A Powerful Mind

Chapter 4

Luke awoke to a dark room, lit only by a chandelier outside of a cell which he was being held in. He slowly tried to lift himself from off the floor in order to look around, but his head hurt when he moved too fast. However, after a few minutes, he finally managed to stand and look around the room. The building was made of stone; looking like the inside of an old castle. He remembered taking a school trip to visit the Tower of London.

The room was cold and bare, he was alone. Luke was afraid, but he knew that he couldn't allow his fear to overpower him. He would be strong like his mum would be if she were in this situation. He hoped that she, Clyde, and Rani were all right and if they were, he knew that they would be looking for him right now. It was only a matter of time before they found him and stopped whatever aliens which created Michael to kidnap him.

A few minutes later, Michael walked into the room and as he looked at Luke he said, "The Master wishes to see you now. You will come with me."

Luke responded, "I don't care what your master wishes. My mum has stopped many alien races from destroying the Earth. She will stop you too."

"As I said once before, she will die in time, as well as your friends," Michael replied. "Come with me now."

Luke nodded as the movellan unlocked his cell door and pulled him out forcefully by his arm. Luke insisted that he didn't need to be pulled along. He had no idea where he was and he didn't want to run somewhere that he could get into even more trouble. However, the android didn't listen. He continued to pull him along until they came to what looked like the main hall. The room was huge and was once again lit by a large chandelier in the center of the ceiling, as well as several lit torches along the walls.

Michael guided Luke toward the far wall, where there was a stone throne in center. Sitting there was what looked like an old man in a brown robe, at first. However, as Luke came to a few feet away, he saw that it was definitely an alien of some kind. Its face was extremely wrinkled and brown. Its fingers were long and boney, as well as its body. Suddenly, four more aliens appeared who Luke believed to be, at the Master's sides. They all looked old and frail, as if they were hardly able to move.

The Master spoke saying, "So, you are Luke Smith, the boy who was grown from synthesized DNA."

Luke asked, "How do you know what I am and what are you? Why did you send a movellan to spy on me at school and then kidnap me?"

"We are known as Striga," it responded. "Human folklore and myths claimed we are witches, but we are actually aliens from a distance planet across the galaxies. A Great War known as the Time War occurred and most of our kind were destroyed. Those who survived tried to live in what was left of our world, but over time our world became a wasteland and we were no longer able to inhabit it. We had to find a new home, so we came here to Earth, only to be defeated by a small group of human warriors who called themselves Torchwood. The five of us are all that are left of our kind."

"We are dying and know that we have one more chance to save ourselves," continued one of the other Striga to the right of the Master. "We traveled from planet to planet looking for information that would help us to defeat you humans once and for all."

Another alien spoke up to the left of the Master saying, "We found another alien race known as the Slitheen, who gave us information all about the perfect human being who had the knowledge and power we would need to take over your world and replenish our kind; you."

Luke responded, "I will never help you. Earth is protected by powerful people. They will defeat you again. I suggest you release me and leave, or you will regret it."

"You do not have to be willing to help us," the Master replied. "We have an ability to read your mind and gain the strength we need to fight. Movellan, bring him close to me."

Michael stepped up behind Luke, grabbed him by his shoulders, and pushed him at arm's length to the Master. The Striga raised his long, boney fingers, placed them on each side of his head, and lowered its head as if to concentrate. Suddenly, Luke screamed in agony as the alien forced its way into his mind and read every thought and every memory Luke had. The pain lasted for what felt like an eternity to him.

When the Master finished, Luke collapsed to the floor, still in unbearable pain. Tremors shook through every part of his body and yet, he somehow managed to remain conscious. Most of the time he felt grateful that the Bane gave him perfect health and a stronger immunity to pain. However, today he wished that he was just like everyone else.

The Master was weak as well, but it looked at the boy in amazement, wondering how such a mind could fit into such a small body. This human child will give life back to the Master and its remaining subjects and the strength they need to turn the rest of the human population into Striga. They will live again, on Earth.

The Master ordered the movellan to carry Luke and place him upon the altar in the center of the main hall. Michael did as he was told and even though Luke could barely move, the android strapped his wrists into manacles above his head and others to restrain his legs. Very slowly, the Striga walked up to the altar and surrounded it. The Master lowered his mouth down close to Luke's, used its finger to keep his open, and began to drain his life force.

Once he finished, the Master stepped back and suddenly transformed into what looked to be a human being. Then, the other Strigas did the same, draining most of Luke's life from his body. A normal human being would only have enough life force for one. However, because of Luke's strength, he was able to restore life to all five. Luke was alive, but extremely weak as he was left alone to suffer the pain and fear of what the Strigas had planned for Earth, including his Mum, Clyde, and Rani.

He cried weakly saying, "Please, be all right, Mum. Please find me."

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