Measure of a Mann

Chapter 10

Measure of a Mann

Chapter Ten

It had been awhile since he spoke with Mary and Marshall was trying to hold on to consciousness. He was grateful that he had managed to warn Mary just in time. Now all he could do was wait. He knew Mary was coming for him, but he knew that the chances of her coming through the front door of his prison before his father and Martel were slim. As soon as they saw that he killed one of the men, he was as good as dead. His father had already told him that he couldn't save him.

He was now sitting down on the floor, with his back up against the prison bars. He no longer had the strength to stand, but Marshall had taken the guns from the men who were left to guard him and held them in his hands. He figured that he would go down fighting, hoping to at least take out Martel. His father would most likely run. Marshall wanted to arrest him, but there was no way he would be able to kill him, despite all he has done.

After sitting for about thirty-five minutes, the guard whom Marshall had knocked against the bars had finally woken up and was beginning to stand. The man looked down at Marshall and believed him to be either dead or unconscious, but as the man reached down to pick up the gun from his hands; Marshall raised it up, pointing it at the kidnapper's head, and opened his eyes.

"I suggest that if you want to stay alive, unlike your friend over there, you will do what I say," Marshall said. "I may not have the strength to stand up, but I have plenty of strength to fire this gun and put a bullet between your eyes. My aim is excellent."

"You are much stronger than Martel believed you to be," the man said. "I am not the brightest guy for agreeing to kidnap a US marshal, but I am not stupid enough to die for anyone either. What do you want me to do?"

Marshall replied, "Take a seat at the desk and find a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. I want you to write something down for me. Write down the name, Mary, across the top and write that I need her to do whatever it takes to prove that my father was the traitor and not his partner Tony Combs. Write that I need her to locate Tony's son, Ryan, and that I need her to tell him how sorry I am for everything. Are you finished?"

The man answered, "Yah, I'm finished."

"Good, now bring it over here and place it on the floor for me to sign it," Marshall said. "She won't believe that it is from me otherwise."

As Jason did as he was asked he spoke saying, "Listen, I am sorry about my partner stabbing you with the knife. We were not ordered to hurt you so badly. He got carried away. For what it is worth, I got dragged into this mess, just like your father did. I never wanted things to go so far. I just didn't know how to stand up to Martel. The man is crazy."

Marshall could see in the man's eyes that he was telling the truth and said, "I believe you. My partner is on her way. I called her with the dead guy's cell phone and she traced it. If you help me, I will help you."

"I'm afraid that the trace will only send her to somewhere else," the man responded. "My phone is set up to manipulate the cell signal. When a call is placed on it, the signal will show up somewhere, except where the phone really is. Then, the signal will change with every additional call. It is a good way to avoid getting caught. I'm a computer geek. I fixed everyone's phones that way."

"That's just great," Marshall said again. "Is there any other way out of here?"

"There is, but it won't be the way you want it to be, Marshall," Martel said suddenly as he walked through the entry way of the room. "Jason, what on earth happened here?"

Marshall quickly hid one of the guns behind his back and slid the other one away from him, while Jason stood in front of Marshall and replied, "Martel, you got here sooner than I expected. I am afraid that Mann's son is stronger than he looked. We beat him badly, but he somehow managed to knock me out and kill Jackson. He is too weak to stand now though. I was just about to put him back in the cell."

"That won't be necessary," Martel responded. "He is coming with us. Richard convinced me that we could still use Marshall, in order to get rid of his partner. We weren't able to kill her because somehow, she was prepared for us. We can't leave any witnesses behind and she won't leave us alone until she is dead. Jason, I want you to stay behind and take care of Jackson's body. Call me when you are done and I will let you know where to meet up with us."

Marshall looked over at his father, who looked away, and then at Martel. He knew that Jason would probably get killed if he tried to take out Martel and he hoped that he would try to help him if he was left alone. So, he let go of the gun and allowed the last thug to grab and drag him outside to the car.

Jason was still a criminal, but Marshall really did believe he wanted out of Martel's gang, rather than end up dead somewhere down the road. Besides, he watched Jason shove the note that he asked him to write to Mary in his pocket as Martel came through the door. He had a feeling that Jason was going to help him as much as he could.

Marshall was shoved into the back as the man who picked him up sat down next to him and placed a bandage over his wound. Ever since Martel had returned, Marshall's father hadn't spoken up once or even looked at his son.

"I won't help you to kill my partner," Marshall said as they drove away from the jailhouse. "Besides, unless you stitch up this wound, I will no longer be of any use to you. I won't last much longer."

Martel replied, "Luckily for you, I know someone who can help with just that. Don't worry."

After everyone left, Jason picked up Jackson's cell phone and started to dial the last number that was placed, but when he tried, he realized that the phone was dead. He had no way of getting the marshal's partner's cell number from it. So, he quickly went to his computer and began to hack into the cell towers, hoping to get the number from there.

He made a promise to help the man, even if it meant going to prison. It was better than the alternative. He knew that Marshall would keep his word to help him out of the mess he had become a part of a long time ago. After a few minutes, he was successful in finding the number and made the call on his phone, hoping that she would pick up.

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