A Powerful Mind

Chapter 13

The Doctor and Jack worked on the TARDIS' controls while everyone else stood back and waited for him to land it wherever the striga, the Doctor called the Master, took Sarah Jane's son, Luke. Sarah Jane was angry. That thing had already taken her son once. This time, he had no strength left to fight it off. He was unconscious when she saw him for the brief moment before it took him.

Rani walked up from behind her and put a hand on her shoulder as she said, "I'm so sorry, Sarah Jane. That thing came from out of nowhere and attacked me. Mr. Smith couldn't even stop it. It was too fast."

Sarah Jane looked at her and replied, "It wasn't your fault Rani. I know that and I certainly do not blame you. I should have realized that it could have come back to take Luke again. If I had, I could have order Mr. Smith to put you and Luke in a force field for protection. I'm sorry."

"This isn't your fault either, Sarah Jane," Amy said as she joined in on their conversation. "We all underestimated their power. If it were not for Michael, I would be dead right now."

"What do you mean if it weren't for Michael," Rory asked?

Clyde added, "That's right, what happened to him anyway? He isn't with us anymore."

Amy answered, "The striga that I went after had overpowered me. It was too fast for me to shoot and it jumped me. It was about to transform into its alien form to feed on my life force as I shouted for Michael to help me and the next thing I know, Michael sacrifices himself in order to destroy the thing. Michael used the fire from the fireplace in the house we were in and set the whole house on fire. He shouted for me to run and I did as he held the striga back. They both burned. Michael was ok after all, as Luke said he was."

"Now I feel terrible for doubting him," Clyde responded. "You would think that I would have learned my lesson by now."

"I hate to interrupt this fault-finding conversation right now, but we have arrived," the Doctor said quickly.

Sarah Jane asked, "Doctor, where are we? How do you know that this is where the Master took my son?"

The Doctor replied, "I know because I read its mind. Actually, I read Luke's mind, who read its mind, although not intentionally and well that can get complicated. Anyway, the important thing is that while seeing its thoughts, I saw deep enough to have it reveal a place where the Master had once gone without its subjects; a hiding place. For some reason, it never even revealed it to them. A bit selfish, I think."

"It looks to me like the Master was hiding some kind of secret," Rory said. "The question is why? If its intentions were to feed on most of us and then repopulate its race with the rest of us, why would the Master want a place only it knew about?"

"I think that is about to be revealed to us right now," the Doctor answered.

After they all exited the TARDIS, they walked into a cave and toward the back there was a woman kneeling on the ground next to a bed on which Luke lay. Sarah Jane started to run to her son until Jack grabbed her and held her back as the Master in his alien form walked forward, blocking their path.

It was the first to speak asking, "Doctor, how did you find this place? Only I and my companion know where it is."

The Doctor replied, "Yes, well not anymore. I too have the ability to read minds and when I looked into Luke's mind, I saw everything. He unintentionally read every thought in your mind as well when you forced your way into his. You traded memories so to speak. He is a very gifted child who deserves to live a full life and I will not allow you to take that away from him."

"Who is the woman, Doctor," Sarah Jane asked?

"She is still a human and she and the Master are in love," Jack responded before the Doctor had the chance. "That would be the only reason why she is perfectly safe and why she is hidden here, away from the other striga. Am I right Doctor?"

"Exactly right," the Doctor said as he starred directly at the Master. "You went to feed on her when you first came here and something about her made you feel different. You were drawn to her because she was beautiful. Then, you read her mind and found that she was not afraid of you. In fact, she was fascinated and wanted to know more about you. Eventually, you fell in love with her and couldn't bring yourself to destroy what she was. So, you hid her here from the rest of your kind because they would never understand you saving the life of one of things you see as monsters."

The Master looked at the woman and then back at the Doctor as it replied, "I could not destroy what she is, but no other human is like she is, except for this boy. He is not like other humans. We have the chance to shape his mind to what we want. I saw it when I searched his thoughts. I know exactly what he is. A creature grown from synthesized DNA. How dare you take him from his true potential and manipulate him to be human like you!"

