Look Before You Leap

22 Changes


I had no idea what was happening. The room was plunged into darkness and everyone was yelling. Bill had pulled me next to him and was shielding me, though if Russell really wanted me dead I'm sure he'd just knock Bill out of the way. I must've closed my eyes without noticing, when Bill made me stand up I opened my eyes and the room was once again lit. I glanced behind Bill and noticed legs dangling in the corner, I followed the legs up to the rest of Eric who was hanging on one of the columns. "What the fuck?" I asked. Bill turned around.

"Maybe you two could stop staring and get me down," Eric suggested. As soon as one of the guards helped Bill get Eric off the column we were escorted back to the cells from earlier. I groaned.

"I thought we'd at least get upgraded to a room without bars," I mumbled. At least this time we were allowed to all be in one room so I wasn't stuck trying to talk to the guys from half way across the room. "So let's see, we find Russell, he gets brought back to the Authority and then he kills Roman. We brought the bomb to the party. Except that bomb shouldn't have gone off because he was loaded up with liquid silver." I realized my monologue was being ignored by Bill and Eric who were having the same conversation with each other. "There wasn't any silver." I sighed and looked through the bars where Molly had her laptop and was typing furiously. "Find anything yet?"

"No! I keep checking things but according to my data everything should have gone according to plan!"

"That's just peachy," I groaned.

"How's that shot working? Any unexplained side effects? Puking, headaches, heart attack?" She asked glancing up.

"You gave me that shot knowing it might cause me to have a heart attack?" I asked.

She shrugged. "You're surrounded by vampires; one of us would save you." I was about to say something snappy but before I could there were footsteps in the hall. I turned to see Kibwe opening the gates.

"King Compton, Sherriff Northman, Lily, Chancellor Agrippa requests your presence." We were led out of the cage and down the halls to Salome's room. Salome was waiting on us, as was Nora. Eric put his arm around my waist protectively.

"Come in," Salome said. We took two steps forward and suddenly Russell appeared from behind a curtain. I squeezed Eric's arm tightly but tried to keep my face serene, I wasn't going to let Russell know that he scared me. I tried to read the expressions on the three Sanquinistas' faces since I couldn't read their minds. I listened as Russell tried to explain his reasons for wanting to turn over a new leaf. Nora and Salome both believed every word he said; though I knew that Russell was only doing what he thought would keep him alive the longest.

"Why should we believe anything you say, Russell?" I asked cut him off.

"You know I've always liked you," he said to me. "You have spunk. But if you really want to know, it's all thanks to Lilith." He winked at me like I would understand what he was talking about.

"Roman knew what he was getting himself into, he did not believe in Lilith and that unfortunately led to his downfall," Salome said.

I rolled my eyes. "Don't pretend like there was anything "unfortunate" about the situation. You got exactly what you wanted, power."

"Lily, my dear, you do not see. I don't want to hoard the power; I want to share it, with Nora and Russell, with Bill and Eric, and even with you."

I shook my head in disgust. "I don't want to be a part of this."

Salome looked disappointed. "Eric?" She asked.

"Never." He tightened his grip around my waist.

"I still believe mainstreaming is the only option," Bill said.

"There will be a ceremony tomorrow night. I want to extend an invitation to the three of you; it may give you more insight into our cause."


After Alcide's first day of training with Rikki we were driving home, Alcide hadn't said much and I was getting tired of his moody silence. "If you know you're going to lose why bother doing this?" I asked.

"Because I need him to know that he has enemies, maybe if other wolves see me fighting against him they'll understand what he's doing is wrong."

"Or they'll all end up just like him."

He ran his fingers through his hair. "I have to try."

"Do you know what will happen, if you lose? Is JD going to just let you go?"

"I don't want you to be there, just in case."

"That's not an option," I told him. He shook his head and looked out the window. "I know you told Rikki no but-"

"I'm not taking V Rachel."

"I know that Debbie and the Jackson pack got messed up on it, but it can be controlled. I've had vampire blood and I'm still normal. Maybe it's because I had it straight from the source, we could find a vampire who will do it. "

"I don't need to be reminded of your time with the fanger."

