A Powerful Mind

Chapter 5

A good-looking man with dark hair, wearing a long, dark trench coat, sat at a table inside some exotic alien bar on a planet known as Barcelona. A close friend of his mentioned that this world was supposed to be fantastic, at least according to the Doctor, she said. She was right. There were a mix of humans and aliens and pretty much everyone was friendly. This was the place he came to when his life became difficult and lately, he's never been so angry.

Jack recently lost three of his good friends; Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato, and then Ianto Jones. If that wasn't bad enough, he was forced to watch his own grandson die for the sake of the entire Earth population. He was the one who killed him. His daughter hated him for it and he didn't blame her at all. He hated himself. The only thing he had to be thankful for was that his one remaining friend, Gwen Cooper and her husband, Rhys, survived and was hopefully safe, as long as he stayed away from them. He wouldn't risk harming anyone else he cared about.

Just as Jack poured back another shot of what the bartender called, pezdar, he saw a man come in with funky, brown hair, a bow tie, sneakers, and a long brown coat; a man he would know from anywhere no matter how many times he changed his appearance; the Doctor.

"Captain Jack Harkness," the Doctor began. "You look the same as always."

"Doctor, you don't look the same at all," Jack replied. "Yet, I'd know you anywhere. It's good to see you again."

The Doctor responded, "Well, that is very good to hear, indeed. It is good to see you as well. However, I am afraid this isn't a social call. I need your help with something."

Jack said, "Of course, what is it?"

"I was wondering if you recognize this," the Doctor answered as he showed Jack the picture of a handprint left behind on a wall of someone's home.

"Doctor, this is a handprint that belongs to an alien race known as the Striga," he stated. "Torchwood was forced to destroy them all when they invaded Earth years ago. Where did you find this? Are you telling me that some of them survived?"

The Doctor sighed and said, "It looks that way. Most of the Earth's population is taken over by these things, just years from now and it has just now begun. I set the TARDIS to bring me to the beginning of this invasion. I'll need your help to stop them again, before they harm anyone else. We will need you to tell us everything about them."

Jack replied, "Doctor, they are very dangerous and nearly impossible to kill. It won't be easy."

"It never is easy," the Doctor agreed.

"I will help you with whatever you need." Jack said. "Are you still traveling with Donna? How is she? Things were kind of crazy the last time we were together."

"No, I have a new companion now," the Doctor responded. "Two new companions actually. I will introduce you to them later. We need to get going."

Just as the two of them were about to leave, a voice shout from across the room saying, "Harkness, I thought I told you that I never wanted to see your face in here ever again!"

The Doctor whispered to Jack, "A friend of yours, Captain?"

Jack replied, "Not exactly. He's as psycho as an ex, but we were never together, if you know what I mean. We just had sort of a misunderstanding. We should run now."

"I told you that I'd kill you next time I saw you," the alien shouted again as they took off. "You better run!"

"That sounds like very good advice," the Doctor said as both he and Jack continued running from the room and straight to the TARDIS.

Once they made it inside, Jack allowed the Doctor to go around him in order to work the controls, while he closed the door and took his stand at the console. The TARDIS began to shake and throw both Jack and the Doctor around as they worked together to keep it traveling through space correctly.

Once everything was under control, Jack turned to the Doctor and asked, "So, where are we going now and what did you do with your companions?"

The Doctor answered, "Do you remember Sarah Jane Smith? They are with her."

"Sarah Jane is a part of this too, huh," Jack replied. "How did she become involved?"

"She became involved because the Striga kidnapped her son, Luke," the Doctor responded.

Jack looked at the Doctor and asked surprisingly, "Her son, you mean the genius who gave us the idea to relay our signal to you through every cell phone, when Earth was stolen by the daleks? Why would they kidnap him? He's just a kid."

The Doctor said, "Whatever their plans are, kidnapping him was the beginning. He is in danger and we have to do whatever it takes to save him. Luke Smith is more important than Sarah Jane realizes."


As soon as everyone made it back to her home, Sarah Jane told everyone to follow her upstairs to her attic. On her way up, she dropped her coat and purse on the couch, as did Rani. Sarah Jane, Clyde, and Rani practically ran up the stairs. They were extremely worried about Luke and getting to Mr. Smith in a hurry was what mattered right now.

Clyde, Rani, and Rory all entered Sarah Jane's attic behind her as she spoke quickly, "Mr. Smith, I need you!"

As soon as her command was given, the far wall suddenly began to transform as it disappeared and a supercomputer emerged. Both Amy and Rory stood in their spots and starred at what just happened. After being with the Doctor as long as they had, they didn't believe they could be surprised by much anymore and yet they were constantly.

"You are home earlier than you said you would be, Sarah Jane," Mr. Smith said. "I can see that your heart is racing, which means that there is something upsetting you. What is wrong?"

"Luke has been kidnapped by an android known as a movellan," she answered. "Michael Gant was the movellan and a threat as Luke thought he might be. Oh, why didn't I trust Luke's instincts? I should have known something was wrong. If I did, Luke would be safe."

Clyde spoke up in an attempt to make her feel better and said, "It wasn't just your fault, Sarah Jane. You weren't the only one who didn't believe him. Rani and I both did everything we could to convince Luke he was bonkers."

Rani added, "Clyde is right. We are so sorry. But don't worry, we will get him back. We have the Doctor with us now too. We are unstoppable."

Amy spoke up and asked, "I don't mean to interrupt, but what exactly is a movellan?"

"A movellan is an android that outwardly resembles physically attractive humans, of various ethnicities and both genders," Mr. Smith began. "Being androids, the movellans are stronger and have more endurance than normal humans. However, the major weakness of the movellan design is that each android's external power pack, carried on its belt, can be easily removed to completely shut down the android. The power pack circuitry can also be modified, reprogramming the android to obey human orders."

"That's fantastic," Clyde shouted! "I mean, at least we will easily be able to destroy that guy. Though, it doesn't help us to stop the things that created him."

"Why would these things, whatever they are, go through the trouble of creating a movellan, instead of just coming here to Earth to kidnap Luke themselves," Rani asked?

Sarah Jane shrugged and said, "I don't know. Maybe they couldn't. This isn't the first time an alien used another to help them in their plans. Remember, Mrs. Wormwood used Kaagh to help her find Horath?"

Clyde shook his body in disgust as he replied, "How can I forget? Part of me still wants to be a vegetarian. Mrs. Wormwood was ugly."

"The Doctor mentioned that you and he were companions, earlier." Amy interrupted once again. "That explains how you know all this stuff about aliens, but why on Earth are you not still traveling with him. Did he do something to upset you?"

"Amy, that is not any of our business," Rory responded quickly before she could say anymore.

Amy looked at Rory and asked, "What? I am curious. I mean, I want to know if this means that the Doctor is going to abandon us someday when we get old too."

Rory shouted, "Amy!"

"No offense, Sarah Jane," Amy replied. "I don't mean to be rude. I have a tendency to say things without thinking it the whole way through. I am a bit harsh sometimes. I'm sorry."

Sarah Jane was about to respond to Amy's questions, until suddenly they all turned toward the center of the room as the sound of the TARDIS began to grow louder and louder. As it finally finished its descent, the first one out was the Doctor, followed by the handsome man Sarah Jane had met the time they worked together to bring Earth back to its original place in the universe after it was stolen; Captain Jack Harkness.

"It is an honor to see you again, Ma'am," Jack said as he raised his right hand to his brow in salute.

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