Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter 9

Alice's Fight For Hatter

Chapter Nine

Deep inside the bunker under the earth, Dee and Dum stepped inside a large room where a large cage stood in the middle. Inside the cage was the Jabberwocky that once roamed throughout the forest. Dum and Dee found it injured and dying after they disappeared from the place when the Queen was overthrown.

Dee and Dum worked to save the creature's life while they hid in the forest until Dodo came along and offered them sanctuary inside the bunker. Once the creature was healed, the doctors had moved it to the cage that they built and kept it for their own amusement. They let it out to hunt and lured it back with food.

After a few minutes, Dodo came walking into the room with a grin on his face. A grin swept across the doctors' faces as well because they both knew that the next part of their plan was about to take place.

"As I expected, Hatter and Alice followed me through the looking glass in hopes of saving Hatter's life," Dodo said. "And now, along with that white knight and several of Heart's suits, they are traveling through the forest in search for me. Hatter figured they could go to Owl and Duck to try to find me, as I knew they would, and they did their job as I had asked them to."

"So now we release the Jabberwocky as planned," Dum replied.

Dee added, "To take care of the others while we capture the girl."

Dodo nodded and responded, "Yes that's right. There will be no torturing her though. Try to capture Hatter as well if the creature does not kill him off right away. With him, you may do whatever you wish since you did not get to finish with him the last time. He will be too weak to fight you off and will not last long. Alice is mine. Is that understood?"

"Yes, of course," Dee responded.

"We understand we cannot hurt the girl," Dum agreed.

As Dodo walked out of the room he said, "Release the Jabberwocky."

Dee and Dum did as they were told, as Dee turned to his twin and said, "How much longer do we have to put up with that foul man. We are tired of taking orders. We must take the girl and order the King to give us the Stone of Wonderland, or we will kill her."

Dum replied, "We have to be patient. Once news spread to Heart about Alice's abduction, he will come to us himself and we will take down the King."

"Then, we can release the Queen from her prison," Dee added. "She will rule Wonderland like she deserves, with us by her side as it should have been before. Then, we will have everything we could ever want."

"Once we are finished capturing the girl and her Hatter in the forest, we can do away with Dodo once and for all," Dum responded. "He will no longer be needed."

"We have sent word to our spy within the palace," Dee said. "He can be there to capture the girl himself. He will also want the pleasure to finish off Hatter himself. Hatter did kill him again, after all."

Dum laughed and said, "Yes, Mad March will have his revenge on Hatter."

Back in the Heart's palace…

Jack sat on the throne alongside Duchess, waiting for any word from Charlie and his men about how their search for Dodo was coming along. It was getting late in the afternoon and soon it would become dark. He worried about Alice, but even more, he worried about them not being able to find Dodo in time before he tried to do anything against his kingdom.

Duchess interrupted his thoughts as she spoke up saying, "Everything is going to be fine, Jack. You need to stop worrying so much. They can all take care of themselves, including Alice. A part of you still loves her. Am I right?"

Jack looked over at her and shook his head as he responded, "If she had agreed to marry me, it would have been a marriage of convenience; that's all. She is the hero of Wonderland. I believed that I had an obligation to marry the right woman for the good of our world. Besides, back then I wasn't sure I could fully trust you. Now, I do. I did marry you after all, didn't I?"

"Yes," she answered. "That you did. I love you, Jack Heart."

"And I love you, Darling," Jack replied as he leaned over to kiss Duchess passionately on her lips.

As they continued to do so, Jack's second royal advisor walked into the throne room and stood in front of them, as he cleared his throat in order to gain their attention. Jack and Duchess turned to look down at him, as Jack shook his hand for the man to proceed.

"Your Majesty," the advisor began. "I have received word from Ten of Clubs. He and the others have entered the forest in the outlands of Wonderland by scarab and are traveling through the forest on horses. They believe that Dodo may be hiding out in an underground bunker that is hidden deep inside. The other search parties have yet to discover anything that will lead us to the man."

"Thank you, Ten of Spades," Jack replied. "I appreciate the update. Keep me informed. Remember, I want to know if something comes up immediately."

"Yes, your Majesty," Ten of Spades responded as he turned to leave the room.

Once he was out of the room, Ten of Spades walked down the corridors of the palace and entered into his room where he could be alone. After a minute, he pulled a communicator from his pocket and dialed a number. On the other end of the line, came two voices; Doctors' Dum and Dee.

Ten of Clubs spoke first saying, "I am on my way to the two of you now. Do what we have talked about, but do not finish off Hatter. He is mine. Capture the girl for the rest of our plan to work. As for the others, feel free to do with them as you wish. Be sure to finish off Dodo. Is that understood?"

Dee answered, "We understand, Mad March."

Dum added, "We will capture the girl and Hatter. The rest will die, whether it be by the beast or by our hands."

"Dodo will be taken care of too," Dee replied."

"Very good," Mad March said as he chuckled.

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