Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter 15

Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter Fifteen

Wonderland's streets along the buildings were crowded with the city's people as they gathered together in one common location; the field where the Queen of Heart's casino once stood.

Jack Heart never rebuilt it or anything else on the battleground until just a few days ago. He ordered several of his men to build the gallows where three men were scheduled to be executed in just a few hours. Until then, Mad March and twins, Dee and Dum waited in a cell up in one of the towers of the Heart's palace.

Shortly after March and the doctors were defeated four days ago, Jack sent word by one of his guards, to his other men to come and escort the prisoners back to the palace, where they would wait in their own prison cells until the time of their executions. It was scheduled for noon today. The men were soon about to pay for the terrible and unforgivable crimes which they had committed.

About an hour before he needed to join his people, Jack walked up the long, winding staircase that led up to the cell where his mother now lived. Jack wondered if she had been a part of setting up a way of escape should she be overthrown one day as she had been. Did she know about Mad March and the doctors' plans to make the heroes of Wonderland pay and to set her free once again?

Despite having the feeling he already knew the answer was yes, he wanted to hear it from her. She caused his people and the oysters much pain and the truth was, she deserved to die like those who remained loyal to only her. Most of Wonderland were angry with him for choosing to keep her alive, but he couldn't bring himself to give them the justice they deserve. After all, she was his mother. He loved her.

Once Jack entered the room where she sat, he spoke softly saying, "I don't have a lot of time Mother, but I wanted to see you before I left. Mad March, as well as Dee and Dum Tweedle are going to be executed by this hour's end. Did you know that they had finally been caught?"

Without turning to face her son, the Queen of Hearts, who was no longer Queen, answered, "I had no idea that they were never caught. I assumed that because of that insufferable girl and her good for nothing carpetbagger that March and the doctors were dead."

"You're lying," Jack responded.

"Does it really matter if I am?" she replied before Jack could continue on. "You don't have it in your heart to kill me as anyone else would have. I did sentence you to death, after all. I did what I had to do to remain in power."

Jack glared at he and said, "And a lot of good all your work did for you. You are now nothing but a resident of a cell, locked in a tower where no one beside me will ever be allowed come to visit you again. You will live the rest of your life alone. Your plan failed."

She finally stood and looked at him as she asked, "What plan? If I had a plan, I would be free by now."

"You plotted with Mad March to help get you out of here so that the two of you and the doctors could overthrow Duchess and I," Jack responded. "Disguised as Ten of Spades, March was able to move freely around Wonderland and act as my advisor. I keep the Stone of Wonderland on my finger at all times, but he somehow must have gotten ahold of it in order to help Dodo enter into the oysters' world once again. What did he do, drug me, slip it off, and then slip it back on?"

"You always were a clever boy," his mother answered. "I wanted to be Queen, but I also wanted to make sure that everyone who put me here paid for crossing me, Alice most of all. However, I couldn't do it from here. When Mad March came to me with a plan, I told him he would be greatly rewarded, as well as anyone else who helped me. I am assuming that since you did not mention his name, Dodo already received his reward. He wanted to get back at Hatter for double crossing and humiliating him. Now that you know I was a part of this plan, am I to be executed as well, or are you still too gutless to do what needs to be done."

"Execution is too good for you," Jack replied. "Your plan failed. Both Alice and Hatter are alive and have once again defeated you. You will remain here alone and in misery for the rest of your life, no matter how long that may be. Goodbye, Mother."

The Queen screamed his name as Jack left the room and walked slowly back down the stairs to meet with Ten of Clubs. As he did, he led the way as they, several of his men, and the prisoners headed to the gallows. By the time of the final stroke of noon, Mad March and Doctors' Dee and Dum Tweedle were dead.


Alice stood on the balcony outside her room inside Jack's palace. She watched as Jack led several of his men and the men, who were responsible for all of the pain that was brought upon her and Hatter, across the river to where they would be executed very shortly.

Jack had asked her if she planned on joining them, but she declined. She knew they were as good as dead. She didn't have to see it. Besides, Hatter was recovering slowly and still extremely weak from the wound and poison that caused unsurpassable amounts of pain and suffering for him.

Alice looked over at the bed where Hatter lay sleeping as comfortably as he could. His fever had broken just that morning. Fear gripped her heart for the last four days, thinking that he may not recover, despite all she and Charlie had done to help him.

Alice rarely left his side, except to stand nearby on the balcony that overlooked Wonderland, but she needed some air and a place to cry where Hatter would not be able to see her doing so.

A few minutes later, a knock on her door interrupted her thoughts and when she answered it, Charlie was standing on the other side holding a tray of food and drink for her and Hatter. Alice quickly wiped the tears away from her face as she moved aside so that Charlie could enter. He carried the tray in and set it quietly on the table which stood across the room.

"Thank you, Charlie," Alice said quietly. "I thought you were going with Jack to the execution. What are you doing here?"

"I came here because this is where I am needed," Charlie answered. "Besides, as an old man I have seen a dozen executions. They don't really make you feel any better to see them. You just have to know it was done."

Alice smiled and walked over to Hatter. As she sat down on the bed and ran her hand through his hair, he woke up to find her smiling down at him. He leaned up to kiss her. Charlie just stood there until he suddenly realized that he didn't need to be in the room anymore. So he smiled sheepishly and slipped out.

When Alice gently lay his head back on the pillow, Hatter spoke saying, "It's very nice to wake up to such a lovely face."

Alice laughed and replied, "Once we are married, you will be able to wake up to it every morning. That is, if you want to still get married."

"Alice, I asked your mother for your hand before any of this happened, remember?" Hatter responded. "I love you and I always will, no matter what."

"I came so close to losing you again," she said sadly as she once again began to cry. "I have been going out of my mind with fear that you weren't going to be able to hold on any longer. Your fever finally broke this morning after four days. You can't keep trying to protect me. One day you might not be so lucky."

Hatter reached up to wipe a tear away from her face and answered, "I promised myself the first moment I met you that I would always protect you no matter what. Your mother needs you and I would have been wrong to let you get shot by Dodo. I promise that I will never leave you. I love you too much."

Alice leaned down to kiss him once again and then lay down on the bed. As she did so, he wrapped his arm around her body and kissed the top of her head. Alice nestled her head softly on his shoulder and smiled.

"How could you think that I didn't really want to marry you, Alice Hamilton?" Hatter whispered. "A small wedding at home with your mother sounds wonderful!"

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