Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter 13

Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter Thirteen

The stranger who walked into the Heart's palace in order to deliver Mad March's message to the King, guided Jack Heart and three of his men, one of whom was a doctor that Jack trusted with his life, down the corridors of the bunker where Mad March was waiting to speak with the King.

Jack and his men followed along as they paid close attention to their surroundings. The underground bunker was much larger than Jack expected it to be and worried that they may not be able to find their way out.

He worried about Alice and prayed she was not harmed. The messenger assured him that she wasn't, but his word meant little to him. Jack was also unsure about the others. Hatter was no doubt in the most danger due to the condition in which he had last seen him in, that is if he wasn't dead already. As for Charlie and his advisor, Ten of Clubs, he had no idea if they were dead or alive.

"How much further until we get to where March and Alice are?" Jack asked.

"This bunker is quite large, Your Majesty," the man replied. "You will see that your Alice is perfectly safe and unharmed as I promised you earlier."

Jack responded, "Forgive me, for not taking your word on that. Mad March is nothing but psychotic."

The messenger turned around to face Jack and was about to speak again until they felt heavy footsteps and heard the sounds of angry roars coming from down the dark hallway behind the messenger. The creature they all knew to be the Jabberwocky appeared and roared as it spotted the men before it.

The messenger slowly turned back around, as Jack his men backed up. The large creature suddenly attacked the messenger as he tried to run away. Jack ordered his men to run, but they knew they would never be able to outrun the beast. Once the creature finished with his latest prey, it would start after the rest of the men.

Jack and the suits felt the Jabberwocky's thunderous steps directly upon them and just as they believed they were going to be killed as the messenger was, a hidden door suddenly opened to reveal Charlie, as the knight grabbed ahold of Jack's arm and pulled him inside the passageway. Ten of Clubs reached out and did the same with the King's men.

The Jabberwocky cried out in anger, as its prey disappeared from before its sight. Then, it ran through the corridors and found its way out of the bunker and back into the forest where it was finally free.

Jack looked around him and then turned to face both Charlie and his advisor as he placed a hand across his heart and said, "Once again, I owe you my life Charlie. Thank you."

Charlie bowed before Jack and replied, "It appears that our twin doctors have been keeping that fabulous creature in a large cage. I set it free once we managed to escape our own prison. A little bit of leverage was all it took. If only I had thought of it sooner. Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm."

"Do either of you know where Alice and Hatter are being held?" Jack asked.

"Alice was taken from our prison a while ago by the doctors," Ten of Clubs answered. "We haven't seen Hatter since we were captured out in the forest. The last we saw of him, he was looking much worse."

Jack nodded and responded, "We have to find them. Mad March will kill them both no matter what I decide to do. Charlie, can you find them?"

Charlie looked quizzically at the King and then replied, "Of course I can find them. I just have to tap into the dark arts."

The knight began to chant and suddenly very quickly mumbled the exact directions that would lead them to the room where Alice was. They ran through the corridors and hoped that they were in time to save, not only Alice, but Hatter as well.


Mad March continued to circle around Hatter and then struck with a sudden kick to his legs. Hatter went down hard to one knee, but luckily he was able to block a second kick to his head using his hands and arms. Hatter used the small momentum and used his right fist to punch Mad March with as much strength as he could into his stomach.

To Mad March's astonishment, Hatter was doing better than he thought he would. He was able to fight him off with surprising strength. However, he knew that it was only a matter of time before he would be able to wear him down.

Alice continued to struggle in the doctors' grasp as she watched Hatter try to fight off the psycho's ruthless kicks and punches. He was holding his own, but she saw that he was tiring quickly and that he would soon fall unless she could break away from the men holding her to help him.

Hatter balled up his fist once again and punched March hard into the side of his head. He went down hard, but he didn't stay down for long. Hatter stumbled backwards as he grew weaker and that was when Mad March used his legs to knock Hatter's feet out from under him. Hatter collapsed hard on his back and then rolled over onto his stomach. This time, Hatter didn't get up. His strength had finally left him.

Hatter fought to remain conscious as the killer loomed over him with a smile on his face. Mad March reached down and pulled Hatter up onto his knees by his hair. March pulled harder on his head as he stood against him from behind.

Alice screamed Hatter's name when Mad March pulled out a knife from the pocket inside his jacket and placed the blade firmly against his throat. Hatter only looked at Alice as he mouthed the words, I'm sorry. Then, he closed his eyes as the knife was raised above him for the strike that would destroy two lives, not just one.

However, the blow never came. Instead, a gunshot echoed through the room, as a bullet knocked the knife from Mad March's hand. Everyone in the room turned to see where the shot had come from and saw Jack Heart standing in the doorway to the room, holding a smoking gun in his hand. Charlie, Ten of Clubs, and Jack's three men stood behind him.

Alice used the distraction to get away from the doctors. She stomped on one of Dum's feet and then used her fighting skills to knock the two of them out with a little help from both Charlie and Ten of Clubs. Jack kept his gun trained on Mad March, who only starred at the man in front of him.

As soon as the knife was shot out of Mad March's hand, Hatter collapsed to the floor of the bunker, unconscious. Once Alice was free from the twins' grasp, she ran to his side and rolled him over on his back. The doctor who came with Jack rushed over to help her with him.

"We have to find the poison that Dodo used so that you can make the antidote, fast," she begged the man kneeling next to her. "Hatter isn't going to be able to hold on much longer."

"Wake up the doctors and get them to bring you down to their lab immediately," Jack ordered the doctor and his other two men who traveled with him. "Charlie and Ten of Clubs, please take March here and place him inside one of the prisons down where you were held. If he tries to fight you, do not hesitate to shoot him. Once Hatter is taken care of, we will escort him back to the palace where he will then be executed for his terrible crimes."

Everyone did as they were told, while Alice remained by Hatter's side. Jack pulled off his jacket and placed it under his head. He could feel the intense heat from his skin and was amazed that the man was still alive after feeling so terrible for this long. It was then that he gained a new respect for the man that he once resented for stealing Alice from him. They truly loved each other.

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