Look Before You Leap

16 Before Things Get Better


"That's Russell Edgington isn't it?" Alcide asked once we were safely back in his truck.

"You knew about that?" I asked surprised.

"I'm the one who poured the concrete."

"You knew Russell was alive and you didn't tell me?" I asked a little sharper than I had intended, I was still in shock.

"I didn't think he'd be getting out anytime soon, I figured it wouldn't be in your life time."

"Obviously you were wrong," I said.


"We need to get Sookie and Lily, if Russell is out the three of us are in danger. Lily is probably safe enough with Bill and Eric but Sookie is all alone now."

"I'll protect you," he said giving my hand a squeeze.


"Do you have clothes here?" Eric asked stopping his super cleaning for a second.

"Yeah I have an extra bag in my old room," I said.

"Go get it. Bill and I are on the top of the Authority's most wanted list, they won't hesitate to hurt you to get to us."I looked over at Bill who nodded.

"He's right, the Authority is ruthless. We'll find you somewhere safe to hide, we'll get Sookie and Rachel there as well," Bill said.

"No, if you two are in danger I'm staying with you. I can glamour vampires, I-"

"All the more reason for you to hide, if the Authority or any other vampires catch wind of that you'll be hunted down as well."

"Bill-" I started to protest.

"We do not have time to argue right now. Lily, get your things and meet us in the car," Eric said silencing me. I turned and jogged up the stairs to my room and grabbed my extra duffle from my closet, I stuffed some basic necessities like my toothbrush and deodorant from my bathroom in it as well. I turned to leave but stopped short when I heard a scream from down below. I poked my head around the door frame but didn't see anyone outside. I walked down the stairs my footsteps hardly making a sound, I'd learned every creaky board after months of trying to sneak out without Bill noticing, and towards the door but before I could get out someone had me around the waist and picked me up. I began kicking and screaming but it was no use.

"This is one of the fairies," The vampire holding me said to another vampire who was already in the car.

"Good, bring her along. Toss her in the back seat though, we wouldn't want those two draining her in the trunk," the other vampire, a British female, said from the passenger's seat. The man holding me quickly tied me in a thick rope and gagged me. The ropes were loose and it would have been easy for me to slip out but instead of running now I chose to wait until the perfect moment. I didn't resist too much getting in the car, if they saw that my fae strength was a match for their vamp strength they might want to check my ropes again, or bind me in chains.


We rode in silence for what felt like hours but couldn't have really been that long. I began to hear a voice in my head, it was persistent and deliberate and I realized it was coming through from the trunk.

"Lily? I…" It seemed almost like static was interrupting him, I never had much luck getting into vamps heads but I always got more than Sookie or my sister. "get out of the car. Kick the door…you, I know you…do it." Bill said. I didn't know why he was so intent on me getting out right then but I didn't have a choice but to listen to him. I kicked hard putting all my strength into knocking the door out. It went flying and I rolled out after it landing roughly onto hard pavement and sliding a few feet. I was glad for the hoodie I had tossed on before leaving my room because it absorbed most of the fall on my arms, though it rolled up around my abdomen and I could feel the sticky warmness of blood on my sides and lower back. I groaned in pain as I came to a stop. I looked towards the car which had gone quite a ways from where I was lying, but the car was no longer there. In its place was fire and burning pieces of metal and plastic. So that's why they needed me out of the car, suddenly the pavement burns didn't feel quite so bad.

"Lily?" A voice called through the smoke. Eric appeared and knelt beside me. "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine, just some scrapes and bruises, I'll be ok." I tried to stand up by myself but my legs felt like jello. Eric wrapped him arms around me carefully as to not bump the cuts. "Where's Bill?"

"He's fine, he's over here. There's someone I want you to meet." The female vampire was standing next to Bill watching me. "Lily, this is my sister Nora. Nora, Lily Compton."

"She does smell delightful, doesn't she?" Nora said sniffing the air a little. "Come on, if you three want to live we need to keep moving. I had to call ahead to get a rush job done for her papers but hopefully we've got something." She regarded me as if I was a stray cat that was highly unwanted in her presence, and I didn't much like her. I couldn't really tell Eric that though, it was his sister after all.

"Papers?" I asked instead.

"This is the last night you will be known as Lily Compton," Nora said.

"Oh." I said with a squeak before pressing my head into Eric's chest. He carried me across shipping docks as I slipped in and out of consciousness. Maybe I had lost a little more blood than I had thought but it couldn't be all that serious if Eric hadn't stopped to heal me yet, not that I would let him there were too many people after him that if he slowed down for me we might be captured in an instant. Yes, stopping was out of the question. I tried to keep up on Nora's explanation as to why she was going against the Authority, she was a high position after all and this stunt could cost her everything, but it was hard to stay in the loop when darkness kept sneaking up on the corners of my brain.

