Scherbatsky's Choice

Chapter 9

Scherbatsky's Choice

Chapter Nine

Barney's family came to visit him once the day after he awoke, while Marshall, Lily, Robin, and I were working. However, we came to visit him every night to show our support and to talk about our lives since we've been together. His parents and brother lived much further away than the rest of us and couldn't make the commute as often.

After they left that first night, Barney was more awake and eager to learn about who we were, but for some reason, he seemed anxious for us to talk about him. Talking about our experiences over the years was easy, as we've been doing it almost every day since we've become friends; whether it's just between us, or with the many acquaintances we've met.

"We're not exactly sure where to begin," I began. "What is it that you really want to know?"

"I'd like to know more about each of you," Barney answered. "It feels strange talking with friends, whom I know nothing about."

I nodded as I replied, "Well, my name is Ted Mosby and I'm an architect, as well as an architect professor. I've always loved architecture, I love the Star Wars movies, especially A New Hope, I like things such as poetry and classic novels; things that you usually like to make fun of me for, and right now, I'm designing a new skyscraper here in the city. I'm the youngest architect to ever have this opportunity. It's pretty incredible."

Marshall added, "He's already begun the building process and let me tell you, it's pretty great. Ted's a genius."

"Oh, and I love girls," I quickly stated. "You usually set me up with the wrong kind, but I will admit we've had some good times too."

"Yeah, we have," Marshall responded.

Lily spoke up and said, "Anyway, I'm Lily Aldrin, Marshall Eriksen's wife. We've been married for five years, but we've been together for about eleven years and we've only ever been with each other."

Barney interrupted as he asked, "Yet the two of you have different last names?"

"Lily's just hasn't wanted to give up her last name," Marshall answered. "It's kind of complicated. Lily is an amazing artist and an even more amazing cook. When she's not drawing or painting, she's a kindergarten teacher. I'm an environmental lawyer. My boss is a little eccentric, but I like my job a lot. I'm finally doing what I've always dreamed of."

"Our best news is that we're having a baby boy," Lily continued. "We had trouble conceiving for a long time, until one night during a huge hurricane, we finally conceived our child in your apartment's bathroom. It was a miracle."

I interrupted, "The whole miracle is kind of a long story. We'll tell you about it another time. The main thing you need to know about Marshall and Lily, is that they are madly and disgustingly in love. Sometimes, they're too much in love for us to handle."

Robin finally cut in as she said, "It's true. Anyway, I'm Robin Scherbatsky and I'm a serious news reporter. Unfortunately, I work with an idiot and my newscasts usually become a joke for people to laugh at, but it's still one of the best jobs I've ever had because the stories I report are real news stories. I was named after my father, who desperately wanted a son and when he had me he went into denial and treated me like a boy by forcing me to do boyish things, such as hunt, fish, drink scotch, and smoke cigars. However, when I finally began to fill out and became a woman, he snapped out of his denial."

"You really know how to do all that stuff?" Barney asked as he smiled. "That's pretty impressive. You guys all seem pretty great."

"The story of how we all met is pretty good," I replied. "You actually introduced yourself to me one day at a urinal inside a bathroom at a bar we always meet at for drinks and to visit with each other called MacLaren's. You told me this crazy, ridiculous story about taking your deaf brother for a night out on the town and then said that I was gullible because I believed you. You said that if I was stupid enough to believe that, then this girl you were trying to get with would believe it too. Later, you told me you were going to teach me how to live and for whatever strange reasons, you and I hit it off and we became bros and each other's wingmans."

Barney looked up at me as he asked, "Did I always make up such idiotic and crazy stories to try to impress people?"

Robin laughed as she answered, "Yeah, especially around women. You always made up such bull crap for them, but you ended up hooking up with most of them anyway, then leaving them the morning after to avoid any kind of awkwardness."

"Then, you'd meet us at the bar or at my apartment and tell us all about your latest conquest," Marshall added. "Our morbid curiosities make us want to know what wild fable you'll make up next."

"How charming," Barney responded oddly as he seemed pretty surprised by his character.

We just didn't really notice as Marshall went on to tell Barney about how he met him and Lily as he said, "Ted introduced you to me at the bar a few days later and you told me that you were willing to make me your student like Ted. You said that you were like Yoda from Star Wars, except that instead of being little and green, you wear suits and you're awesome. Then, you went on to persuade me that I didn't have to be a one woman kind of man and that with your help I could get into bed with any woman in the bar. You bet me that I could get with the next woman, who walked in, and the only reason why I agreed to the bet, was because the next woman turned out to be Lily, who as you know was actually my girlfriend. We made out for a minute just for your benefit. When you thought I scored with her, since you thought she was totally hot, you thought I was a god and followed me around asking me to teach you how to live. Then, we introduced you to Lily a week later and told you the truth. That was awesome!"

I agreed, "Oh, totally awesome!"

"Our meeting wasn't so impressive," Robin cut in. "I met you all much later on. I walked into MacLaren's one night and Ted told you he thought I was hot. When he was too afraid to speak with me, you introduced me to him. Ted and I eventually ended up dating for a year before we realized we weren't right for each other because we both wanted different things, but we all remained close friends."

"Oh Barney, there are so many stories we can share," I replied as all of us laughed, except for Barney. "There was a time when you dragged me all the way to Philadelphia when we met these two girls at an airport and…"

Before I could finish, Barney interrupted as he said, "Before you get into that, I'd like to go back to sleep. I'm getting pretty tired and it's getting late. If you want, we can continue this on your next visit. Thank you for sharing all these stories."

I looked at Lily, Marshall, and Robin nervously and responded, "Ok. Is there anything we can do for you before we go?"

"No, that's all right," he answered. "Thank you. I'll see you next time. Good night."

"Good night," the four of us replied softly as he lay down while turning away from them and closed his eyes.

We all walked out of Barney's room and once we made it into the hallway, I turned to the others as I asked, "All right, what was that about? Did I say something wrong?"

Lily shook her head as she responded, "No, I think that all those stories were overwhelming for him. I'm sure he's just tired like he said was."

"I think there was something more to that," Robin said as she disagreed with Lily. "Something we said clearly upset him."

"It looks like we're going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out what it was," Marshall replied. "Lily and I need to get home, but tomorrow's Saturday and I have the day off. We'll be able to come back and stay with him longer; if he wants us to. You have to realize how hard this must be for him to learn about his life from us."

I nodded and answered, "I can only imagine. Good night, you guys."

They all called back as they all went their separate ways, "Good night, Ted."

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