Sarah Jane stepped in and stood by the Doctor as she spoke firmly, "Luke is human in every way and he is my son! We did not manipulate his mind into doing anything. Luke chose to be with me. He wants to be with me and I love him! You will not take him from me!"

"If you want him to live, only I can save him," the Master said. "I will not unless he stays with me. Hannah always wanted a child. She will love him, as will I."

"You are incapable of real love," Jack said. "And so is she if she can remain here while you go out and destroy the rest of her own kind. The two of you love each other in some twisted way, but that is all you are capable of."

Hannah moved away from the bed and stood next to the Master as she said, "What is more important to you, Sarah Jane Smith; that the boy you love lives, or that he lives as you command him to live? We can save him and he will be cared for."

The Doctor interrupted saying, "Sarah Jane is Luke's mother and I will not allow either of you to keep him, or to continue to kill anymore humans. I protect Earth and everyone in it. The rest of the striga are already dead. Either restore Luke's life and leave this planet together, or we will kill you too, while Hannah goes to prison for the rest of her life; choose."

The Master suddenly disappeared and reappeared right next to Luke. It reached down and forced its way inside his mind, knowing that the strain would kill him. Luke screamed in pain and Sarah Jane ran to him along with Jack and the others, as the Doctor teleported himself over to the Master as quickly as he could. They fought and suddenly they both disappeared, leaving Luke on the bed and Hannah behind.

Rory and Amy held on to Hannah as she struggled, calling out to the Master. Sarah Jane pulled Luke into her arms while Jack checked to see if he was still alive. He was not breathing, nor did he have a pulse. Sarah Jane wept as Jack stood and apologized for her loss. Rani, Clyde, Rory, and Amy looked on with sad eyes. The girls had tears pouring down their faces, while the boys just kept the tears inside. Hannah only smiled.

A few minutes later, the Doctor finally reappeared and ran over to where Sarah Jane was holding her son in her arms. He quickly raised his hands to the sides of the boy's head and closed his eyes. He was concentrating hard on something when all of a sudden, Luke gasped and began to breathe.

Everyone looked at Luke as he began to stir in his mother's arms, then looked directly at the Doctor as he said, "In time, Luke will be just fine. I managed to kill the Master just in time to save him."

Amy asked, "But how did you do that? Luke was dead, we all saw it. Jack felt for a pulse and there was none, nor was he breathing. How did you revive him?"

The Doctor looked at her and answered, "After everything that you have seen me do, you still question how I perform miracles? Amy Pond, I am surprised at you. When will you ever learn that I am the Doctor and that I can do the impossible?"

Later that evening…

Sarah Jane sat on a chair in her attic that was placed next to the couch where her son lay, still recovering from his ordeal with the Master. He was still very weak, but awake and alert. The two of them watched as Clyde and Rani shook hands with the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and Jack while they said their goodbyes.

"You guys are totally cool," Clyde was saying. "And the TARDIS, Doctor it was amazing!"

"Thank you, Clyde," the Doctor responded. "You're right. It is amazing and all of you were absolutely brilliant the last few days. We saved Luke and the world once again together."

Jack walked over to Sarah Jane and Luke and said, "Luke, we couldn't have done any of that if it weren't for you. You have quite the gift. You take care of yourself and your mother, you hear me?"

Luke shook his head and answered, "Yes, Sir! Thank you all for saving me. Especially you Doctor. Thank you."

"If you need me, I will always be here for you; all of you," the Doctor replied. "Just give me a call."

"Doctor," Luke shouted as he and the others were about to step inside his blue, police box. "Is there any chance that someday you will come back so that I could get a ride in the TARDIS? I didn't get to this time around."

Everyone laughed as the Doctor said, "I would be happy to have you join us for a trip to another world anytime, Luke. As soon as you're well. We can go to Barcelona. It is absolutely beautiful!"

The End

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