Scherbatsky's Choice

Chapter 12

Scherbatsky's Choice

Chapter Twelve

The day after Barney had woken up from his coma, Robin and I worked together to clean up his apartment back to the way it was before he left, except for putting back all of the things he had taken with him. Since he had moved before the shooting with all of his clothes and other personal items, none of us, including Barney, had any idea where his things were.

However, thanks to Barney going to the hotel room he had the key card from once he left the hospital, we managed to find out where he had stashed almost everything else and Marshall, Robin, and I worked to put it all back afterward, while Lily stayed behind with him.

A few weeks passed by since we had brought Barney home. He had most of his suits back in his apartment, but we haven't seen him wear any of them. Instead, he wore t-shirts and jeans, or even sweatpants. He had yet to regain his memories and Robin had yet to have a talk with him about how she felt about him, even though she really wanted to, but she was so afraid of how he might react to the hurt she had caused him and that it could make him feel worse than how he was already feeling.

Since then, we've been spending some of the evenings together, mostly at MacLaren's, talking more about the wild and crazy things we have done, but most nights Barney felt exhaustion due to the medication he was taking for the pain caused by the gunshot wounds. The pain in his chest wasn't as bad, but the migraines he kept having from the shot to the head were intense. Most nights, he just wanted to stay at home. Each of us realized that he was having a difficult time with learning everything all over again, that he was feeling overwhelmed.

One night, Barney finally asked us about the details of the shooting and we explained to him as much as knew, though it wasn't very much. That conversation led Barney to finally asking us to explain to him why he was in the process of moving away, why we didn't know where he was staying while in the moving process, and why he had been registered as a John Doe while he had been in a coma in the hospital.

"You know about that?" Marshall asked stupidly. "I mean… uh…"

"What Marshall's trying to say is that we didn't realize that your doctor had told you," I explained, though I knew that my explanation wasn't any better.

Barney looked at us in frustration and said, "The doctor didn't say anything to me about it. I overheard him and the nurses talking about me one night when they thought I was asleep in my room."

I continued, "Barney, we're so sorry. We never meant for you to find out about these things that way. We should have told you, but we didn't want to overwhelm you. It's complicated."

"Did I do something to hurt you that made me think your lives would have been better off without me?" Barney asked sadly.

"No of course not, Barney," Lily responded. "Why ever would you think that? We told you how much we care about you. It's just that…"

Robin interrupted Lily as she spoke up saying, "There's some things I need to talk to you about; some things I should have told you some time ago, but I was too afraid of hurting you any more than I already have, especially since everything that has happened."

We all looked at Robin with surprise and I was about to say something until Lily suddenly cut me off as she began to push us toward the door while she replied, "I think we should leave the two of them alone to talk, unless you would like us to stay, Robin?"

"No, that's all right," Robin answered. "Thanks, Lil."

"We'll see you guys tomorrow," I said as I walked out of the apartment, followed by Lily and a speechless Marshall.

After we left, Robin began to pace slowly around Barney's apartment as he just stared at her, not really sure if he should say anything. Instead, he decided to keep quiet until she was ready to talk. However, her pacing and thinking was suddenly cut off by a moan escaping Barney's mouth as he suddenly threw a hand up to the side of his head and doubled over in pain.

Robin rushed over and held onto him as she cried out, "Barney, what's happening? Are you all right?"

Barney nodded slowly as he responded, "The pains have been coming on more often lately, but I can handle it. I promise you I'm fine."

"No you're not," Robin replied roughly. "Why haven't you told us the pain's been this bad?"

"I promise you, I'm all right now," Barney said as he finally straightened up and looked directly at Robin. "Please tell me what's been troubling you. I've noticed you've been more distant than the others, especially since you ran into your old boyfriend, Kevin. Please tell me, what's going on?"

Robin put her head down sadly as tears began to fall down her face, while Barney reached up and gently put a hand to her cheek as he looked into her eyes. She smiled as she looked back at him.

Robin finally spoke up softly as she began, "A while ago, you and I were dating people, whom we both cared about very much. But deep down, we also felt something was missing. Something wasn't right and it wasn't until we were deep into our relationships that something happened; something happened between you and me. Years ago, you and I dated for a few months, but we realized at the time that it was a mistake. However, neither one of us could let go of how we felt for each other. While I was dating Kevin and you were dating someone, we spent one more night together and it was beautiful, but I got scared and…"

Barney suddenly looked away and said, "Nora, her name was Nora."

"How did you know that?" Robin asked as Barney slowly rose from his knees and sat down on the couch with his head in his hands as he was deep in thought. "Did you… did you just remember…?"

"I told you that I never stopped thinking about you and then asked you to meet me at MacLaren's so that we could talk about us," Barney continued without looking back at her. "I broke up with Nora that night because I truly wanted to be with you."

