Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter 11

Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter Eleven

When Alice finally awoke several hours later, she had no idea how long she had been unconscious or where she was, except she figured they must have been brought to the bunker where Dodo had been hiding out along with Doctors Dee and Dum. She really hated these men.

Alice quickly remembered being in the forest with Hatter and the others, then seeing Dodo and the twins before they were all knocked out from some kind of gas. It was then that she franticly searched around her for Hatter. He was nowhere in sight. Only Charlie and Ten of Clubs were in the room with her, still unconscious.

Charlie and Ten of Clubs began to wake up as Alice stood and began to bang on the door, while shouting, hoping to get her captors' attention. As she continued to do so for several minutes, Charlie walked along the room and searched the walls and floor for any way of escape.

He began to do his odd chanting and when he was finished he said, "Drat! I am afraid that the only way out of here is through this door and unfortunately I do not see how we are going to get through it, unless of course our captors let us go. I do not see that happening, no matter how hard and loudly you bang on it, Alice."

Alice stopped her shouting and banging as she replied, "We need to get their attention. I have to find out where they've taken Hatter. Dodo will kill him and with the twins involved, God knows what they have planned."

"Yes, you're right," Charlie responded. "Your Harbinger is in great danger. Unfortunately, our hosts don't appear to be paying attention to your banging and shouting."

"Charlie appears to be right, My Lady," Ten of Clubs agreed. "I don't…"

Before the advisor could finish his sentence, Alice quickly put a hand up to silence him, as she heard the sounds of footsteps coming toward the door. The door creaked as it opened to reveal both of the twins standing there with trays of food.

Alice stood her ground and asked, "Where's Hatter? I want to see him."

The men grinned as Dee answered, "Your boy is about to be entertainment for our arriving guest."

"He does not look in good shape and soon he will be much worse," Dum added.

"We look forward to watching what our guest has planned for the young carpetbagger," Dee spoke again.

Alice threatened, "If you or Dodo hurt him anymore, I will make you wish that you never met me."

Dum responded, "Dodo is no longer in the picture anymore, if you know what we mean."

"What do you mean, no longer in the picture?" Ten of Clubs asked. "Do you mean he is dead?"

"Yes, we had him killed," Dee replied. "Dodo was no longer needed and so we did away with him."

"A special meal for our creature that chased you in the forest," Dum said.

Alice looked at the men before her quizzically and asked, "You mean you killed Dodo by feeding him to the Jabberwocky?"

Charlie replied, "A cruel fate for a cruel man, indeed."

Alice turned back to the twins and once again asked the question, "Where have you taken Hatter and who is this guest you've invited here to hurt him? Tell me, now!"

"We will take you to him if that is what you wish," Dee answered.

"You will find out who our guest is momentarily," Dum responded. "Come with us."

Charlie and Ten of Clubs started to follow after Alice as they led her out, until Dee pushed them back and said, "Only the girl."

Dum repeated, "Yes, only the girl. We will have our fun with the two of you later."

"It's going to be all right," Alice said as she turned to her friends, specifically Charlie. "I'll be fine. I have to find Hatter. This is the only way."

Dee and Dum pulled her away and closed the door. After they locked it, the twins turned and guided Alice along a corridor past other doors that she wasn't sure what was behind them. However, she didn't really care at this point. She just wanted to see Hatter and make sure he was all right. He was really sick the last time she saw him. She could only imagine how he was feeling now.

They finally led her to a door and as soon as they opened it, Alice saw Hatter bound to a chair in the middle of the room. His head was down and from the doorway, she could see that he was shaking.

Alice ran over and knelt down in front of him, ignoring the fact that the doctors were still nearby. As she did, she could see that he was sweating hard because of the fever that was now raging throughout his body. She also saw that the doctors had beaten him some more. Blood was caked along the right side of his face from a couple of cuts, one across his eye and another on his cheek. Blood also dripped down from his nose and a cut on the left side of his mouth.

"Hatter," Alice said as she tried to wake him. "Hatter, please wake up. You're going to be all right. Hatter? Please!"

"Alice," Hatter responded weakly as he began to come around. "Are you all right?"

Alice smiled softly as she replied, "I'm fine. Stop worrying about me so much and let me worry about you for once."

His tie hung loose around his neck and the top buttons of his shirt were undone from the beating he had received earlier. Alice pulled the shirt down further to reveal the wound in his shoulder. The bandage was no longer there. The ugly and now badly infected wound was in the open and the poison had spread all across his chest and stomach. Alice could not even imagine the amount of pain he must be feeling right now.

She looked back into his eyes and said, "Hold on for me, Hatter. Please just hold on. Charlie and I will find a way to get you out of here. We all will."

"I am afraid that none of you will be getting out of here, Alice of legend," Mad March replied as he walked into the room still disguised as Ten of Spades.

"You!" Alice said surprisingly. "You're one of Jack's advisors. You're supposed to be loyal to him and us. How could you betray us and work for them? What has Hatter done to you that would make you hate him this much?"

The man before her laughed along with Dee and Dum as March answered, "On the contrary, Alice. They work for me and I am not who you think I am. Ten of Spades died the day the casino burned down and the Queen of Hearts was overthrown. As did I, thanks to your beloved Hatter. However, thanks to the doctors here, they found my body and his and made it so that I was once again brought back to life. Do you know who I am now?"

Alice glared at him and replied, "You're Mad March, aren't you? The Queen's loyal and psychotic assassin?"

"Very good," March responded. "However, I am only loyal to myself. I do whatever I need to do in order to get what I want, even if that means working with them and for the Queen of Hearts. She was loyal to me, so I was loyal to her and we will be once again, thanks to you."

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"You will be our bargaining chip," he answered. "I have sent word to Jack Heart of your kidnapping and thanks to one of his suits surviving the attack from the Jabberwocky, he shall confirm my man's request that His Majesty give up the Stone of Wonderland and release the Queen of Hearts. She will once again rule Wonderland, with us by her side. Things shall be as they were, before you and Hatter came along and ruined everything. If the King does as he is told, you shall live and be sent back to live once again in your horrible world to live with the pain and memories of Hatter's death. That pain will be punishment enough, I believe. I will even allow Jack Heart and his Duchess return to your world with you, if the Queen does not wish to make them pay for the role they played in defeating her before."

"Your plan will never work," Alice said as she stood defiantly between him and Hatter. "And I won't allow you to harm Hatter anymore."

Mad March chuckled, "And how do you think you will stop me. You cannot fight the three of us at once. Soon, Hatter will die from the poison. There is nothing you can do for him. I will enjoy watching him breathe his last breath."

A tear slipped down her cheek as Alice once again knelt down in front of Hatter and placed her hand on his face. He remained conscious, but barely. Despite how he felt, he smiled down at her in hopes of giving her the courage she needed to get through whatever was going to happen and she knew that was what his smile meant.

She leaned up and kissed him deeply on his lips and whispered, "Please stay with me. I won't lose you. Not now. I love you!"

"I love you too, Alice!" he whispered back.

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