A Powerful Mind

Chapter 2

After driving for a few hours into Wales from their home on Bannerman Road, Sarah Jane Smith and the kids found an area that was perfect for camping. Clyde, Rani, and Luke passed the time by playing the alphabet game, a game that Luke didn't understand the point of at first. Rani explained that there was no real point in the game, except to beat the others at finding the letters. Clyde told him to just give it a chance, so Luke did and ended up winning each game they played.

"It's just beginner's luck," Clyde said when they finished their most recent game. "In time we will be able to beat you."

"I just have good eyesight," Luke replied. "I do not believe in luck. It is the deterministic concept that there is a force which proscribes that certain events occur very much the way the laws of physics will proscribe that certain events occur. It is also only a descriptive name we give to events after they occur which we find to be fortuitous."

Rani said, "I am not even going to ask what encyclopedia you got that definition from. Let's just say that you are very good at this game."

Sarah Jane only laughed and asked, "Can you boys grab the camping gear from the trunk, while Rani and I find us a spot to set up the tent? It is such a beautiful day. Come on, Rani."

Rani followed after Sarah Jane through the woods and the boys were not too far behind. They found the right place to set up the tent and when they were finished, they pulled out a few blankets from their packs and lay them out on the ground for them to sit on. Once they did that, Luke, Rani, and Clyde walked into the woods to gather firewood.

Luke was walking slower than Clyde and when they all got back to the campsite he said, "I have a bad feeling. Something is off."

Sarah Jane asked, "What do mean off? What do you feel exactly?"

"Like there are eyes on us," Luke responded. "I feel like someone is watching us. It is probably nothing. I guess that I am just feeling jumpy ever since Michael Gant kept looking at me today."

"You mean the new boy at school," Sarah Jane asked?

Luke nodded and kept looking around him. Clyde suggested that the three of them take a walk deeper into the woods to see if there was anything for them to really worry about. As they did so, Sarah Jane shouted out to them, telling them to not go too far. She remained by their tent and pulled out her communicator that linked her to Mr. Smith.

She asked, "Mr. Smith, can you hear me?"

Her super alien computer answered, "Yes, Sarah Jane. I can hear you. Is there something wrong?"

"I am not sure," she said. "Can you scan the area where we are for any signs of alien activity?"

"Of course," he replied. "I am assessing. According to my scans, there are no alien life signs around where you are. Why do you ask?"

"Luke has a sense that we are being watched," Sarah Jane responded. "He keeps saying that he is probably just imagining these things, but after the incident with Mrs. Wormwood, I don't want to take any chances. Can you do something else for me? Scan the school records for a new student by the name of Michael Gant. Something about him is upsetting Luke and I want to know why."

Mr. Smith answered, "I am assessing. According to the school records, there is no new student at all by the name of Michael Gant. Whoever this boy is at Luke's school, Michael is not his real name, or he did not register there."

Sarah Jane looked around in fear and wondered what this boy from school could possibly want. Chances are he was a threat and if Luke's intuition about him was right, he may know about who Luke really was. Luke felt that Michael looked at him funny. Sarah Jane got up from the ground and decided to go after the kids to let them know of the possible danger.


As Sarah Jane had asked, Luke, Clyde, and Rani didn't walk too far away from their campsite. They were about a half of a mile away. After looking around for a little over an hour, both Clyde and Rani claimed that they were alone. However, Luke believed differently. He knew that somehow, someone was following them.

"Luke, you are just being paranoid," Clyde said. "No one is there."

"I hate to say it, but Clyde is right Luke," Rani agreed. "The woods are usually a creepy place. Your eyes are just playing tricks on you."

Luke responded, "It isn't my eyes that are telling me that someone is there. I don't know how to explain it, but someone is here with us. Something bad is about to happen, I know it. We should get back to Mum and stay together."

Suddenly a voice from behind them said, "Your instincts are impressive, Luke Smith."

As the three of them turned around, they saw that it was Michael from school. They looked at him in surprise as he began to walk toward them. He looked human, but they knew that there were many aliens whom have the abilities to disguise themselves as whatever they needed to be.

"What are you," Clyde asked? "From the look on your face and the fact that you followed us all the way here, you can't be human. What do you want?"

"What I want is of no concern to you," Michael replied. "I am here for you, Luke. You have been chosen to help save the lives of my master and his people."

Both Clyde and Rani stepped forward in front of Luke in order to defend him, as Rani said, "Luke is going nowhere with you. Clyde asked you a question. What are you?"

Michael responded, "I am a movellan; an android. I was created by my master to come here to Earth to find them the one who will save his race and help them to destroy all of you humans. In time, you all will die. Luke's mind will give us the knowledge we need to do so. His mind is the greatest mind on this planet."

"I will never help you or your people destroy Earth," Luke said. "You will never be able to because we will stop you. We have powerful friends who will help us if you try to harm this world."

"Luke is right," Clyde spoke up. "We will stop you. Sarah Jane Smith will see to that."

Michael replied, "I do not know of this Sarah Jane Smith, but my masters will destroy her and the two of you as well."

Michael raised his arm and suddenly a powerful, invisible force threw Luke, Clyde, and Rani backward. Luke slammed into a tree, causing him to become unconscious. Clyde and Rani were still awake, but they could not move. Whatever force threw them back, caused them to have the wind knocked out of them. They hurt.

Sarah Jane came running into the clearing just as she saw a stranger bending over her son. Clyde and Rani finally managed to get up from behind Sarah Jane and the three of them started to run forward, but Michael picked Luke up in his arms as if he weighed nothing at all and suddenly the two of them disappeared.

Sarah Jane screamed her son's name, "Luke! Clyde, Rani, are you all right? What happened? Who just kidnapped my son?"

Clyde answered, "That was Michael Gant from school. Luke was right about him. He was following us and he did know about Luke. We have to find him."

"What did he want with Luke," Sarah Jane asked? "Did he say?"

"He said that he was a movellan; an android built by some alien race who wants to use Luke to save their kind and to destroy our world," Rani replied. "Michael didn't say who his master was, though. Nor did he say how he planned to use him."

"We are so sorry Sarah Jane," Clyde said. "We tried to help Luke, but that creep had some sort of telekinetic device in his hand. We couldn't move and Luke was knocked unconscious. From now on, I will never doubt his instincts again."

Sarah Jane had tears in her eyes as she said, "I had Mr. Smith scan the area for alien life, but he found nothing. We must get back to my house in order to find a way to save Luke and discover who these creatures are. I will not lose my son. Let's go!"

Sarah Jane, Rani, and Clyde all ran back to their camp site and began to pack up their things, until they suddenly heard a familiar sound that could mean only one thing. The Doctor has come.

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