Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter 14

Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter Fourteen

Jack's men and his doctor followed the twins down the long corridors to where they worked on their crazy experiments. Dee and Dum were angry that they were outnumbered and no longer in control, but there was nothing they could do about it. Heart's men each held a gun. The ironic thing was that they feared death, when they worked for years torturing and causing many others to live and die by their fears. Soon, they would be executed along with Mad March.

The men entered the lab room and the two guards kept their guns and eyes trained on the twins as Jack's doctor walked over to a table with a bunch of different liquids spread out. At first glance, he noticed that many of the liquids were left over emotion teas that were supposed to be disposed of when the Queen's casino was destroyed. Apparently, the twin doctors somehow managed to smuggle several vials out before disappearing themselves.

The doctor looked closely at many other vials until he finally found the one he was looking for. From examining the discoloration that had slightly spread across Hatter's chest the time he saw him over a day ago, now spread entirely, he knew exactly what he was looking for.

After a few minutes, he finally found the poison and began to mix several liquids together to make the antidote that was needed to save Hatter's life. Thankfully, the doctor was extremely smart and he knew what each of the liquids were, even though they weren't labeled.

The more they watched the doctor mess with their experiments and liquids, the angrier Dee and Dum became. When the two guards turned their heads for a moment to look at the doctor, the twins used the distraction to shove the men backwards into one of the tables in the center of the room in order to escape from the suits' custody. They ran as quickly as too fat men could, while the guards got up off the floor to chase after them.

It wasn't long before they managed to catch them again. When they did, the guards led the doctors to one of the rooms next to where Charlie and Ten of Clubs had put Mad March. As they arrived there, they saw that the knight and advisor were still standing outside the door. The King's men pushed the doctors inside a room and closed the door. Charlie handed one of the guards the keys so that he could lock it.

"Did they guide you to their lab so that Seven of Hearts can create the antidote for Hatter?" Charlie asked.

"Yes," one of the men replied. "He is working on it right now. I can only hope that it is in time."

The second guard spoke up saying, "The two of you can go back up to His Majesty, Alice, and Hatter now if you would like. We will guard the prisoners."

Charlie nodded and responded, "Just make sure these wicked barbarians remain here. They must pay for the crimes and suffering they have caused."

Charlie and Ten of Clubs walked away and returned to the room where they found Hatter still unconscious on the floor and Alice sitting down next to him. She ran her right hand across his forehead and through his hair, while she held one of his in her left. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she continued to stare down at the man she loved deeply.

Charlie wasn't a praying man and truth be told, he wouldn't know who to turn to should he ever have the need as he did so right at this moment. So instead, he raised his raised his head toward the ceiling and began to sing a soft lament that he remembered hearing the man whose armor he now wore sing in prayer for someone close to him who lay dying.

Jack paced slowly back and forth and stopped as soon as Charlie's lament began. He looked over at his friend and smiled and then lowered his head to listen while they waited for his doctor to come in with the antidote. Ten of Clubs did the same, while Alice just kept her eyes focused on Hatter.

Alice observed Hatter and she could see the pain he felt from his features. His mouth was clenched and his eyes were closed tightly. His entire body shook as the fever raged hotter than she ever thought was possible.

She took her hand from off of his and used both of hers to rip open the rest of his shirt after her eyes looked down at his chest. The discoloration was ugly and dangerously close to his heart. If it weren't for his body shaking and burning, she would think he was dead because of the deathly look of his skin.

Alice looked away from Hatter and spoke softly to no one in particular saying, "Hatter asked me to marry him. I told him yes. He's going to make it, I know it."

"I believe your right, Alice," the doctor repsonded as he ran into the room carrying a vial in his hand. "I wouldn't have thought it possible, but he's still fighting. He certainly loves you. Can you lift his head? I have to get this down him."

Jack knelt down to help Alice lift Hatter up so that the doctor could pour the antidote into his mouth. When he finished Alice held Hatter in her lap and waited impatiently while she once again began to stoke his face.

"We will know any moment if we were able to stop the poison in time, but if this does work, it will still take time for him to recover fully," the doctor said.

"How will we know if your antidote works?" Jack asked.

Just as he did so, the discoloration began to slowly disappear. The doctor nodded and assured Alice that the antidote was working as it spread through Hatter vains and began to kill the poison that infected him.

Alice was about to say something when Hatter suddenly began to stir and opened his eyes. Alice smiled down at him as new tears began to fall down her cheek. This time they were joyous tears. He couldn't speak, but he managed to smile back and then slowly closed his eyes once again.

Alice looked up at at the doctor and whispered, "Thank you!"

It was then, that Charlie began to sing and dance happily like a loon. Ten of Clubs and the doctor joined in the dance, while both Jack and Alice began to laugh. Wonderland would soon be once again celebrating a victory.

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