Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter 10

Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter Ten

Alice, Hatter, Charlie, Ten of Clubs, and the rest of the suits had been traveling throughout the forest for a few hours before they finally stopped their horses and got down from them. Once Alice had gotten off of Guinevere, she and Charlie helped Hatter get off as well and sat him down.

"It will be getting dark soon," Ten of Clubs spoke first. "We should find a place to rest. We can continue our search in the morning."

"I believe you are right," Charlie agreed.

Alice placed her hand across Hatter's forehead again and felt that he was much worse than before. His temperature was becoming dangerously high, as were the tremors in his body, but he was surprising alert and for the most part able to move without any help.

Alice looked at him and asked, "Hatter, why didn't you tell me you were this bad?"

He looked back at her and replied, "I feel fine, Alice. I have surprisingly good tolerance to pain."

"Yeah," Alice responded as she glared at him. "I remember that day in the bus after Dodo shot you the first time. Or were you just milking it so that I would feel sorry for you and begin to trust you again?"

"No, that really hurt," he answered. "I just didn't really have a reason to hide it then. We need to find Dodo as soon as possible and I do not trust anyone else to watch over you besides me."

Alice put her head down and said, "I can take care of myself, you know. And so can Charlie. You are only making it worse for yourself. I'm going to get one of the suits to guide you back to the palace."

Hatter shook his head and was about to protest, until he was interrupted by the sound of what he and Alice both knew to be the roars and thundering steps of the Jabberwocky. The sounds grew closer and closer and as they did so, the suits began to panic.

Hatter grabbed ahold of a tree branch above him and used it to help him up from the ground. Alice stood by him, as did Charlie and Ten of Clubs, while the suits worked on trying to calm down the horses so they could get out of there. However, they were unable to get them under control as they ran off.

The Jabberwocky finally appeared and Hatter quickly pulled Alice behind him. The suits turned and ran from the clearing where they were standing, leaving Alice, Hatter, Charlie, and Ten of Clubs behind to face the creature.

"A lot of good they are as protectors," Hatter said sarcastically. "They didn't even try to shoot it."

"What are we going to do?" Alice asked. "There is no way Hatter can outrun this thing like we did last time and I don't see any traps of yours, Charlie."

Ten of Clubs answered as he pulled out his gun, "I say we shoot it then."

Hatter shook his head and responded, "It won't do you any good. The Jabberwocky's skin is thick and protects its body like armor. Bullets won't do anything, but make it angrier than it already is."

Just as he finished saying so, bullets sounded from behind the creature and they watched as it turned around angrily to charge its attackers. Alice and Charlie pulled Hatter's arms around their shoulders and began to run in the opposite direction, followed quickly by Ten of Clubs.

"I was wrong about them," Hatter said. "I shouldn't have judged them."

"You can apologize to them later," Alice replied. "We need to get somewhere safe."

"I am afraid that that will not be possible, My Dear," Dodo said as he suddenly came out from behind the trees on a horse, holding a gun that was bigger than the one he carried with him from before. "Your suits will be dead by now and before long, you will be too."

Charlie stood between Dodo, Alice, and Hatter as he responded, "You, Sir, are mistaken. No good will come to a man such as yourself. You are not an easy man to find. We have been searching all day. Not even the cosmos could lead us to where you were hiding, but we have you now. Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. There are more of us than there are of you."

Dodo smiled and replied, "I am afraid you are wrong about that too, Old Man."

Before any of them could say anything in response, some kind of gas began to surround them causing them to cough and slowly begin to fall unconscious. Hatter was the first to pass out because he was already weak. Alice was the last one to go under and the last thing she saw before she did was Dee and Dum stepping out from behind two other trees, each holding some kind of gun that was spreading the gas. She saw that Dodo and the doctors were laughing at what they were doing. Her last thought was fear for Hatter, not knowing if he was strong enough to get through whatever was about to happen to them.

Dodo stepped down from his horse and was about to shoot Charlie and the Ten of Clubs, when all of a sudden he turned to the sound of the Jabberwocky's roars coming directly from behind him. He began to back away slowly until he was surrounded by the gas.

He looked at the twins as he slowly passed out and saw one of them pull out something from a bag that they carried with them. Dum tossed what it was down beside him and Dodo saw that it was a piece of the meat they used to lure the creature back to the bunker.

Dodo knew he was as good as dead as the Jabberwocky appeared above him. Luckily for him, he passed out just as it attacked and finished him off. Dodo was taken care of as the twins had anticipated.

Mad March, disguised as Ten of Spades, walked through the forest over an hour after the Jabberwocky attack to find three of Heart's suits dead. They were all slaughtered by the beast. March looked around and noticed a blood trail that led away from the spot and toward the outskirts of the forest. He realized that at least one of the suits had survived and gone back to the palace to inform the King of the attack.

Mad March walked away from the sight and shortly came upon the entrance to the bunker where the doctors Dee and Dum waited for him to arrive. As he entered, March smiled when he was greeted by the twins' smug faces.

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