Measure of a Mann

Chapter 6

Measure of a Mann

Chapter Six

Mary, Stan, Eleanor, and Faber had been pouring over every file and all the information that they could find regarding the so called death of Richard Mann, hoping to find someone whom they could talk with about the case. It had been hours since they had come back from the crime scene. Marshall has been missing for a little over twenty-four hours now, it was once again evening, and everyone was tired, especially Mary. However, she didn't want to go home, so everyone stayed for awhile longer. Stan knew that convincing her to get some sleep would be impossible.

Faber's department made fun of him for going all the way to Albuquerque just to work on a case that had nothing to do with them. They teased him that the only reason for him going was because he was hoping to get into Mary's good graces so that she would give him a chance with her. Maybe part of that was true, but Faber was FBI and he didn't know Marshall very well, but he respected the man. As he had told Mary before, he owed her for helping him out on the cases they worked on together.

What they have learned from the information so far, was that Richard Mann's partner, Tony Combs was also killed in the explosion. The reports said that the explosion was most likely caused by a gas leak in the warehouse, probably set off by a gunshot fired during the attempted arrest of a suspect, Jake Cranston. However, the details were sketchy and the cause was never really proven. All the fire department was able to come up with were theories.

After making several calls, Eleanor was finally able to find one marshal who was around at the time. Maryanne Lawson was retired and living in Arizona. After speaking with Eleanor, she agreed with flying into Albuquerque to meet with them the next day.

Stan walked over to Mary and said, "We all need to go home to get some rest now. There is nothing more that we can do tonight and you will be no good to Marshall if you are dead on your feet. Please Mary, you know that you have to. Mrs. Lawson will be here tomorrow afternoon and we will continue then."

"I know your right, Stan, but I am scared he might die, while I am doing nothing," Mary answered. "I wouldn't be able to live with myself if that happened."

"He won't," Stan replied.

Mary said, "I will go pick up Maryanne at the airport when her flight comes in and bring her back here. Good night, Stan."

With that, Stan, Eleanor, Faber, and Mary left the marshal office and went home. Mary came home to peace and quiet. As much as it hurt her at the time to have Raph break up with her, she was grateful now. He no longer pressured her into giving details about her job. Also, Brandi was still gone, to who knows where, and her mother was happy on her own after she had gotten a job as a dance instructor.

Mary was finally alone and she loved it, until tonight. She wanted someone to talk to besides Stan. Normally, whenever she was upset about anything, Marshall was the one person she could always count on to help her, whether it was to help distract her or to actually talk to, he was there. Mary now understood the meaning of the phrase, "You never now what you've got, until it's gone." Mary cried herself to sleep that night.

When she awoke the next morning, it was close to the time she needed to pick up the retired marshal. She quickly made herself breakfast and drove out to the airport to wait. Maryanne Lawson's plane was on time and when the woman got off; Mary saw that she was younger than she expected her to be.

Mary spoke first saying, "Maryanne Lawson, I am US Marshal, Mary Shannon. Thank you so much for coming on such short notice."

Maryanne replied, "I came because Marshall Mann was the smartest and sweetest boy that I ever knew. He drew me a picture and picked me some fresh flowers every year for my birthday and on mother's day. I was the youngest member and only female in the marshal service. No one treated me with the right kind of respect, until a few months after I started. Women marshals were looked down on back then. Good for you in becoming one yourself. Anyway, Marshall noticed and told the guys that they needed to treat me with the same courtesy as everyone else. What surprised was that they all listened. I don't know how he did it, but I knew he was a special boy. He cared about all of the marshals in the office and everyone loved him. We all loved it when his daddy brought him with him to work. I am so sorry that he has gone missing. I will do everything that I can to help you find him."

"If you do not mind my asking, what was Marshall's father like," Mary asked?

Maryanne responded, "What does Richard have to do with his disappearance? He died when Marshall was eleven years old. Marshall was so devastated that he wouldn't even come out of his room for the funeral. His mother told me that for some reason, he blamed himself for his father's death."

Mary pulled out a photo from her pocket and showed it to her as she said, "We have evidence that shows Richard Mann is actually alive and was at a party that Marshall and I both attended two nights ago. He saw his father there, they ran, and a few hours later, Marshall disappeared. My partner's disappearance has something to do with Richard Mann turning up alive."

"Richard Mann was tough, but he loved his son very much," Maryanne answered. "I don't know how he is alive, but Marshall did say something bizarre to me the day before Richard and his partner, Tony Combs, was killed. He said that Tony was innocent of all of the charges he was being accused of. I tried to ask him what he meant, but I never got the chance to. As I said, Marshall was smart. I tried to dig deeper into their deaths and something didn't seem right to me either, but they were declared an accident and my investigation was shut down. I don't believe that Richard was involved or that he would harm his son. It couldn't be him who kidnapped him."

Just then, Mary received a phone call from Stan, telling her that she needed to come back to the office right away. Someone walked in to the office that no one ever would have ever expected. Things were about to become even more complicated.

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