"Don't start," I said. The more upset we both got, the more I could see his emotion. I reached out and grabbed it mentally; I started to focus in on changing it. If I could just put him in a more amiable mood, maybe I could convince him. What are you doing, Rachel? I asked myself. I dropped the emotion. I wanted to get out of the car and go as far away as I could. I couldn't believe I'd honestly thought about altering Alcide. This power may have proved useful, but it was also dangerous. I wished I could trade it back in and get my psychic abilities back, I didn't want to be tempted by it. As soon as we pulled into our drive way I got out of the car. "I need to go for a walk," I told Alcide.

"Hey, Rach. I know you're just worried about me, but I'm going to be fine. Ok?" He walked towards me and reached up to push back my hair.

"Yeah, ok," I said. He kissed my forehead and walked inside. I slumped to the ground next to the truck and tried to breathe, I'd never wished I was normal more than I did at that very second.


The next night I stood sandwiched between Bill and Eric in the room where Lilith's blood was kept. I listened as Nora and Salome preached how Lilith forgave Russell for all that he had done, and how the blood in the glass vial was not a symbolic representation but the actually blood of Lilith. "Oh please, I feel like I'm surrounded by Catholics," I mumbled. Eric gave me a silencing look.

Salome held the vial up. "Everyone in this room will drink from her."

I glanced up at Eric quickly and shook my head slightly. Dieter stepped forward before I had the chance to say anything and turned to Salome. "Who are you to offer up the blood of Lilith?" he asked. Before he was able to say anything else, Russell pulled his head off. Thankfully I was out of the way enough that I didn't get splattered this time. Each of the other vampires began nodding their agreement with the plan and I glanced in between Bill and Eric. Neither of them said anything.

"I'm not drinking that," I hissed.

"It's no different than any other vampire blood," Eric assured me. "It'll just be like drinking my blood."

I didn't want to do it but when the vial was passed to me I poured some out anyways, though I made sure it was less than the vampires were drinking. I wanted to hide my hand but Salome watched me very closely to make sure I drank it. It only took it a few minutes to take effect.


We were walking the streets of New Orleans, no one seemed to notice us or if they did we didn't care. It was funny to see the vampires drunk. I giggled and fell over into Eric who started laughing as well. I felt extremely lightheaded all of a sudden and thought I was going to pass out but the next thing I knew I was on Bill's back. "Where are we going?" I asked.

"Who knows?" Eric said.

"Just enjoy the trip," Bill said. I shrugged and looked up at the stars, they seemed to leap from place to place and I couldn't look at one longer than a second before it moved. Voices filled my head, lots of familiar voices, and my eyes widened.

"I can hear," I said.

"What?" Bill asked.

"I can hear it all!" I laughed. I listened to each of the vampires; their thoughts were racing all of them crystal clear in my mind. Steve was singing in his head and Nora was pretending she was the queen of England, I snickered. Maybe this wasn't so bad, being high with a bunch of vampires. I felt invincible. If this was any indication of what would happen to my powers if I were to become a vampire, then I approved.

"I think I know where we're going now," Russell said happily before going into a bar. I hopped off Bill's back and followed the other vampires inside at human speed. The vampires had started eating people and I slid into one of the seats at the bar. I grabbed a bottle of vodka from across the counter and took a swig. I felt like there was something I should be doing about what was going on here but I couldn't remember what it was.

Then all the vampires looked towards the front of the room. A woman appeared out of nowhere and I glanced around. "I'm not the only one who sees that right?" I mumbled.

"Lilith," Salome said smiling. Lilith began walking through the vampires and making some odd high pitched noise which was seriously hurting my head. I glanced around the room, when had all these people showed up. Why was no one stopping the vampires from killing them all? Why was I even here right now? Before I could say anything Lilith was standing in front of me, she put a finger on my forehead. I backed away from her and right into Russell who sank his fangs into my neck.

"Faerie blood," he moaned. He bit down again and I felt my knees give out from under me. I was losing blood fast. I tried to scream but no noise would come out and everyone else was too busy feeding to pay attention. Then suddenly I was free. I tried to look up but my eyes wouldn't focus.

"Lily, you're going to be ok," someone murmured. I recognized the voice but I still couldn't see who it was.

"Eric, it's too late. She's going to die," another voice told him.

"No," Eric growled.

"There's only one other option." There was a pause and then fangs bit down into my neck again. There was a cackling laugh then everything faded away completely.