"We'll go to ground here for the night," Nora said. I twisted my head to see a large gaudy orange shipping container. Eric placed me on the ground carefully and knelt next to me. He pulled my shirt back slowly to reveal the cuts and I winced as the drying over bits were ripped back out. He cut one of his fingers and began massaging blood into my scrapes until I could feel the skin knitting together. Nora was on the phone a few feet away and she glowered at me when she noticed I was staring.

"I don't think your sister likes me all that much," I said.

"It's not you it's the stress, she's not normally like this," Eric said

"Right," I said unconvinced.

"Feeling better?" Bill asked sitting against the opposite wall.

"Just tired," I said nodding. Eric pulled off his leather jacket, folded it up and slid it under my head.

"Sleep," he said kissing my forehead. I didn't need much more prodding than that, for some reason being on the run took a lot out of me, and I was asleep in an instant.


Alcide and I pulled up outside of Sookie's house. Alcide walked up and knocked and I waved through the window when I saw her running down the stairs. She opened the door all smiles, "Alcide, Rachel!"

"Hey," I said awkwardly trying to figure out why she was so damn cheerful.

"We need to talk," Alcide said getting to the point.

"Oh yeah of course, come on in. I'll just go grab us some drinks." She steered us a little forcefully into the living room. I turned on my heel and followed her into the kitchen which had that over cleaned lemon and bleach smell.

"Been doing a little cleaning?" I asked.

"Oh yeah," she said opening the fridge.

"What is going on with you?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you're acting all over the top sugary sweet, that's not natural."

"Look a lot of stuff is going on-"

Alcide walked in just then interrupting our conversation. "It was getting lonely in the living room."

Stuff like what? I asked.

"What was so important you had to rush right down here to tell me?" Sookie asked Alcide.

Tara is in the ground. Sookie told me.

Tara is-Oh my god! What the fuck happened while I was gone?

It's a little too much to explain right now ok? Lafayette is upstairs, he's not taking it well.

"Sook, its Russell Edgington. He's alive," I said out loud.

"That's not possible, you heard Bill, he's dead."

"No I head Bill say he was taken care of. Remember how Eric showed up covered in concrete? After Bill, with Alcide's help, buried Russell he tried to do the same to Eric."

"Why would they do that? He's over 3000 years old; he's more powerful than both of them combined."

"Why do Bill and Eric do half the things they do? Sookie, you're in danger we all are. Come stay with me and Alcide, Lily has plenty of protection with Eric and Bill but you don't have anyone."

"I can't," she said.

"Sookie listen to us," Alcide begged.

"I don't want to drag you two into this mess I've made, please just let me stay."

"What mess? Sook what else happened while I was gone?" I asked.

"Rachel, please-"

"What happened?" I asked more forcefully.

"Last night, after I got back from Bill and Eric's, you had gone with Alcide and Lily had stayed at Bill's. When I got home-" Lafayette came running down the stairs then and Alcide jumped up.

"You two need to leave," he said.


"No. Rachel, you and your messed up supernatural life need to get the hell out of Sookie's. We are both done with all of that shit and you need to be done with it too, but until you get far away from them werewolves and whatever the fuck else you need to stay the hell away from us."

"Lafayette, what the fuck is your problem?"

"Leave Rachel."

"Fine." I turned and walked out the front door without looking back. Alcide followed me out and we both got into his truck, he stared at me for a second before saying anything.

"What just happened back there?" He asked.

"You heard them, they don't want our help. If Russell comes after her at least we tried to warn her. We can't save everyone." I paused and shook my head. "Fucking Sookie."


I woke up to Nora and Eric in the middle of an argument right outside. "She's human, Eric!"

"She's more than that and you know it. The Authority wouldn't want her so much if she was simply a human."

"She has no place in the life of a vampire," Nora said venomously. So I was right about her not liking me then, and also right about it not having to do with stress.

"She has a place wherever she wants one," Eric said.

Nora laughed humorlessly. "You actually love her don't you? Since when has the big bad Viking king ever loved anyone but himself. You're pathetic. She's going to get you killed, you know that don't you?" I winced, deep down I knew that I was more hindrance to Bill and Eric than help but I didn't need to be reminded of that.

"I would die if it meant keeping her from the Authority."

"Like I said pathetic."

"She's awake," Bill said stepping into the conversation. "In case you'd rather her not hear how much you hate her. She is quite good with a stake; I'd hate to see her use one on you, Nora."

