A Powerful Mind

Chapter 8

Back in Sarah Jane's attic…

After waiting patiently for Mr. Smith to give them information about any mysterious disappearances or handprints on the walls found by the police, Mr. Smith was not able to locate anything throughout the last few years. However long these striga had been back on earth for, they have not harmed anyone except Luke.

Sarah Jane was getting more and more frustrated because this information wasn't helping them to find out where the aliens were hiding and holding her son. Clyde, Rani, Amy, Rory, and Jack watched as both Sarah Jane and the Doctor paced back and forth across the attic floor. They knew the outcome of what the striga had planned and they knew the basic idea of their plans, but they had no idea how they were going to stop them. So far, they had no clue if Luke was alive or dead.

After a few minutes, Mr. Smith spoke up saying, "Sarah Jane, I have records of five different people recently admitted to the hospital with pneumonia like symptoms and unconscious, all within minutes of each other. According to a news report, the younger sister of one of these patients stated she saw a monster attacking her brother."

Jack responded, "It's begun. Luckily they won't feed again until at least tomorrow night, but we still have no way of knowing what the striga look like in their human forms."

"How are we supposed to locate them then," Rory asked. "There has to be a way."

"There were reports of only five attacks," Amy said. "Does that mean that there are only five aliens who survived?"

The Doctor replied, "Perhaps, but there may have been more attack that have yet to be reported."

Sarah Jane added, "We also don't know if they have turned any humans into one of them. There could be several by now."

"If we do find them, will anything work to kill them, or do we have to have something special to do it," Clyde asked?

"Anything will work," Jack answered. "I have access to plenty of guns, so that won't be a problem."

"But Sarah Jane taught us to do all we can to save the aliens that visit here and that violence and guns never solve problems, they just add to them," Rani said.

Sarah Jane spoke up saying, "You're right Rani, but these circumstances are different. In order to save Luke and the others, the striga have to die. I don't like it, but they attacked us first. We have to defend ourselves. Just like when the Blathereen attacked us with the ragweed. The Captain is right. We have no choice."

The Doctor added, "The striga will never stop no matter how hard we try to convince them to stop. Their whole race was destroyed and those who survived were forced to go into hiding for years. They will have an extreme hunger for revenge. They will not stop!"

Amy said, "One question still remains. Rory was right in asking, how do we find them?"

Just as Jack was about to say something, a blue glow suddenly appeared in the attic and then disappeared as quickly as it came. Standing there, were Luke and Michael. For a moment, everyone just stared at them, until Luke collapsed to the floor. Sarah Jane rushed over to him, as did the Doctor. Luke was still conscious, but barely. He looked into his mother's eyes and a weak smile appeared on his face.

Clyde and Rani ran forward and stood between Luke and Michael. They weren't about to allow the movellan attack their friend again, or anyone else for that matter. However, Michel just stood there, waiting for Luke to give him some kind of order.

"Mum, I made it," Luke said quietly.

"I was hoping that you would find a way to escape," Sarah Jane replied. "I was so worried. You are going to be all right. The Doctor is here now too, along with a few more friends."

Luke tried to get up quickly, but was unable to as he said, "The alien race who kidnapped me, they are called the striga. We have to stop them! They…"

Sarah Jane interrupted him saying, "We already know. You need to relax. We are figuring out what we are going to do right now."

"Why is he here and why isn't he attacking us," Clyde asked as he pointed to the movellan? "As I remember it, he was the one who started all of this in the first place. This is all his fault."

"No it isn't," Luke replied. "He was programmed by the striga to do whatever they wanted him to do."

The Doctor asked, "Luke, do you know how many striga there are who survived?"

Luke answered, "Five, there was f…"

Luke was still conscious, but he was too weak to talk any longer. Jack knelt down beside him and helped Sarah Jane lift him up to carry him over to the couch. She lay him down, covered him up with a blanket, and placed her hand on top of his head to feel for a fever. As she did, she felt heat radiating from his body. She looked at him with fear and then up to the Doctor, who once again knelt at Luke's side.

"What is wrong with my son, Doctor," she asked? "He is burning up and very weak. One of the striga stole his life force, didn't they?"

"It looks that way, yes," the Doctor answered. "The other victims were reported to have pneumonia like symptoms and are unconscious. Luke is displaying the same symptoms, except for being unconscious."

"It's because of his stronger immune system, right," Rani asked?

The Doctor agreed, "Yes, but soon he will be just like the others and eventually he will die, unless we stop them. They will all die."

Sarah Jane looked back down at her son and cried, "Oh Luke, I am so sorry that I didn't trust you when you said there was something wrong the other day. I shouldn't keep telling you to second guess the thoughts and feeling that go thought your mind."

"The thoughts in his mind," the Doctor shouted! "Oh Sarah Jane Smith, you are brilliant!"

"What are you thinking, Doctor," Jack asked?

The Doctor looked into Luke's eyes and said, "Luke's mind holds all the answers we are looking for, Captain. I can read his thoughts to find out what we need to know. Luke, I know that you would share everything if you could, but I need you to let me enter your mind. You hold the key to stopping them. It will be uncomfortable for you, but as long as you keep your mind open to me, it won't be painful. May I?"

Luke nodded and closed his eyes as the Doctor placed his hands on the sides of his head. He then entered into the boy's mind, which was full of amazing thoughts and ideas. It was the mind of ten thousand people and it was taking the Doctor more time than he expected to search for the answers they were looking for.

"Luke, I need you to listen to me," the Doctor spoke. "I need you to concentrate on what you learned from the striga while they had you. I need you to show me what they did to you. Show me everything."

Luke did as he was asked. He concentrated on the striga alone, but after a few minutes, he began to feel pain. It was building up slowly and becoming more and more intense, just as the pain he felt from when the Master had forced his way into his head.

Sarah Jane held her son's hands and looked down at his face as she saw tears forming under his eyes. His hands grew tighter in hers and she began to worry that something was very wrong. Suddenly, Luke began to scream, as did the Doctor. Sarah Jane kept her hold on Luke, while Jack and Amy did everything they could to pull the Doctor away from him. After a minute, the Doctor finally released Luke and collapsed to the floor as Luke had earlier. Luke had fallen unconscious.

"Luke, Luke," Sarah Jane cried! "Doctor, what happened? What is wrong with him? I thought you said he wouldn't be in pain."

"Luke concentrated as I asked, but I am afraid the striga did more than I realized they would," the Doctor responded. "Things are much worse."

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