When I woke up I was underground, I started to take a deep breath but then realized I didn't need it. It was so dark. I tried to remember where I was. How had I gotten here? I felt arms around me, holding on to me tightly. Then memories of last night flooded back, I remembered being attacked by Russell and then voices saying I was dead. I flew out of the dirt, pushing it aside as quickly as I could. What if the person down there with me wasn't Eric or Bill, what if Russell was my maker? I'd never be able to get away.

Then the other person climbed out of the hole. I sighed in relief. "Eric, thank god." I threw myself into his arms and he held me.

"You're ok," he said kissing me. "Salome made me wait to burry you until we got back to the Authority headquarters. I thought that might be waiting too long."

"I'm ok," I said nodding. I stepped away from him and looked around. The night was beautiful; I could see things I'd never been able to see before. "Wow."

"I wanted you to be able to chose when you became a vampire, I didn't want it to be forced on you."

"It's ok. I'm just glad I'm not permanently dead," I said. "Hold on let me try something." I didn't have to focus much; I could read his mind word for word. I smiled. "I kept it."

"Your faerie powers?" He asked, surprised. I nodded. "Good, we're going to need them."

"What's going on in there?" I asked glancing at the warehouse that sat on top of the Authority building.

"I don't know, that's what we're about to find out."

We walked inside. The guards had an elevator waiting and we rode downstairs. Salome, Nora and Bill met us in the lobby. "My dear," Salome said hugging me. I hugged her though I didn't much want to. Nora looked at me, less with disgust and more with annoyance like my presence was a burden in her life. Nora probably would have been alright if I had just died.

Then Bill hugged me. "Don't trust anyone," he whispered into my ear. He stepped away with a solemn look on his face that didn't give anything away.

"Come, I will find you a fresh change of clothes. You're dirty," Salome said grabbing my arm and leading me down the hall. I looked back to see the other three vampires all watching me. Salome led me to her room and started rifling through her huge closet. "Try this." She handed me a dress and I quickly changed. "So is it how you expected, being a vampire?" She asked.

"Yeah, I guess so. I hadn't really thought about it."

"I'm sure you're starved, I'll call for someone to be delivered," she said grabbing a phone. After she placed her order she sat down next to me. "Did anything interesting happen? Were you able to read minds?" she asked.

I shook my head. "I thought I would be able to, but I couldn't," I lied.

She frowned. "That's quite unfortunate. I'll have to have a talk with Russell, you were probably more useful to us human than vampire."

Nora came into the room with a man, she pushed him towards me. "I thought he might be nice to look at, that helps you get through it the first time." I was surprised she was being nice to me but then I noticed Bill and Eric behind her and realized they probably made her act nice.

"I believe you have enough helpers here, I'll be back shortly," Salome said. She got up and left the room.

Eric came towards me. "Come here," he said. Nora put the man on the bed and Eric sat me down next to him.

"That's really ok, I'm not very hungry," I said.

"You're a newborn, of course you're hungry," Nora said rolling her eyes.

"Really, it doesn't even smell nice," I said crinkling my nose. Eric glanced at Bill.

"Just try," Eric said.

"Fine," I mumbled. Eric tipped the man's head to the side and I put my mouth by his neck. I had to force my fangs to pop out. Then I bit down, blood flooded my mouth and I drew back quickly. "Oh my god." I spit the blood onto Salome's carpet. "That's disgusting!" All three vampires starred at me. "It's just an acquired taste right? I mean I'll get used to it won't I?" I asked. None of the vampires said anything.

Nora began walking around me. "I don't think she's a full vampire."

"What?" Bill asked.

"I drained her and then we buried her, she went through the transformation," Eric told her.

"I think she's gotten all of a vampire's abilities, she seems fast probably strong too. We already know she can glamour people, she's probably got her other faerie powers too. I think only her human half was able to transform, not all of her."

"Are you going to tell Salome?" I asked. Nora rolled her eyes.

"No, of course not. Eric wouldn't want me to." She walked towards the bed. "Move over big brother. If someone doesn't eat this human Salome will accuse you all of being traitors." We stood there while Nora drained the man.

"Thank you," I said.

"I'm not doing it for you," Nora said. She walked past me and out the door.

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