A Powerful Mind

Chapter 9

The Doctor stood up and began to pace across the attic once again. Jack, Amy, and Rory just watched the Doctor, as Sarah Jane stood up and followed the Doctor. Clyde and Rani took her place beside Luke. They were very scared for him. They had never once heard a scream like that and they have never seen Luke in such pain.

"What do you mean things are much worse," Sarah Jane asked? "Doctor, what did those things do to my son? What did you see?"

"Doctor, she has a right to know what the striga did we need to know their plans if we are going to stop them," Jack said.

The Doctor finally responded, "We are dealing with at least five of them. They are now in human form and have already begun to feed on others, as we already know from the news reports. They plan on repopulating as Captain Jack said they would by turning most humans into them, but first they have to gain enough strength by stealing some of their life forces. Thanks to Luke, I know what the five striga look like in their human form."

Sarah Jane asked, "What about Luke? What did the Master do to him?"

"You are not going to like what I am about to say, Sarah Jane," the Doctor replied.

"I already know that, Doctor," she said. "Please, tell me. I have to know."

The Doctor explained, "The Master fed on Luke's life force, as well as the other four striga. Anyone else would be dead now from being fed on by more than one of these aliens, but he is still alive. However, he is fading and in a lot of pain. The pneumonia symptoms are killing him, but much more slowly. Luke's mind is absolutely amazing."

Sarah Jane interrupted, "Amazing, he is amazing, but you have no idea how much Luke longs to be just a normal fifteen year old boy. He struggles everyday with trying to fit in because he has the mind of ten thousand people, he has no birthday because he was never born, he knows things like quantum and string theory, and he has no belly button. He is wanted by many different aliens to help them take over the world because of his mind, like now. He also fears that one day, UNIT and other humans will learn about what he is and either will want to do experiments on him or will think of him like he is a freak. These things remind him every day that he is not like others and deep down it hurts him, though he would never admit it to me or to Clyde and Rani. He is amazing, but it isn't always a good thing."

"All of that may be true, but today him being different is also keeping him alive and it is giving us the chance to stop the striga from doing what the Doctor, Amy, and Rory have seen in the future," Jack said.

"We will save him, Sarah Jane," the Doctor replied. "He found a way to get back home so that he could warn us. He showed me the knowledge I needed for us to defeat the striga. He is strong and he will survive. We will stop them."

"So, what do we do then, Doctor," Amy asked. "Each of the striga are in different places according to the news reports, Mr. Smith showed us, but what if there are more by now? How do we find and stop them?"

Rory spoke up saying, "Amy's right. You only know what the five of them look like. How are we going to figure out what other humans are actually striga?"

The Doctor replied, "Those are all very good questions and I am not sure what the answers are right now, but we will figure it out once we find the Master. I will be able to get the right answers from him."

Clyde asked, "And what about Luke? It sounds like we are all going to be needed to take out each of the striga, but we can't just leave him here alone."

"He needs someone to take care of him," Rani agreed.

"They are right," Sarah Jane responded. "I will not leave Luke alone. Mr. Smith can only protect him in case the striga come here to take him back. Luke needs someone to help take care of him."

"I can take care of him," Michael said.

Clyde laughed and said, "What on earth makes you think that we would trust you to take care of Luke, when you kidnapped him for the striga in the first place."

The movellan responded, "Luke reprogrammed me to obey his orders now. He gave me the order to do whatever any of you asked me to do. You need someone to look after him, I can do it."

The Doctor walked up to the android and began to circle around him as he replied, "Yes, I believe the movellan can be of help to us. However, I think that he would be more useful to us if he were to accompany one of us going after the striga."

"I can watch over Luke," Rani said. "Clyde can go with Michael since he is so suspicious of him."

"That is a very good idea, Rani," Sarah Jane agreed. "Are you all right with that Clyde?"

Clyde nodded and said, "Yes, Ma'am. I will keep a close eye on him."

The Doctor finally stopped examining Michael and asked, "Michael, is it? Can you take us all back to where you and the striga were holding Luke? Back to where the machine is that you used to transport yourselves here. We can use it to help us get to them more quickly and then we must destroy it so that it cannot be used if found by anyone or anything else. We can travel there in the TARDIS.

"Yes, I can tell you where the transporter is," Michael answered.

"Very good then," the Doctor replied. "I suggest that we get going before the striga have time to feed on more people or to turn more of them into one of them. We need to save as many people as we can."

Jack spoke up saying, "I'm ready to finish what Torchwood should have before. If we had made sure they were all completely destroyed, this would not have happened. Sarah Jane, I am so sorry."

She replied as she kissed Jack on his cheek, "There is no need to apologize, Captain. I know that you did everything you could to stop them. You are here now to help me to save my son. I can't thank you enough. You are a good man."

Together, the seven of them all gathered into the TARDIS, while Rani stayed behind to take care of Luke as she had promised. They traveled to the castle ruins in which the striga hid after their destruction. Little did they know that two of them had returned along with several newly created striga.

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