Look Before You Leap

29 Losing the One You Love


Eric came into the room and noticed me sitting on the bed. "Lily, I told you to wait outside."

"Yeah and clearly I didn't listen."

"Have you gotten anything out of her?" Eric asked me.

"A little bit, things about the experiments."

"What experiments?" He asked.

"Willa can tell you," I told him. Truthfully I wasn't sure how much else she really knew but I didn't want Eric to kill her. "We should take her back to Fangtasia. They'll be looking for you here." He nodded and picked her up. They climbed out the window and I jumped out after them. Eric wrapped an arm around me and took off.


I sat cross-legged in one of Sookie's living room chairs waiting for something to happen. Jason had gone into the kitchen leaving Niall and I alone. He lay back on the sofa and I stared at the wallpaper. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to say to this faerie that was apparently my father. Lily had told me she had a lot to fill me in on about Bill, who'd basically become like our dad, well now I had lots to tell her about our biological one. I texted Lily, letting her know I needed to talk to her when she had the chance.

Niall sat up quickly. "Warlow," he said. I followed him out of the house and Jason came running out after us. "Keep Sookie in the house," he ordered Jason before grabbing my arm and teleporting us towards the vampire.

"Jason, oh my god!" I heard Sookie yell behind us.

"So much for staying in the house," I mumbled. Niall grabbed my arm again and we teleported back to Sookie and Jason, then quickly inside. Sookie and I sat Jason down on the couch. "Well that was a waste of energy," I said. "At this rate we're never going to catch Warlow."

"Are you alright, Jason?" Sookie asked, ignoring me.

"I'm fine," Jason said.

I rolled my eyes. "People who faint for no reason are not fine."

"I'm fine, Rach. Ok?"

"Why are you not afraid of Warlow?" Niall asked Sookie.

"I am afraid," she said.

"You should be more afraid, he isn't coming after me."

"I can't remember the last time someone was trying to kill me or someone I cared about. Danger has become my entire life. Rachel and Lily's too for that matter. Speaking of, why isn't Warlow after Rachel? I saw you take her with you. Percentage wise I'm not a halfling but she is. You keep saying our blood is royal but she has more of it. Not to throw you under the bus, Rachel, but honestly."

"The twins were not promised to Warlow, you were," Niall told her. "Now, Rachel and I are going out."

"Where to?" Jason and I asked at the same time.

"We're taking the fight to him."

"I'm not here for epic battles, remember? I'm here to be convinced this is worth my time, since like you said; I'm not the one being targeted. No offense, Sookie."

"I'm trying to convince you," Niall said. "Now come along."


It was an awkward ride back to the bar as there really wasn't enough room for both Willa and me to be holding on to Eric. I was glad when we landed and I could have my personal space back. We walked into Fangtasia where we found Pam and Tara sitting at the bar. "Where's Nora?" Eric asked.

"Out," Pam said, without giving any further information. "Who the fuck is she?"

"Willa Burrell," I answered.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Pam asked. "You let him do this, Lily? I thought you were the smart twin."

"She has information we need," Eric answered before Pam and I could launch into another fight. "The governor's men won't be far behind, pack up anything you want to take with you. We need to leave as quickly as possible." Tara and Pam just stared at him. "Now!"

They left the room and Eric, Willa and I sat down at one of the tables. "Are you a vampire too then?" Willa asked me. I nodded in response. Eric started to glamour her but she stopped him. "You don't have to glamour me, I'll tell you everything I know. I don't like what my dad is doing any more than you do."

"Lily mentioned something about experiments?" Eric prompted her.

"The vampires that are getting arrested are being taken to this camp to be studied. It's horrible."

"It's how they learned how to make those weapons and the contact lenses," I added. Willa nodded.

"Where is this camp?" Eric asked her.

"I don't know. The only reason I know anything about it is because I've been snooping around. Ask Lily, I told her, my dad keeps me out of most of this shit." Eric bared his fangs, making her jump. "Please don't kill me, don't kill me."

I scanned her mind quickly looking for anything she could be hiding and touched his arm. "She's telling the truth, Eric." Pam and Tara came out of the back with a small box of stuff.

Eric pulled Willa up. "You're coming with us."

"Are you fucking with us?" Tara asked.

Pam stepped In front of Eric. "I'm begging you cut off her head and leave her here for her daddy to find."

"We aren't killing her," I said.

"Then leave her here alive, but do not take her with."

"We have nothing," Eric said. "Everything has been taken from us and we have no way to fight back. All we have is her." Eric handed me a roll of duct tape and I ripped off a piece. I gave Willa an apologetic look before sticking the tape over her mouth.


