Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter 6

Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter Six

The next morning, Alice walked into the throne room to see Jack standing in the middle of a group of suits, along with Duchess and Charlie. Jack was ordering his men to take certain areas throughout Wonderland in search of Dodo. After hearing their orders, the suits left the room. Eventually, Jack, Duchess, Charlie, and Alice were the only ones left.

Jack walked over to her and asked, "How are you doing this morning, Alice? Is Hatter doing all right?"

She turned to look him in the eye and replied, "He's putting on a brave face, but he's in pain. I've tried to convince him not to come with us, but he won't listen. He's too stubborn."

"If it is one thing I have learned about him, it is that Hatter can take care of himself," Jack said. "He's a brave man. After you returned home through the looking glass, Hatter looked devastated. I figured that I owed him for fighting so hard to keep you safe and helping to save Wonderland. I could tell how much he cared about you, so I told him that he was no longer needed here in Wonderland. He understood that I meant for him to go after you. He will fight for you no matter what happens to him. I admire him for that."

"I do too," Alice responded. "I thought that when he came after me, we would be able to live the rest of our lives together happily in a normal world. I should have known that it wasn't possible."

"Just Plain Alice," Charlie interrupted. "The two of you will be together to live long and happy lives. As I told you last night, I have seen it in the stars, through divinity. All will work out in the end."

Alice looked at Charlie and smiled as she responded, "Thank you, Charlie."

Charlie bowed and replied, "You are welcome, Alice."

"So, what are we going to do?" Alice asked as she turned back to Jack. "Do you have any ideas to where Dodo could be hiding, or who could be helping him?"

"I have a feeling that for some reason Dodo has joined up with scientists, Dee and Dum," Hatter said as he entered the throne room as if he was never wounded and wearing his real outfit that Alice loved on him. "The two of them did disappear after the Queen of Hearts was overthrown. The two of them, as well as Dodo care more about having power over people and will do whatever it takes to get it. Dodo may have worked to help lead an arm of the resistance fighters for all of Wonderland, but he didn't do it just for the people. He had some kind of angle, believe me. I knew him better than anyone."

Jack nodded and answered, "I never cared for the man much myself. How are you feeling?"

"Me?" Hatter asked. "I'm peachy. Thanks to Charlie, I have me favorite look back, since the lovely one you made for me was ruined. I'm sorry 'bout that by the way."

"I'm not," Alice responded as she laughed. "Original is always better. I am glad you saved it, Charlie, but somehow I am not surprised."

Charlie walked over behind Hatter and slapped Hatter near the back of his left shoulder by accident as Hatter said slightly in pain, "Thank you, Charlie."

Charlie cringed as he replied, "Sorry. I shall be your guide throughout our search of Wonderland. Together, we shall find the evils that threaten our very lives and we will make them wish they had never been born."

"That's right," Jack spoke up saying. "And Ten of Clubs shall accompany you as well. As head advisor, I trust him with my life. He knows Wonderland very well ever since he walked throughout it with Mad March. I had planned on coming with you, but someone needs to remain here. I am King and cannot risk going out into unknown dangers anymore. Wonderland is depending on me to rule over them. However, everyone has been ordered to report to me about anything they learn. Once we find something out, I will join you immediately."

"Of course," Alice answered. "Thank you, Jack."

"Good luck, Alice," Jack said again. "Hatter. Take care of yourself."

Jack and Duchess walked away as Alice, Hatter, Charlie, and Ten of Clubs, along with a few other suits, walked out of the palace and began their search, starting at what used to be Hatter's tea shop, then went on to the Great Library, where Owl and Duck still remained, despite the Queen of Hearts being overthrown. Hatter believed that if anyone could give them a lead on where to search for Dodo, they would be the ones who could.

Back in the hanger where Dodo and the fat men hid from those who searched for them, the three of them talked about their latest plans of attempting to overthrow Jack Heart and the Duchess. Dodo believed that no Heart belong on the throne of Wonderland and was willing to do anything he could to make Wonderland the way he wanted it to be. Even if that meant working with the Tweedle twins.

Dee and Dum agreed to help Dodo because he knew every part of Wonderland and they needed a place to hide out once they became targeted by the new King. Dodo also allowed them to work on their science and inflict pain on anyone they came across. They loved torture and happy to give Dodo what he needed to inflict a severe amount of pain on the one man who interrupted their work twice, Hatter.

The poisoned arrow was their idea. It made them angry when Dodo told them that they could not join him in the oyster world, but nonetheless they decided for now they would bide their time until they no longer would need Dodo's help.

Dodo informed the men that soon Alice of legend would return to Wonderland to avenge her lover and when she did, they would find her and use her to overthrow Jack Heart, by taking the Stone of Wonderland. Their newest plan was about to fall into place very soon.

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