Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter 3

Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter Three

Weeks passed and Hatter had finally become settled in at the tiny office inside Alice's dojo. He kept about a weeks' worth of clothes and each of his hats with him there, while anything else he had, which wasn't much, remained at Alice's home. He had found a job working as a construction worker, despite Alice telling him he could do anything he wanted.

Hatter preferred this job over some of the others that Alice had given him applications for. As a construction worker, he was able to work on fixing up the building where this side of one of the mirrors to his world remained. As the only Wonderlander, as far as he knew, he felt it was his duty to make sure that the mirror was looked after. Not just to make sure that it remained protected, but also to make sure that no one else came out of it that did not belong.

Hatter worked the latest shifts that many nights went well into the late hours. This made it so that he saw less of Alice than he would have liked, but he was given the weekends off and this was worth working the rest of the shifts no one else wanted. It also gave him the opportunity to work mostly on his own, without any supervision.

As Hatter worked on pounding away at some of the old pipes he was asked to rip out on the last night of his week, he thought about his plans with Alice they had set for later this evening. Before he got too into his thoughts, a hand suddenly came up and tapped him on his shoulder. Hatter spun around to see Alice, who burst out laughing.

"For crying out loud, Alice!" Hatter said. "You nearly scared the pants off of me. You could have gotten yourself hurt from sneaking up on a person like that?"

"I'm sorry, Hatter," she replied as she finally stopped laughing. "I didn't mean to scare you. I just wanted to come over to walk with you back home. You are getting soft and less intuitive the more you stay here."

Hatter shook his head and responded, "I can still make sure that you are safe from any danger we come across. Believe me."

Alice leaned up and kissed him as she said, "I know you will, but you don't have to worry about that so much anymore. There are no hearts and no one here that wants to kill us. Not anymore. You worry me sometimes. Do you realize that?"

"I am sorry, Alice," Hatter answered sadly. "But living as I have all my life, I can't help but worry about what is out there. Just because the Queen of Hearts was brought down, it doesn't mean that there aren't those who supported her then, who still support her now."

"Well, tonight we are going to a party that my friends invited us to, remember?" Alice asked.

"Of course I remember," he replied. "It's what I was thinking about before you interrupted my work. I look forward to meeting your friends. Didn't you say this was a costume party?"

Alice answered, "Yes. I figured tonight we could actually go as the Alice of legend and you as the Mad Hatter."

Hatter looked at her quizzically as he asked, "Which version am I supposed to go as? The one from the cartoon we watched the other night or the one from the children's storybook? Neither one of them was anything like me."

Alice smiled and responded, "You go as yourself. It's too bad that Lewis Carroll didn't meet you before he created your character. He really would have liked you. I know I certainly do."

"However did I become so lucky to have found you?" he asked. ""I honestly never thought I would have stood a chance against someone like Jack Heart. Do you miss him at all?"

"I miss him like I miss Charlie," Alice replied. "He helped me to see my father before he died. I never would have gotten to if he hadn't have come here and lied to me about everything."

Hatter nodded and said, "And you never would have come for me help. I owe Jack a thank you, I think."

Alice and Hatter walked out of the building hand in hand after he had clocked out of work and headed toward her home. When they arrived, Hatter noticed what looked like the outfit that he wore when he guided Alice throughout Wonderland lying out on her bed. However, it couldn't be because he never brought it with him when he came through the mirror.

Alice walked over to the bed and said, "I've been looking around for clothes that looked as close to what you wore in Wonderland. Your brown, leather jacket, red tie, purple pants, and hat were fairly easy to find believe it or not. Your shirt was much more difficult. I had someone make the shirt with a pattern as close as I could find to the real thing. What do you think?"

"Alice, these are amazing!" Hatter answered. "But we didn't find out about the party until last week. It must have taken longer than that to find these."

"Yeah, but I missed you wearing them," Alice responded. "It's a part of who you are. How's the hat? I found it in a hat shop in London."

Hatter spun the hat across his shoulders, tossed it up into the air, and landed it directly on top of his head as he replied, "It's brilliant!"

Later that night, Alice and Hatter arrived at the place where the party was being held. As Hatter looked around he told Alice that it reminded him of the Great Library because of its size and number of lights throughout it. He was shocked to learn that it was just someone's home.

Alice was wearing the same blue dress and brown pants she wore while in Wonderland. The only difference was that she wore a blue ribbon in her hair instead of just her hairclip. Hatter had changed into his clothes as well. Alice had done a great job because the clothes were just the right size.

Throughout the night, Alice introduced Hatter to a number of friends, which was a bit uncomfortable for him. He was worried about what people would say about him and Alice being together. He wanted to fit in and he didn't want to embarrass Alice either. He had a very limited knowledge of things here in their world. He later learned that he had nothing to worry about. Alice's friends loved him.

Alice was watching Hatter as he spoke with a few of her friends. Once he learned that he was liked by them, she noticed he had gotten over being shy. He was becoming the life of the party. She laughed as he tried to tell them a few jokes, but like Alice, no one understood what he meant. She made it a point to try to teach him about what made jokes funny later on.

Alice turned to the table in front of her to poor herself a cup of punch, when she was suddenly shocked to see someone who didn't belong there. She looked at the man before her and as soon as they made eye contact, he disappeared through the crowd of people.

Without thinking, Alice set her cup down and walked out after him. She saw that the man began to run and so she chased him down the street. After running for a few blocks, she saw that she had chased him all the way to the building where the mirror was. He had disappeared inside and Alice slowly followed.

Once she came into the room where the mirror stood, the man from Wonderland was standing right in front of it with his back facing her. She realized then that she had made a mistake running after him without warning Hatter. The stranger was a man she had hoped never to see again; Dodo.

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