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Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

By Genevieve Kelly

Action / Mystery

Chapter 1

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter One

A strung out, seventeen year old boy, high on crystal meth, ran fast through the halls of an old apartment complex somewhere in the lower Manhattan area with the three lead detectives from the NYPD, followed close behind by a writer, turned police consultant, right behind him. Beckett and Castle split off from Ryan and Esposito when they all lost sight of the young man as they went in different directions.

As Esposito and Ryan continued their search for him, they were suddenly interrupted by a couple having a loud domestic dispute. Ryan somehow ended up getting stuck in the middle of it, but as his partner turned back to help him when the couple's fighting began to escalate to violence, Ryan shouted out for Esposito to continue his search for their suspect. Javier nodded, then ran off, while Ryan stayed behind to take care of the fight.

After punching the husband and roughly tackling him to the ground, Kevin quickly hand-cuffed both him and his wife, who was still trying to kick and scratch both her husband and himself, to the bed and the cupboard on opposite sides of the room inside their apartment, then Ryan finally took off after his partner to continue the pursuit of their suspect.

Within a few minutes, Ryan suddenly heard the sound of a struggle from an apartment that had been recently burned in a fire. As he ran toward it and turned the corner into the large, scorched, and vacant room, he found the young man they had been chasing after, who was currently holding a gun to Javier's head as he stood directly behind the detective. The meth in the kid's system gave him super-like strength and allowed him to overpower Esposito, which wasn't easy.

As soon as Ryan saw that his partner's life was at stake, Ryan raised his gun higher toward them and then called out, "Let him go, Greg! I really don't want to have to shoot you, but I will if it comes down to either you or my partner."

Kevin noticed that the young man was standing with his back to a large hole in the floor and was slowly backing toward it with his partner still in his grasp as the kid shouted out, "That whore deserved what she got! I didn't want things to happen this way, but I couldn't help it. He just became angry."

"Who became angry, Greg?" Ryan asked. "Listen, I promise you, we will talk. If you didn't do this… if you didn't kill her, then we can help you if just let my partner go and help us catch the real man that did this. Please, drop the gun."

"You're lying!" the kid shouted again as he tightened his grip on his gun against Esposito's head. "You don't care about me and I won't rat him out! Now, get out of here or I will kill him!"

Javier finally spoke up saying, "If there's anyone you can trust, Greg, it is my partner. I've seen that look on his face before. It's the look he gives when he sympathizes with someone we come into contact with during a case, whom he believes there's more to them. We can help you."

The young man shook his head angrily and then replied, "No one can help me and I won't go to prison again."

As he said this, Greg pulled back on the glock of his gun and was about to pull the trigger. All of a sudden, Kevin fired his own weapon and the bullet struck Greg right in the end of his shoulder, a miraculous shot, causing Greg to fall backward through the hole in floor below him and down to the floor beneath them. The action was enough for Esposito to break from the kid's hold on him before he fell back with him and after he did, he briefly stared down at the kid's body, as the shot and the fall had killed him, then turned to look up at Ryan, who was now staring ahead in shock of what he had just done as his hands shook while his weapon remained in his hands.

"Nice shot!" Javier began. "Ryan?"

Ryan didn't answer as he continued to stare at nothing, when both Beckett and Castle suddenly burst in the room, the detective with her gun raised up as she and the writer had heard the shot. She lowered it when she found that Ryan and Esposito were the only ones in the room and then noticed the look on Ryan's face as she moved forward and turned to look at him.

"What on earth just happened?" Kate asked as she looked between Ryan and Esposito. "Kevin, are you all right?"

Four days ago…

Kate was busy scrambling around Rick's apartment to get dressed after she had spent the night there and then shouted, "Come on, Castle, get a move on! We're going to be late!"

As he finally came from out of the bathroom, Rick responded, "I'm almost ready. Why exactly are we in such a hurry anyway? Besides, it's not like I have a set time to be at work, seeing as I do not actually work there. I am only a consultant, remember?"

"Believe me, I remember," Kate answered. "But it looks like we've got ourselves another murder to solve."

"Already?" Castle asked in surprise. "It's barely after six o'clock. Can't murderers be a little more considerate when it comes to the time they decide to kill their victims or at least when they decided to dump their bodies?"

Beckett rolled her eyes and replied, "First of all, criminals hate cops and so I am sure that they don't mind that they're inconveniencing us and second, we have no idea how long this victim has been dead. We won't until we get to the crime scene and talk to Lanie. Now please, let's go."

When Kate and Castle arrived at the crime scene, they found that there was blood splattered everywhere and that the room had been trashed. Their victim was lying face up on a bed inside a hotel room at one of the finer establishments within the city with several stab wounds all over her body and from the way she was dressed, or not really dressed as she was dressed down to her very expensive lingerie, as well as the her makeup and jewelry, they had a feeling that the woman was a very highly paid call girl.

"Wow, whoever did this to this poor woman had a lot of rage toward her," Castle said softly to Beckett, who was standing close beside him, with sadness etched across her face.

Kate nodded as she responded, "You're right. I've seen way too many crime scenes and dead bodies. You wouldn't think I'd be surprised by the horrible kinds of things people do to each other anymore, but I always am. This woman suffered."

Rick nodded and then quickly asked, "That's good isn't it? I mean, it's not good that she suffered obviously, but if she did, then wouldn't she have screamed? Maybe the neighbors came out into the halls to try to find out what was going on. Maybe, someone caught a glimpse of her killer."

"Ryan and Esposito are going from door to door right now," Lanie answered as she was working over the body to try to pinpoint the exact cause of death, aside from the obvious stab wounds, as well as her time of death. "However, I don't think they're really going to find out much talking to the other guests on this floor unless they saw someone come in or leave when she was killed."

"Why is that, Lanie?" Kate asked in confusion. "She had to have screamed, unless…"

Lanie finished her sentence as she said, "Unless she was given a drug to knock her unconscious before he killed her, which I doubt, seeing as monsters that can do this like their victims to suffer, or she was restrained and tightly gagged, but I'm not finding any evidence of that either. However, some kind of drug had to have been used, possibly one strong enough to paralyze her. I also see something that is not on the victim, but around her. The bed isn't disheveled like it would be if she struggled, or even had sex. She had rough sex and then was killed somewhere else within this room, then moved onto this bed and posed. I'm guessing that our killer touched up her makeup and fixed her hair after he was done as well."

Castle looked around the room, back down at the victim, and then turned to face Beckett as he replied, "Okay, so she didn't scream or couldn't scream, but this kind of rage cannot happen without the monster letting off his rage. You cannot kill someone like this and remain quiet. It's impossible."

"You're right," Kate asked and then looked at him again. "And how do you know this?"

"I did my research," Castle answered. "You know… for my books."

Ryan walked into the room, followed by Esposito, and then spoke up saying, "Well, if she or he did scream, the neighbors didn't hear anything, or they're all lying. None of them saw anything either, but don't you think that you would notice a man covered in blood running through the hotel or outside it to leave?"

His partner replied, "Maybe they are all lying. None of this makes any sense."

"This case is going to be a strange one and long," Rick said in frustration. "What now?"

"Now, we work on trying to figure out who she is and who it is she works for," Beckett responded. "Hopefully, the rest will fall into place once we start to put the pieces together. No one deserves this. We have to find the man responsible for this."

Rick answered, "Hopefully, before another victim."

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