Measure of a Mann

Chapter 11

Measure of a Mann

Chapter Eleven

The SUV that carried Martel, Richard Mann, one of Martel's men, and Marshall, pulled up to an apartment complex a few hours east from where the jailhouse was. It was now early, the next morning. As the car stopped, the four of them got out and entered into the building, climbing the stairs to a room on the third floor.

Marshall was still conscious thanks to the bandage that was placed over the wound in his chest. The blood had stopped spilling out, but he was weak and a fever had begun some time ago. He couldn't fight off Martel's thug, or stop him from dragging him along.

As they entered the apartment, Marshall saw that it was worn down and dirty. It was also pretty empty. The entry room led to three other rooms, the main room that was led to by a spiral staircase, the bedroom, and another room, which had a rectangle table in the center, as well as a tray which held tools like what a doctor would use in an emergency room.

As Marshall saw the table, he realized what Martel meant when he said that he knew someone who could help with his wound and he didn't like it. There was a man standing next to the table, shaking as if he was nervous about what Marshall believed was stitching up his wound. However, the real reason became clear as a familiar voice spoke up behind them, followed by the sound of several guns being prepared to fire.

"Release my partner and slowly lower your guns, or believe me, I will have pleasure putting a bullet in the back of your skull," Mary spoke quietly.

A few hours earlier…

Mary was fidgeting in the back seat of the car in which she, Stan, and FBI agent, Mike Faber, were currently driving toward the area Faber revealed to be the spot that Marshall was being held. Mary couldn't sit still because she was too anxious and worried that they may not make it in time.

Stan saw this as he looked back from the passenger's seat and spoke quietly saying, "Mary, you need to try to relax. Marshall is strong; he will still be alive."

Mary continued to look out the window as she replied, "I know you're right Stan, but what condition will he be in. Watching him fight to breathe after he was shot was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do in my life. I just want to find him."

As Faber was about to talk, Mary's phone suddenly began to ring again. Mary saw that it was a number she didn't recognize and quickly answered it, hoping that it was Marshall. However, the voice on the other end was that of a total stranger.

He spoke first saying, "Inspector, my name is Jason Walsh. I am one of the men who helped to kidnap your partner, Marshall Mann. I am…"

"You've got a lot of nerve calling me," Mary interrupted as she put the phone on speaker so that Stan and Faber could hear the conversation too. "What do you want? Is this some sort of ransom demand or are you trying to use my partner to lure me out in order to finish me off?"

"I promise you that I only want to help you save him," Jason replied. "I work, or rather; I worked for a man by the name of Martel. He's an ex-con and a dangerous man. He has a lot of friends, some in high places such as a security guard, a judge, a cop, a coroner, and me. The cell signal you are following is a false signal. I am a hacker and computer genius. I programmed the cell phones that we are using to manipulate the cell signals that that no one could track us if they tried to. Right now I am working to undo the manipulation codes so that I can track where my boss took Marshall. It will take me a few more minutes. I suggest that you stop and wait for me to tell you what direction to travel. You are going to need to get to him as soon as possible; he's hurt pretty badly."

"Why should I trust anything you have to say," Mary asked?

Jason answered, "I don't blame you for not believing me. I wouldn't either, but you are going to have to if you want to get to him before my boss does whatever he has planned for him. I think that he wants to use him to lure you out as you believed I was doing. Marshall said that you were smart. I guess he was right. Listen, what I did was wrong and I regret it, but Marshall spared my life when he had every reason not to. It is my turn to repay that debt."

Faber pulled over as Mary replied, "That's the difference between Marshall and me. He is willing to give everyone the benefit of a doubt and a second chance. Do you have the signal yet?"

"Just a second," Jason responded. "Now I do. I'll send you the directions. It looks like they are heading east toward the direction of Roswell. I have an idea where they are going. The coroner that I spoke of before, Robert Peterson has an apartment that he rarely uses. They are probably going to have the creep stitch up Marshall's wound. He was stabbed where he had a scar on his chest."

"Peterson was arrested two nights ago for drunk driving and assault," Stan spoke up. "According to the computer, he was still there a few hours ago."

Jason responded, "Apparently, someone helped him out, as of an hour ago. There is a good chance that if he tries to stitch up your partner's wound, something can go wrong. The guy was not that great of a coroner. He's dangerous. I will actually send you directions that will be a shortcut from where you are. If you hurry, you might get there before them. You may have the element of surprise."

"When this is over, we are going to have a long talk," Mary said. "You better be right about this, or so help me that I will make you wish that Marshall killed you."

The phone call ended and Faber began to drive in the direction that Jason sent them in, both of the marshals and agent praying that they were right to trust one of the men who helped to take Marshall only a few days ago.

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