Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter 4

Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter Four

Alice never would have expected to Dodo again, especially not here in her own world. What on earth could he possibly want here? The Queen of Hearts was overthrown and the resistance was no longer needed. Both she and Hatter were no longer in Wonderland to cause problems for him, so why would he come here for them.

"Dodo, what are you doing here on this side of the mirror?" Alice asked. "I thought you wanted to help rebuild Wonderland once the Hearts were defeated."

"That is exactly what I was trying to do, but because of the trouble you and Hatter had caused me, I am nothing but an outcast among my own people," Dodo answered without turning around. "I worked hard to bring back justice, reason, and the rule of law back to Wonderland for decades and the two of you brought the Queen down in three days. My work meant nothing to King Jack and his queen. Alice of legend and her Hatter are the heroes of Wonderland. I cannot accept that."

Alice noticed Dodo pulling something out from underneath his jacket and heard what she thought was the sound a cocking of a gun. However, as he turned around to face her, she saw that Dodo was instead holding an old fashioned crossbow made of iron.

Dodo aimed the crossbow directly at Alice and said, "I am afraid that I cannot let what you have done to me go. After I take care of you and Hatter, I will return to my world knowing that the two of you will no longer be around to taunt me in my dreams. Goodbye, Alice of legend."

Alice closed her eyes as she waited for the shot that would undoubtedly kill her, even if she would have tried to run. However, before she knew it, arms grabbed her from behind and pulled her out of the way as she heard her name being shouted from the man who had saved her several times before.

"Alice!" Hatter cried out as he pulled her around him.

As he did so, the iron made arrow pierced him low through the left shoulder, knocking both him and Alice to the ground. Hatter cried out in pain, as Alice screamed his name and scrambled to help him. Dodo only smiled and laughed as he watched the man he hated more than anyone else struggle to breathe through the pain that radiated throughout his body.

"No body armor will save your life this time, you worthless, bloodsucking carpetbagger," Dodo tormented. "And neither will any oyster doctor. Goodbye, Hatter!"

As he continued laughing, Dodo turned back around and disappeared through the mirror. Alice placed her hands over the wound around the arrow that was buried deep in his shoulder and looked into his pain filled eyes.

Alice cried as she spoke saying, "Hatter, I'm so sorry. I never should have chased after him alone. I… we need to get you to the hospital."

As he struggled to stand, Hatter responded, "No, I need to go after Dodo."

"No," Alice replied. "You can't go after him. You're hurt, badly. We need to get the arrow out and only a doctor can do that."

"Alice, I have to go after him," he said more forcefully. "Jack told me before I came through the looking glass that no one from Wonderland would be able to come back into this world again. It means that Dodo had help from the other side. It means that he may come back to try to kill you again. I can't let that happen. I can't risk losing you or anyone else close to you like your mother. Who knows what Dodo's thinking. He's mad. I have to go, please."

Alice helped him stand up straight and responded, "Ok, then. I am going with you. You won't get very far on your own."

Hatter shook his head and answered, "No, Alice, you can't. I can't lose you and I have no idea what will be waiting on the other side of the glass. I kept you safe before. I don't think I'll be able to again."

"Then, we'll get Charlie and Jack to help us," Alice replied. "I am going with you whether you want me to or not. I can take care of myself. I am not willing to lose you either."

"Fine," he said. "We'll get Charlie and Jack to help us find Dodo. Just promise me that you won't do anything stupid."

Alice nodded and helped Hatter move as they stepped through the looking glass. As they did so, they fell fast toward the world that they both believed they had left behind. When they finally landed, they fell through the mirror into a dark room.

Hatter cried out in pain again as he banged his left shoulder with the arrow still stuck inside. Alice had a more difficult time helping him to stand, as he was very close to losing consciousness. However, despite her urging him to rest while she quickly ran to find help, he refused to let her go off on her own.

So, together the two of them slowly made their way toward the exit of the room, but before they reached it, the lights throughout the room came on. Hatter and Alice turned around to see several men who used to be the Queen of Hearts' guards, as well as her old advisors. Suddenly Jack and Duchess came running out from between them.

As soon as Jack saw who it was that came through the mirror, he ran over to help Alice as she struggled to continue holding Hatter up. Jack took most of Hatter's weight as he and Alice slowly lowered him back down to the ground.

"Alice, what are the two of you doing back here," Jack asked. "What happened?"

"Someone helped Dodo to come into my world so that he could kill Hatter," she answered. "He needs help, Jack. Please, tell me that there is someone who can help him."

Jack called out to one of the advisors, ordering him to get their doctors and then turned back to Alice, but before he could say anything, Hatter interrupted him saying, "You have to find Dodo. He may try to come after Alice again. You have to protect…"

Before he finished his sentence, Hatter finally fell unconscious and Alice cried out, "Hatter! Jack, please hurry."

Just then, the advisor and two other men came running over to where Hatter lay in Alice's arms. The men leaned over him to examine the wound and the arrow. After a few minutes, they picked him up and carried him out of the room, away from Alice and Jack. Alice stood up to go after them, but Jack stood and stopped her.

"Jack, I have to stay with him," she said. "He stood by me when I needed him. I want to do the same for him."

"I promise you he is in good hands, Alice," Jack responded. "Tell me what happened?"

"I told you," Alice replied. "Dodo somehow came into my world and shot Hatter with an arrow from a crossbow. Actually, he shot the arrow at me. Hatter just pulled me out of the way. Somehow, he always knows when I'm in trouble. If it weren't for me, Hatter never would have come to my world and end up like this. He never would have gotten mixed up in the war against your mother and he never would have gone up against Dodo in the first place."

Jack looked at Duchess and then back at Alice as he said, "In order for the looking glass to work, someone would have needed to get their hands on the Stone of Wonderland, which I keep on my finger at all times. I don't know who could have helped Dodo, but we will find him. Hatter will be all right. We will take good care of him."

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