A Powerful Mind

Chapter 10

Once the TARDIS landed at their destination, the Doctor, Jack, Sarah Jane, Clyde, Michael, Amy, and Rory all stepped out and were surprised to find a place that had once been practically destroyed, in the shape that it was now. The castle was still in ruin, but it looked as if the striga had rebuilt it as much as they could before they grew too weak.

The Doctor turned to the movellan and said, "All right, Michael. I need you to take us to the machine right now. We don't have a lot of time to waste."

Michael replied, "Of course, it is this way."

Everyone followed behind Michael and when they got to the transporter, the Doctor ran up to it, as did Jack. They walked around it as if it were the Hope Diamond. No one else saw what was so spectacular about it, but they looked at it anyway.

"This machine is absolutely amazing," the Doctor said again. You, movellan are very clever indeed."

"Your TARDIS is what is amazing, Doctor," Clyde responded. "I don't see what is so great about this machine."

Amy looked at Clyde and asked, "You are not very forgiving, are you?"

Clyde looked at her and replied, "Not when it comes to those who harm the people that I care about."

"Luke reprogrammed Michael to be on our side, Clyde," Sarah Jane said in the movellan's defense. If the aliens are remorseful and they work hard to make up for the things they have done wrong, then they deserve our forgiveness."

"I know you're right, Sarah Jane," Clyde responded.

"So, now that we have found the transporter, what are we supposed to do with it," Rory asked?

The Doctor answered, "We use it to go to where the striga are that fed on Luke. That is once I figure out how it works. I will go after the Master."

Sarah Jane replied, "Doctor, please hurry. We have to find them soon. Luke will not last much longer."

The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver, as Sarah Jane pulled out her sonic lipstick and they worked on the machine, along with Jack and Michael. Amy, Rory, and Clyde stood back to watch. Michael explained everything to them that they needed to know about the machine.

When they were finished, the Doctor shouted, "Eureka! Michael you are a genius. Luke is a genius for reprogramming you to be on our side. Well done. All right is everyone ready? There are at least five striga that we know about, which means that we are going to have to split up in order to finish this as soon as possible.

"What about weapons," Rory asked? "We don't have anything to fight them with. How are we supposed to stop them?"

"I think that I can help with that," Jack responded as he held up his wrist to reveal his old broken transporter he used several times before. "Doctor, can you loan me your magic? I can go and be back in two seconds with weapons."

"We need to try to talk to them, first," the Doctor replied. "They have the ability to reverse what they have done. I saw this in Luke's mind. Luke can still be saved without us having to kill them."

Jack looked at the Doctor and said, "Their world was destroyed and Torchwood finished off most of the survivors. The striga are ruthless and want to kill every living human being. They will not save Sarah Jane's son, no matter how nice we ask them. You know that."

Sarah Jane put a hand on the Doctor's shoulder and added, "Doctor, normally, I would do everything I can to save all alien races that come to our world, despite what their intentions are, but Captain Harkness is right. They will not stop and I will do whatever I have to do to save my son. Even if that means they must die. It is to defend my family and our planet."

The Doctor looked at Sarah Jane, then at Jack, Amy, Rory, and Clyde and when he realized that they all stood behind Sarah Jane, he responded, "You are right. Even I have killed aliens who leave me no choice, but to kill them. Jack, go and get your weapons, but hurry back."

"Yes Sir," Jack said as he disappeared as soon as the Doctor fixed his wristband once again.

"So, how are we going to split up then," Amy asked? "There are five of them and seven of us."

The Doctor looked around and answered, "As I said, I am going after the Master. Sarah Jane you are on your own and so is Jack. Amy, you and Michael are going together. Michael, can you fight?"

The movellan replied, "If you order me to, I can."

"Good," the Doctor said. "Good, then you will go with Amy as I said. Rory, you and Clyde will go together. I know what each of the striga look like in their human forms. I will send you all their images telepathically."

"That is so cool," Clyde said after the Doctor finished showing him what his alien looked like. "What else can you do, Doctor?"

Before the Doctor could answer, there were noises coming from behind them. As they turned around to look, they saw several of the striga coming toward them. They backed up slowly and looked around for something that they could use to defend themselves.

Amy asked, "Doctor, I thought you said that there were only five of them? I'm counting at least eight!"

The Doctor replied, "I said that there was a chance that there are more by now. Apparently, I was right. We have to get out of here, now!"

"Don't worry, everyone," Jack shouted as he suddenly reappeared right between his friends and the striga who were closing in on them. "I'm back and I've got our weapons. We are good to go!"

"Once again, Captain, your timing is impeccable," Sarah Jane said as Jack tossed her and the others laser gun.

The Doctor nodded and replied, "Yes, Jack, can you stay behind and deal with them while we head off to go after ours? Rory, you and Clyde are in luck. Your alien came back here along with Jack's. Is everyone else ready? We need to go. One at a time; Amy and Michael, you're first."

The Doctor fired up the machine and sent Amy and Michael to where their striga had placed itself. Then, he sent Sarah Jane and lastly, he transported himself to where the Master had gone. Jack, Clyde, and Rory, all stayed behind to fight off the striga's stranding in front of them.

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