A Powerful Mind

Chapter 7

Shortly after the striga had drained most of his life force from him, Luke had finally fallen unconscious, but it was only a limited relief. When he awoke several hours later, the pain came flooding back. However, despite the pain he felt Luke knew he needed to find a way to escape.

When the Master invaded his mind, Luke's telepathic abilities kicked in and he was able to see the Master's thoughts and memories as well. Luke knew what the striga planned to do and how they planned on doing it. He had to find a way to warn Sarah Jane of the striga's plan to turn the entire Earth's human population into them before they could harm others.

Luke listened for any sign of the striga still being close by, but the room was quiet and dark. The chandelier above him was still lit, but the fires grew fainter as time passed by. The aliens, disguised as humans, were gone. Luke had to act quickly. That is when he remembered there was another being who could be of help to him; Michael.

Luke knew that in time he was going to die from what the striga had done to him. However, he also knew that they would want to keep him alive for as long as possible with the hope of learning more from him. Only the Master had looked inside his mind. In time, the others will come back to do the same. Chances are, the movellan was left behind to keep him alive.

As he struggled with the manacles, Luke saw that they were old and rusted, just like the structure he was in. He saw from the Master's mind that he was in the ruins of a castle, somewhere in Ireland. It was invaded and burned down centuries ago, which made this the ideal reason for them deciding to hide here after Torchwood killed off the rest of their kind. Most of the structure was completely destroyed, like their home world, but somehow the main hall remained standing, even after all these years.

While Luke was deep in his thoughts, Michael walked into the room. The movellan came to Luke's side in order to check to make sure he was well. He checked his vitals and body temperature and in doing so, realized that Luke had a fever that was slowly rising. Luke suddenly had an idea on how to get out of the manacles.

"Michael, I know that the Master left you behind in order to make sure I stay alive until they are finished with me," Luke said. "I haven't eaten for a long time. I am human and I need food. Please, release me so that I can eat. You can put me back in the cell which you took me from earlier."

"I know you need nourishment," Michael replied. "I have brought you some aspirin to help with your pain you must be feeling. You should take them."

Luke nodded and answered, "I will once I eat something. My mum said it is never good to take medicine on an empty stomach."

Michael thought for a moment and responded, "Very well, I will take you back to the cell and bring you something to eat and drink."

"I know that the striga created you in order to come find me and then kidnap me because they couldn't," Luke began to say as the movellan began to remove the manacles around his ankles. "You were in pieces when they found you and they put you back together. Then, they programmed you to do as they want you to do."

"How do you know all of this," Michael asked? "I never told you and neither did my Master."

"He didn't have to," Luke replied. "I know his thoughts, as he knows mine. My mind works differently than others do. I don't think the Master intended for me to know his thoughts. It just happened. I also know that the Master programmed you to do his will, but…"

Michael interrupted Luke and said, "I only obey the Master and he wants me to keep you alive as long as he needs you to be."

Luke sat up slowly and said, "That may be true, but I can help you if you let me. You know I can. Then, you can do as you want without taking orders from someone. Give me a minute and I can reset your programming. If you help me, then I can help you."

Michael answered, "No, I will do as the Master ordered."

"Sarah Jane will come for me and she will destroy you," Luke responded. "You will end up as scrap metal, just like you were before."

"Enough," Michael shouted as he finally unlocked the last manacle and pulled him down from the altar!"

Michael led Luke back to the cell he had first woken up in. Luke knew how to reprogram the movellan, thanks to the Master's thoughts. He just needed to find a way to throw him off guard, long enough to reach his belt. He was weak and getting weaker as time passed by. Being an android, Luke knew that Michael was much stronger than he was.

Luke suddenly grabbed a torch from the wall of the room they had just entered into and used it to set the movellan's shirt on fire. Michael let go of Luke and concentrated on putting out the flame. As he did so, Luke managed to pull of the belt which held the power pack, causing Michael to become immobile. Luke finished putting out the fire and then collapsed to the floor. He didn't have the energy to stand up on his own any longer. He held up the power pack and began to modify its circuitry. After a few minutes, he had finished and placed the pack and belt back on the movellan.

Michael rebooted and asked, "Your name is Luke Smith; what can I do for you?"

Luke replied, "I need you to show me your transporter that you used to bring me here. I need to get back home in order to warn my Mum about the striga's plans to destroy Earth. We have to stop them."

"I can do that," the movellan said. "The transporter is a machine which I constructed for the Master so that the striga would be able to go wherever they want. I also built them devices they can attach to their wrist like a watch, which connects to the machine. This is so they can come back at any time. They are all being used."

"That's all right," Luke responded. "I only need to get home. We will find another way back here if we need to. We need to hurry. I don't know how much longer I can remain conscious."

Michael helped Luke walk to the machine. Luke examined it and told Michael that he was very impressed. Then, together they set it to send them both to where they needed to go; 13 Bannerman Road.

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