He finally looked at Robin and she smiled as tears continued to fall down her cheeks and she responded, "Barney, you're remembering! Keep going."

Barney nodded as he replied, "Except that you chose Kevin instead. You broke my heart that night; because you got scared?"

"Yes, I got scared because of how our relationship ended before and because I was afraid that you would eventually get bored with me and go back to all of your women," Robin answered. "When Kevin told me why he loved me… I…"

"You felt you'd be safe with him and that he would never hurt you like you believed I could," Barney said as he reached down and put both hands over her cheeks as he began to kiss her, but stopped so that he could finish talking. "I may be the last person you should choose and believe me, I understand, but I promise you, that I would never intentionally hurt you. Not like I did after we broke up. I love you, Robin. I have for a long time and I always will."

Robin leaned up and kissed him back before she responded, "I know, but I was afraid that I realized it too late when you disappeared. After Kevin finally told us what he had done, those things he said to hurt you and get you to leave, we looked for you everywhere for over a month. It wasn't until later that we found out you had been shot and were in the hospital in a coma. We never would have let you be alone for all that time, if we'd known. I love you too, Barney. I choose you."

On the evening of April the twelfth, something spectacular happened; actually two spectacular things happened. Robin and Barney kissed again and this time for the first time as two people, who were truly in love. They made love that night and Barney had finally regained his memories. Your Uncle Barney always said that to him, the physical pain, as well as the emotional pain, was all worth it for this moment.

Around eleven-thirty that same evening, Robin called me up and asked me if Lily and Marshall were still with me here in the city. When I told her yes and started to ask her if everything was all right between her and Barney, she told me to have us meet her at MacLaren's around midnight. I told her we'd be there right away. We left my apartment right away and waited.

When she finally arrived, Barney was walking in behind her and they were both wearing their raincoats, since it was pouring rain outside. Robin took a seat in the booth beside me, while Lily and Marshall were sitting in the seat across from us. Barney turned away from us and slowly grabbed a chair from the table next to us as Lily, Marshall, and I kept looking between Robin and Barney and waited for them to explain what was going on.

Robin began to undo her coat, as did Barney as he finally spoke up saying, "You know, Ted, for once I would appreciate it if you would actually suit up like I asked you to."

It was in that moment when both Barney and Robin dramatically whipped off their coats and revealed that they were both wearing suits. We all cheered as we saw Barney once again wearing a suit and beginning to act like his old self.

"Does this mean…?" I began to ask eagerly. "Does this mean you remember?"

"Barney Stinson is back, Bro, and tonight we are going to party like there's no tomorrow!" Barney answered excitedly as he raised his hand for a high five from each of us. "Tonight is a legendary night."

We all began to cheer even louder until Lily finally spoke up as she asked, "What happened tonight? How did you…?"

Robin replied, "I started to tell Barney what I've been wanting to tell him for so long, until he suddenly fell to his knees in pain because another one of his headaches. I tried to get him to rest, but he begged me to tell him what was wrong and so I finally did. I was about halfway through when he suddenly began to remember. It turns out that the migraines he's been having were his memories trying to break through the cloud over his mind. We talked and I finally told him I loved him."

"And I told her that I was still in love with her," Barney said.

"Wait, does this mean that the two of you are back together?" Lily asked.

Barney and Robin looked at each other as they smiled and then kissed, when all of us suddenly began to cheer all over again. I ran over to Carl and told him to give out beers to everyone still in the bar. Everyone else joined us in our celebration and even though Carl was supposed to close MacLaren's down by two o'clock, our celebration went on much later into the morning.

Sometime, in the near future…

Lily suddenly walked in on Barney and me as we were talking inside his dressing room at the chapel on the day of his wedding. She told me that the bride wanted to see me before the ceremony. I patted Barney on his shoulder as I got up to leave and then walked down the hall to the bride's dressing room. I knocked on the door and when she called out for me to enter, I walked into the room and smiled as I admired Robin as she stood in front of the mirror in her beautiful wedding gown.

"You look amazing!" I said to her as she turned around and smiled.

"Thank you!" she replied. "Do you think he'll like it?"

I nodded and answered, "You could wear a paper bag and he would still think you looked awesome! You made the right choice, Scherbatsky! You and Barney are perfect for each other."

She laughed and responded, "And if you wait patiently for our reception, you may find your perfect woman."

And kids, as you know, she was right. Your Uncle Barney had remembered about the woman he had met and tried to set me up with however long ago it was before our lives were changed forever because of a tragedy. This was the same girl, whose number he had given me before he almost moved away from us and that I had forgotten about. She was the same girl, who loves to read the classics and loves Star Wars. And when we met, it was love at first sight.

The End

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