psychos, then surely those that go there regularly would know about it."

"You mean people like Tony and Anna," Wes responded.

"Yeah, I know that you said that you got a sense that they weren't our killers, but on this one, I think your spidey senses are a bit off," Travis answered. "I could be wrong about them killing Ryan and Jacqueline, but they were lying to us about something and dollars to doughnuts, it was about the drugs or whatever it is that made Ryan go crazy. The question is, why haven't we heard about any more incidents of the students and other people that go to that club becoming violent too?"

Wes replied, "Because someone's covering it up. I don't know about the other patrons, but I'm guessing if there are more students, then the dean of the school and his henchmen are the ones keeping it quiet. They would certainly have that kind of power."

Mike spoke up again saying, "Maybe you should go and have another chat with them. Do what you have to do to see if there are other students on this stuff. Then, by the time you're done, it will be about time to finally go to this club. I know that you both are just itching to go."

"I know Wes isn't too thrilled, but I for one can't wait to see what this place looks like," Travis responded as Wes rolled his eyes and groaned as their captain suggested that they go there.

"Your mind is just as twisted as the people's, who go to that place," Wes retorted as he finally made it back to his desk and took a seat.

Then Sutton said, "On second thought, Travis, you should take either Amy or Kate with you, seeing as Wes here isn't in any condition for a chase that the two of you always seem to get yourselves into. Maybe a woman's touch is exactly what you need for this."

Wes looked up at their captain and answered, "No way, Captain. I left the hospital so that I can continue on with this case."

"You can still continue working on this case, but instead, you'll do it from here," Mike replied.

"I have to do this, Sir," Wes pleaded. "I promise you, I'll be all right. If a chase happens…"

Travis quickly defended his partner as he interrupted, "If a chase happens, I can handle it. Besides, I'm sure he'll be just fine in no time as long as he uses the crutches like a good little boy."

Wes responded, "The pain isn't so bad."

"Do what you want, but if you get yourself killed, don't ask me to be the one to call up Alex," Mike answered.

"Don't worry, Cap," Travis replied. "Wes will be right as rain in no time. We'll catch these scumbags."

Wes turned away and began to stare as Nora and Brady walked by and then spoke up again saying, "I think I might have an idea on how to find out if Brady's the leak again."

Travis looked down at his partner as he responded, "Is your idea to pretend that you were wrong about Jeremy being innocent by admitting it in public?"

"How did you... never mind," Wes answered. "However, instead of me admitting it out loud, you're going to be the one to tell them. You can tell them I'm too proud to admit it myself and that I'm off griping because of it. They'd never believe it coming from me. If my plan works and we're right about either of them being the leak, one of them will run off to make a call to whoever their source in the media is."

"Your plan?" Travis quickly retorted. "It wasn't your plan. It was mine."

Wes replied in frustration, "No, it was my plan. I came up with it before you did."

Travis responded, "Maybe, but I said it out loud before you did, so technically, it was my plan."

"I don't care which one of you two came up with the plan first," Mike cut them both off angrily. "Just do it and then get out of here."

"Yes, Cap," Travis quickly answered. "Nice going, there, Ace."

Wes glared at his partner as he said, "Let's just get this over with so we can finally end this case once and for all. I'm sore, I'm tired, and I just want to give myself and Jeremy's family some peace."

Travis agreed as he spoke up saying, "Let's do this then."

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