A Powerful Mind

Chapter 11

Inside the castle ruins…

Jack, Clyde, and Rory fought off several of the striga, but they weren't getting anywhere. Unfortunately, most of them were in their alien form, making it impossible for the team to kill them. Every time they shot them, they would get right back up. Those that were in their human form were being protected.

It was then that Jack saw the striga which he had been assigned to kill, one of the ones who fed on Luke's life force. The one which was assigned to Rory and Clyde was right behind the other.

Jack suddenly had an idea on how to kill the two, even though it would only make the new striga angrier. He pulled both Rory and Clyde behind him and told them to duck as he pulled out a special grenade, which was made for him when he was still with Torchwood.

"Fire in the hole," Jack shouted as he threw the grenade at all of the striga!

They shrieked in pain and anger as the grenade blew. When the dust cleared, the two striga that fed on Luke were destroyed and the rest of them were down. However, Jack, Rory, and Clyde knew that they would rise in just a few minutes. Jack turned around and ordered Clyde and Rory to run before the striga came to.

As they ran through the ruins, they looked for a place to hide long enough for them to come up with a plan on how to destroy a large group of aliens that were invincible. They finally found it in the cell room where the striga had first held Luke. It wouldn't be long before the striga found them again.

"What good is hiding," Rory asks? "Those things will find us and then feed on our life forces as well, if they don't decide to turn us into one of them instead. I am not exactly sure which one would be worse."

"I think that it would be worse to have your life force drained from you," Clyde answered. "At least if they turn us into one of them, we will no longer be ourselves. We'll be just like them, with no knowledge of who we once were. Captain, please tell me that you have a plan. How are we supposed to stop them when our weapons are useless?"

Rory said, "I know that it is our responsibility to destroy the rest of these things as well, but I just want to point out that it is so not fair that we are the ones fighting off a dozen more. I just want to jump into transporter and get to wherever the Doctor sent Amy. I hope that she is all right."

Jack replied, "Don't worry. I'm sure that Amy is just fine. She seems tough enough to give these aliens hell. The Doctor wouldn't have chosen her or you to be his companions if he didn't think that you were capable of doing whatever is necessary and right now I need you both to listen to me very carefully. I have a plan, but you have do exactly what I say, when I say it. Do you understand?"

"What exactly do we have to do," Clyde asked? "It isn't going to hurt, is it?"

"No," Jack responded. "All you two have to do is throw my last grenade at them and me as soon as they begin to feed on my life force. Just be sure to back off to avoid being blown up yourselves."

Rory asked, "Are you insane? You can't let them all feed on you at once and we certainly are not going to be the ones to kill you. Surely you can come up with a better plan than that!"

Clyde added, "Rory's right. I will never forgive myself if I am responsible for killing you. I may not know you well, but you are pretty cool."

"I appreciate the compliment," the Captain replied. "The two of you are all right too. Don't worry about me. I will come back. I always do."

"What do you mean, you'll come back," Rory asked?

Jack answered, "I've died a millions of times and in millions of different ways. Being blown up is nothing. I just need you two to trust me, I'll be fine."

Rory shook his head and responded, "I still don't understand what you mean, but we trust you. We'll do it."

The striga soon found them and as they were approaching, Jack tossed Rory the grenade and his backpack that he had been carrying to Clyde, then winked at the boys. He suddenly ran toward them and did all he could to provoke them, hoping that they would begin to drain his life force, rather than decide to turn him into one of them.

Captain Jack Harkness fought all of them and kept them from attacking the boys. Clyde and Rory watched in awe and shock as he fought with all the strength he had. They wanted to jump in and help him, but Jack needed them to do exactly what he said, or the plan would fail.

The six striga finally overpowered Jack and all began to drain his life force in order to subdue him and make him weak. A glow began to come from Jack's body and enter into each of the striga.

Finally after a minute, Rory holds up the grenade, pulls the pin, and throws it into the circle of aliens with Jack in the middle, as he and Clyde close their eyes and duck to keep from getting hurt themselves.

Once the fire died down, Rory and Clyde looked over to where Jack and the striga were just before and then stood up straight. Suddenly, Sarah Jane and Amy come running into the room from where they heard the explosion and sood behind the boys.

Amy asks, "What just happened? Are you boys all right?"

Sarah Jane adds, "Where is Jack?"

Rory and Clyde were about to speak and tell them that the Captain was dead, until a voice suddenly came out from the smoke that had yet to clear saying, "I'm perfectly fine, except that I am no longer wearing clothes. Clyde, if you would toss me my bag that I gave to you to hold onto for me earlier. I'd appreciate that."

A few minutes later, Captain Jack Harkness came walking out of the smoke fully clothed once again in the same uniform and in perfect condition, aside from the ash all over his body. At first, everyone just looked at him with their mouths gaped open, as if he were a ghost. When he came up to Clyde and patted him on the shoulder, they realized that Jack was the same as he was before.

"How on earth did you survive after getting blown to pieces," Clyde asked? "There is no way anyone could have survived that and come out in perfect shape."

Jack just responded, "It's a long story. I'll explain everything when this is all over."

Sarah Jane patted Jack on the shoulder and suddenly shouted, "We need to get back to Luke! I have to see that he is still alive."

Together, Sarah Jane, Jack, Rory, Amy, and Clyde all ran back to the transporter and used it to transport themselves back to Sarah Jane's home, where Rani was watching over her son. Sarah Jane prayed that her son was still fighting.

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