A Powerful Mind

Chapter 6

Sarah Jane was curious to know who the Doctor was planning on going to see. She didn't expect it to be the mysterious captain and former companion she had met briefly once before. She also didn't expect the Doctor to bring him back with him. Part of her was grateful that there were so many people to help her save her son and stop the aliens from taking over Earth, but a part of her was also worried. Worried that whatever they had planned was much worse than she imagined it would be. Then again, things always were.

"For those of you who have not met, everyone this is Captain Jack Harkness," the Doctor introduced. "Jack, you remember Sarah Jane Smith; obviously. This is Clyde, Rani, and my companions, Amy and Rory. Does everyone know everyone now? Good. Now Sarah Jane, have you learned anything new?"

"Only that the movellan who kidnapped my son is an android that is stronger and has more endurance than we do and he has a weakness that should make him fairly easy to defeat," Sarah Jane replied. "Captain, do you have information about these aliens; any information that might explain why they kidnapped my son?"

Jack explained, "Back when I was with Torchwood, we were forced to destroy the striga; an alien race who wanted to take over Earth. It will be very difficult to destroy them because..."

Sarah Jane interrupted, "How were they planning on taking over Earth when you faced them before and why would they need Luke?"

Jack asked, "Is there something special about him, or was he just in the wrong place at the wrong time?"

At first, Sarah Jane wasn't sure if she should answer because she worried that the more people who knew the truth about Luke, the greater the danger she was putting him in. However, she knew that the Doctor wouldn't have someone come along him that he didn't trust.

She finally said, "Luke isn't like us. Over a year ago, an alien race known as the Bane invaded Earth with the intention to destroy us all. In order to do so, they made this drink known as Bubbleshock."

Amy interrupted, "Isn't that that hideous drink that turned tons of people into zombies saying, drink it? I remember seeing a few people who were affected and then we saw the news story on the tele."

"Yes, that's right," Rani answered. "The story was a bogus story that Sarah Jane made up to hide the truth of the Bane coming to Earth to turn all humans into one of them. No one would have believed the truth."

"That is absolutely brilliant," Rory cut in. "I'm sorry, go on."

"Anyway, there was two percent of the population that found the drink to be foul," Sarah Jane continued saying. "So, they created an archetype, the perfect human being grown from synthesized DNA, meant to go out into the world to find out what was needed to get the final two percent to like Bubbleshock too. My son, Luke is that boy. I adopted him when the Bane were destroyed. He has the mind of ten thousand humans; the most powerful mind on Earth. The Bane also gave him perfect health; he has a much stronger immune system than most humans. That must be why this alien race wants him. With Luke's mind, the possibilities of what they can accomplish are endless."

Jack responded, "I knew I liked your kid. The striga are going to use him for the same reason as the Bane did. It is what they do. With his mind and abilities; you're right. Their possibilities are endless. Striga have the ability to enter your mind and read all your thoughts and memories. Then, they drain their life force, giving them more strength and energy. They can also turn any human or alien into one of them. My guess, they want to repopulate. As I said, they were all destroyed, obviously except for a few. There can't be many left after what we did to them. Doctor, you said that most of Earth's population was taken over by these things years from now."

Sarah Jane asked, "Wait, are you saying that they took my son and turned him into one of them?"

The Doctor said, "No, I don't believe so. They kidnapped your son to help them learn about this planet. They will, or have already, invade Luke's mind to learn everything he knows. It will give them the knowledge they need to conquer us. They could lose access to that knowledge if they turn him too soon, though they may do so later on. Most likely, the striga will drain most of his life force in order to regain their strength. Luke may be stronger and survive the process, but unless we destroy them, he will die. We must find them before that happens."

"So, what exactly do these things look like," Rani asked?

"Folklore calls them witches," Jack replied. "They don't have the green skin, long, pointed noses, or warts, but they are just as ugly. They have brown, wrinkly skin, they wear long, brown, and hooded robes, and they have long, boney fingers, as you can see from the handprints the striga leave behind."

"Perfect," Clyde responded! "Then they shouldn't be hard to spot. Finding them will be a piece of cake."

Jack said, "I am afraid your wrong, Clyde. The striga also can transform themselves into human beings. They will blend in with everyone else. Besides, we don't know how many we were looking for to begin with and God knows how many there are now."

Rory complained, "How many bloody abilities do these aliens have. They sound like they are impossible to kill."

Jack replied, "No, not impossible, but very difficult. There are two ways of destroying these things. First, you can kill them in their human form, if you know who they are. That was how we destroyed them in the first place. A friend that I worked with in Torchwood invented a device that could identify who was actually human and who was striga. Unfortunately, she died and her device was destroyed when Torchwood was destroyed."

"I'm so sorry, Captain Harkness," Rani apologized.

"What is the second way to kill them," Amy asked?

"This is the most difficult way to stop them, if not impossible," Jack responded. "You can kill them while they are feeding on someone's life force. When done, the life force makes them stronger, but while they are feeding, they are vulnerable and their guard is down. Believe me though; it's hard to catch them in the act."

After listening to all of this information, Sarah Jane finally asked, "How do we reverse what the striga have done to their victims, Captain? How do we save my son?"

Jack answered, "If they turn your son into one of them, I am afraid that there is no way to save him, but if they have drained his life force and he is still alive, then we have to kill the alien who took it from him."

"There is still a good chance we can save him, Sarah Jane," the Doctor spoke again. "I promise you; we will do all we can."

"I'm with you and the Doctor, Ma'am," Jack said in agreement. "We'll find a way."

Then, Sarah Jane turned to her alien computer and asked, "Mr. Smith, I need you to look for any signs of the striga anywhere in the world. Look at police photos for any pictures of the handprints they leave behind, missing persons for strange disappearances, and anything else you can think of. Perhaps they are going to begin close by to where they are hiding out."

Mr. Smith replied, "I am assessing. This information will take time for me to gather."

"Thank you, Mr. Smith," Sarah Jane responded.

Everyone waited patiently, but they were all worried and on edge, especially Sarah Jane. Normally, she fought to do everything she could to make killing an absolute last resort and then when she had no other choice, she felt bad that she had failed to get them to change their minds. However, this time she didn't feel bad in the least bit. This time, they attacked her son. They made this personal.

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