A Powerful Mind

Chapter 12


The Doctor landed the TARDIS in an alleyway, in hopes of keeping it as hidden and out of sight from the people who lived there, while he went out in search for the Master. When he read Luke's mind to find out where the Master had gone, he saw that out of all the places the alien could have chosen, it landed in Luke's hometown.

The Doctor figured that the Master chose this town because it knew that it was the only place Luke really knew; the only place he ever lived. It was kind of a slap in the face, just to spite the fifteen year old boy; one more thing that would cause him pain.

As the Doctor walked through the streets, everything seemed completely normal. Children were playing on the school playgrounds, men and women were kissing and holding hands while they sat together on the park benches, and the businesses around them continued to function as usual.

However, the Doctor knew that there was at least one being among the people, who was not who he seemed. One of them was the Master and there were possibly even more striga in their human form now as well. The Doctor only knew the Master's persona. He knew that it wasn't going to be easy to find him, or so he thought.

Suddenly, a young woman came running through a crowd of people screaming. The Doctor ran after her and when he caught her, he asked her what was wrong. She told him that she just watched her friend being killed by a monster.

"This monster you saw, did it look like a wrinkled, brown witch wearing a cloak to hide its face and body," the Doctor asked? "Did it have long, boney fingers?"

"Yes, it killed my friend," the woman answered. "You've seen it too? Please come with me to the police and explain that to them. They will never believe me when I tell them a monster killed her. They'll think I'm crazy. I think I'm crazy."

The Doctor looked at her and then quickly replied, "It is actually not a monster at all. It's an alien from another world."

The woman just stared at him and responded, "You are even crazier than I am. How dare you make fun of me, I know what I saw. It was a monster!"

"Wait a minute," the Doctor shouted after her as she started to run away! "Which way is the monster?"

"On the other side of the fountain in the middle of the park," she shouted back!

The doctor turned around to run in the direction that the young woman had just come from. When he got to where the woman told him her friend was when she was attacked, he saw that one of the new striga was still feeding on the poor woman's life force.

The Doctor ran to them as he pulled out his sonic screwdriver and pointed it at the striga. He fired a laser from the screwdriver directly at its heart and it fell off of the woman, dead. The woman suddenly sat up and starred at the Doctor, without saying a word to. Then, she quickly stood up and ran away from the man who had just saved her life.

"You're welcome," the Doctor shouted after her as she did so!

He knelt down beside the dead striga and could not help but feel guilty for killing another living being. It wasn't in his nature to kill, unless it was necessary, and it hurt him whenever they gave him no choice. However, the striga will show no mercy because of the destruction of their kind. They blamed the humans for their death, but in truth it was the time lords' fault; his fault. Their war was what first destroyed most of the striga. Then, Torchwood tried to finish the job. The striga wanted revenge and the Doctor knew there was no stopping them without killing them before they destroyed the entire human population.

The Doctor snapped out of his own thoughts, reached down to put his hands on the sides of the striga's head as he had done to Luke, and searched its thoughts for information. First, he learned that this striga was the only one which the Master had created so far. Then, the Doctor searched its thoughts in hopes of finding the whereabouts of the Master.

As he found out where the alien had gone to, the Doctor quickly stood and began to run to the TARDIS. He discovered that the Master had gone to the last place he expected him to go; Sarah Jane's home at 13 Bannerman Road. It was once again after Luke and now had the strength to do it itself.


Rani just walked back into the attic, where Luke was still lying on the couch, burning up with a dangerously high fever. She had gone to get more cool water that she could use with a wash towel to help to bring the fever down. However, Rani was unsure of how much help she was really being.

The more that she stroked his forehead with the wet towel, the more fear that she felt. She was afraid that he was going to die. He looked so small and weak; it was painful for her to see. She had never before lost someone whom she cared about so much. It wasn't love by any means. Luke was just a very dear friend or a little brother.

A few minutes later, the attic once again lit up as a blue glow shined and revealed a complete stranger as it disappeared. Rani stood up slowly and moved to stand in front of Luke. From the look in the man's eyes and the grin on his face, Rani could tell that this man was not a man at all, but one of the striga.

Rani's suspicions were confirmed as it transformed into his true form. The alien was much taller than she expected and much scarier. Suddenly, the creature charged at her with a speed she couldn't even see and threw her with great force into the wall of the attic. Then, it was on top of her and began to force her mouth open in an attempt to drain her life force. However, it was suddenly interrupted by a blast from a laser gun. The alien glared as it looked into the eyes of the man who was responsible for killing the rest of its kind; Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood.

"Mr. Smith, I need you to contain the striga now," Sarah Jane commanded.

However, the striga was too fast as it disappeared and reappeared next to Luke. Sarah Jane shouted for her son as he was once again taken from her. The alien touched Luke's chest and the two of them disappeared.

It was then that they heard the sound of the TARDIS coming back. As soon as it landed, the Doctor stepped out and looked around at the fear on the faces of his friends and companions and he realized that he was too late. The Master had already come and had taken Luke once again.

The Doctor held his hand out to Sarah Jane as he said, "Everyone, come quickly. I know where the Master has taken Luke and I think I have an idea on how to save him, but we must hurry."

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