"And you treat her like she's an equal," Nora said turning her attention to Bill.

"She may not be a vampire but she is my blood," Bill said calmly.

"And Eric is my brother; I will not see him destroyed by that girl. But for whatever the reason Eric wants to keep her around and I will not go against his wishes," she said. "Now if you'll excuse me I have a call to make."

"She really hates me," I said getting up. Eric started to say something but I cut him off. "Don't say she'll come around, Pam doesn't like me now but she will come around. Nora hates me, unadulterated loathing." Just then Eric's phone rang; he pulled it out of his pocket giving me a look that said we'd finish this conversation later. I turned to Bill who looked quite amused. "What?" I snapped.

"Nothing," he said holding up his hands in surrender.

"What's the deal between the two of them?" I asked. "Were they a thing before?"

"I know just as much about Nora as you do, and that isn't very much."

"She has this really over protectiveness that you'd expect from a sibling, but I think she's almost jealous too. I guess I don't understand vampire families. Would you even call that a family since they aren't really related?" Bill shrugged. I looked over at Eric who was still on the phone. "What's wrong?" I asked.

He closed the phone and turned to face us, "It's Russell Edgington, he's back."

"What the fuck do you mean he's back?" I asked wide eyed.

"I mean we never killed him and he's back."

"Eric, Rachel told me he was dead." I turned on Bill. "You said he was dead!"

"Alcide helped us detain him, but it didn't work as long as we had hoped," Eric said.

"You don't detain a 3000 year old, bat shit crazy vampire. You stake them!"

"We'll be ok," Bill said. "Where we're going not even Russell will be able to find us."


Alcide and I had barely been at his house for ten minutes when there was a knock on the door. I walked over the door and looked through the window; a familiar looking woman was bouncing on her heels nervously. I opened the door. "Aren't you Sam's girlfriend? Luna, right?" I asked finally placing her.

"Yes. Is Alcide here?" She asked looking around.

"Yeah he's upstairs let me go get him." I ran up the stairs quickly and found Alcide in his room. "Luna is here, she looks pretty upset." He ran past me without any explanation and I followed him downstairs.

"Luna, what's wrong?" He asked.

"It's Sam, he's taking the blame for killing Marcus. The pack has him; they're probably going to kill him. I didn't know what else to do." She was on the verge of tears and I didn't know what to do but stand there awkwardly. "You've got to come forward, Alcide."

"Wait you killed someone?" I asked confused.

"He was the pack master." He didn't give me any information other than that. "Sam is a good guy he doesn't deserve to take the fall for this. Where are they?"

"They wanted to know where Marcus was buried, that's probably where they went."

"Alright come on." I followed them out to Alcide's car and he looked at me. "It's probably safer if you stayed home."

"Russell Edgington is on the loose, nowhere is safe for me and I'd rather stay with you," I told him. He nodded and got in the driver's seat. Luna followed behind us. We rode in silence for a while until he parked near the woods and we got out and walked till we found a clearing where what seemed like the whole pack of weres had gathered. In the middle of them, dirty and bloody, was Sam. Alcide stepped in front of me and Luna.

"I killed the pack master and he sure as hell deserved it," Alcide said.

"Take that back," one woman who was kneeling beside the body said.

"Who the hell are you?" Alcide asked. I realized that I didn't recognize a single one of these weres but they reminded me of all the trashy, V addicted weres that had been at Lou Pines in Mississippi. Were all werewolves the same? I was interrupted from my thoughts by the woman shifting followed by several others. The woman, now wolf, nearest to the body took a large bite out of Marcus's abdomen.


Nora, who had refused to talk to any of us for the last hour, led us to the docks. A small jet boat was waiting on the pier and a few people climbed out. Nora greeted one of the women and introduced us to her. She handed us each a passport and I opened mine to see that the picture they used was old, from my senior yearbook, it wasn't a terrible picture but I looked like I was 18. "Lucinda Clarke," I read.

"And this is your uncle Marcellus Clarke," Cat said pointing to Bill.

"Ike Applebaum?" Eric read unhappily, I couldn't help but snicker a little bit. Eric definitely did not strike me as an Ike.

"New papers are very hard to come by, Mr. Applebaum. Now, say your goodbyes, we need to leave as quickly as possible."

Eric stepped forward to say something to his sister when all of a sudden every vampire around us began dropping in a shower of blood. "In the name of the one true vampire Authority," a loud voice said. We were surrounded by vampires with guns in a matter of seconds. Eric dropped Nora's hand and was shielding me in between him and Bill. This is it I thought After everything I've been through I'm going to die as Lucinda Clarke, I won't even get to die as myself.

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