A Powerful Mind

Chapter 3

After fading in and out for several seconds, the TARDIS finally landed a short distance from where Sarah Jane, Clyde, and Rani were standing. At that moment, Sarah Jane never felt so relieved. After watching her son get taken by an android, created by some unknown alien race, Sarah Jane briefly felt fear that she would not be in time to save him. That was until she did as she always did; pushed the fear aside and motivated herself to do whatever it took to stop them from harming Luke and accomplishing their goals. According to Clyde and Rani, they wanted to destroy all human life and use Luke to do it. That made them evil. However, knowing that the Doctor was here, reassured her that they would be successful, as they always were.

The three of them watched as the door opened to reveal a young woman with long, red hair and freckles on her face. Then, another person stepped out; a tall young man with sandy, blonde hair. Sarah Jane, Rani, and Clyde waited for the doctor to step out and finally one last person stepped out as he turned around to close the TARDIS door. However, they didn't see the Doctor, at least not the doctor they knew from before.

The man, who closed the TARDIS door behind him, suddenly ran up to Sarah Jane and pulled her into a big hug. As he let go of her, he quickly walked over to Clyde and Rani and shook both of their hands. Sarah Jane, Clyde, and Rani just stared at the man before them, who was smiling like a ninny.

"Sarah Jane, Clyde, and Rani; how wonderful it is to see you three again," the man spoke. "It is completely unexpected, but wonderful nevertheless."

"Doctor, it is you," Sarah Jane replied with relief in her voice. "You have regenerated again, I see."

Clyde was confused as he asked, "This is the Doctor? How is that possible? When we saw him, he was skinnier with blonde, funky hair. This guy looks nothing like the Doctor."

The Doctor answered, "I was forced to regenerate after I absorbed an enormous amount of radiation awhile back. It's the new me. What do you think? Do I look good? My hair is still not ginger and I now have a bow tie."

"What does it mean to regenerate," Rani asked?

"Whenever the Doctor is dying, he has the ability to reform his body in order to give himself a new life," Sarah Jane replied. "He is still the Doctor; same mind and memories. It is just a new look. I think that you look smashing."

"That reminds me," the Doctor said. "I want you three to meet my newest companions. This is Amelia Pond, or Amy, and her fiancée, Rory Williams. Guys, this is Sarah Jane Smith, a companion of mine from a long time ago, and her friends, Clyde Langer and Rani Chandra, but where is Luke?"

Sarah Jane looked at the doctor pleadingly and responded, "He was just kidnapped by an android that called himself a movellan; created by an unknown alien race."

Clyde added, "He said that his master wanted to use him to save himself, his people, and then to destroy all humans on our planet. We have to stop them and save Luke!"

Amy finally spoke up saying, "How can kidnapping a child, cause the horrible things we've just seen, Doctor?"

"Amy has a good point," Rory said. "We were supposed to come to the moment that whatever happened to the people in the future first began."

"What do you mean, horrible things you have just seen," Sarah Jane asked? "What happened in the future and what does my son have to do with it?"

Amy responded, "We were supposed to see a major historical figure from a few years into the future, but when we got there, somehow most of the human population was wiped out. No one knew what happened, so the Doctor said we needed to go back to the beginning."

The Doctor replied, "I am not sure how Luke is involved, but…"

"Luke would never help an alien race destroy the Earth, Doctor," Sarah Jane interrupted in anger! "You know that!"

"I never meant to imply that your son willingly helped, but the TARDIS brought us here for a reason," the Doctor said. "Whoever kidnapped him, will somehow use him to wipe out all humans if we don't find out who they are and how to stop them. I promise that I will do whatever it takes to save your son, Sarah Jane."

She spoke quietly saying, "Thank you, Doctor. I cannot lose him. I will not lose him now!"

Rory said, "So, how do we go about finding out what these aliens are up to?"

Sarah Jane answered, "The three of us were about to go back to my house to talk to Mr. Smith to see if he could help us figure out who we are dealing with. It isn't much, but Mr. Smith is very clever."

"Who is Mr. Smith," Amy asked, "A friend of yours?"

"You can say that," Rani replied. "He is actually a supercomputer, or a member of a crystalline alien race known as the Xylok."

Clyde said, "He is really cool! He can hack into any computer all around the world and he helps us to save the world every day."

Rory responded, "That is amazing! I definitely want to see that."

The Doctor spoke up saying, "That is probably a good idea. Amy, you and Rory should go with Sarah Jane. Take a copy of the photo we took of the handprint we found for Mr. Smith to analyze. I need to go find an old friend and he has a tendency to travel to dangerous places. He may be able to help us to identify who they are. I will meet you all back there when I can."

The Doctor entered the TARDIS, which soon disappeared, and Sarah Jane, Clyde, Rani, Amy, and Rory all squeezed into her car. They drove back to Sarah Jane's home, hoping to find answers that would lead them to Luke.

"You know, it would have been nice if the Doctor could have given us a lift instead of having to be squished in this tiny car," Clyde complained. "I mean, I know that the Judoon banned us from traveling through space and all, but I really want to travel through space and time, just once."

"You may get your wish today, Clyde," Sarah Jane answered. "We will need to get to Luke as soon as we find out where the movellan took him and chances are it will be somewhere we can't travel to by car. I am willing to bend the law this once."

Amy asked, "What did you do to get yourselves banned from space travel and what are the Judoon?"

Rani replied, "The Judoon are an alien race who are sort of like bounty hunters and they look like Rhinoceroses in full body armor. We were banned because we interfered with their attempt to arrest an escaped prisoner of theirs. It's a long story."

"Yes, but is a long car ride," Sarah Jane said. "Go ahead and tell it."

Once Clyde finished talking about Androvax, the prisoner, and how he possessed Sarah Jane to destroy Earth, everyone continued to tell stories of their adventures in order to help pass the time. Meanwhile, Sarah Jane was thinking about her son and prayed that they would be in time to save him.

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