We arrived at Ginger's fifteen minutes later. When Eric knocked she opened the door in curlers and her underwear. "Look who came a knockin' on my door," she said, leaning in the doorframe in her best attempt to be sexy.

"Invite us in, Ginger," I said pushing into her line of vision.

She frowned. "Come on in, both of you." Eric and I walked into her apartment. "I don't know if I'm into the threesome shit, especially since your girlfriend seems like a bitch." She started to close the door but Pam stopped it with her foot.

"Invite me in," Pam said.

Ginger looked confused but invited her in anyways and then did the same to Tara. Ginger sighed realizing she wasn't going to get to fuck Eric tonight, or probably ever if she was going to be honest with herself. "Who's the human?" She asked.

"Not any concern of yours," Eric said. "Now we will be taking the coffin."

"Why does he get the coffin?" Tara asked.

"Why don't we leave Lily with the girl, since she's so keen on saving her?" Pam asked.

"The girl stays with me as I don't trust you not to kill her and possibly Lily if she gets in the way," Eric said. "Ginger, will you please escort Pam and Tara to your shitty little underground cubby."

Tara and Pam glared at me; to be honest I couldn't blame them. To them I was the spoiled baby vampire who had Eric whipped. Though frankly I just liked to see myself as smart enough to convince him to listen to me, because I tried my hardest not to let my emotions cloud my judgment like Pam did.

"Ok then," Eric said nodding once when no one questioned him. "Let's go."


Niall and I looked for Warlow the rest of the night but finally the sun came up and I thought it was time to return to Sookie's. Instead Niall took me to a huge empty field. "What are we doing here?" I asked.

"Building our army," he informed me. "Unfortunately, my human grandson and you and I will not be enough to defeat Warlow. We need more faeries."

"But where-" before I could finish my sentence he opened a portal and pulled me through it and into a large nightclub. "Whoa." I glanced around and realized the place wasn't empty simply because it was daytime, it had been ransacked. Chairs and tables had been overturned and there was blood spatter everywhere. "What happened here?"

"Give me your hand," he said insistently.

"Why?" I asked.

"Sookie told me you and your sister didn't know how to use your light, I'm going to show you." I could tell he was trying to remain calm for my benefit, though the scene in front of us did not look promising. He took my hand and guided it over the blood. "Focus on feeling what happened here." After a few moments of nothing he groaned and released me. "I don't have time to teach you what you should already know. Your more unusual gifts will have to protect you until we have a moment to train you." He waved his own hand over the blood, apparently seeing what had happened. I wanted to ask what he was seeing as he moved around the room frantically but he already seemed annoyed with me so I kept my mouth shut. There was a moan from behind one of the tables and we both rushed over to find a man bleeding on the floor.

Lily? The man thought.

"I'm her sister," I told him. I wasn't surprised the faerie knew my sister; she had clearly been up to a lot in the time we'd been separated.

"Tell me what happened," Niall commanded him.

He got in, the faerie thought to us. A very powerful vampire, I have no idea how he got in. Please don't leave me like this.

"I won't," Niall said. I didn't know what he was doing until the faerie was reduced to a pile of dust. Niall looked at me. "Is this worth your time yet?"


Eric, Willa and I had all squeezed into the coffin. It was wide enough for two people but getting the third in required a bit of squishing. I was basically laying on top of Eric with Willa getting the majority of the room to our right. I tried not to be annoyed with her presence since I was the reason she was there. "Mister?" Willa said quietly. She repeated it again a little louder. At first I thought she was going to try to escape but she didn't.

"I'm meant to be dead during the day," Eric said. I wanted to open my eyes but at the same time I didn't want him to realize I wasn't asleep.

"I thought you might want to talk," Willa said.

"Put your tape back on," he told her. That didn't stop her from launching into a story about her mother having an affair with a vampire. This piqued Eric's interest and I felt him shift towards her.

"My mom moved out to California to live with him. He has a bar, kinda like Fangtasia."

"There is only one Fangtasia."

"Totally," she said with a quiet breathy giggle. "I wanted to move out with them you know but my dad-"

"Is this your way of convincing me you don't have a problem with vampires?" Eric asked.

"I guess I'm just trying to distract myself," she said in a tone I quickly identified as faux innocence. "But to answer your question, I do like vampires, very much." She was definitely hitting on my boyfriend while I was right there on top of him. I was suddenly regretting my adamant decision to keep her alive. "You've got the bleeds." There was a quiet moment and I felt her hand on Eric's face since it was so close to mine.

"No," he said. I felt his arm reach out towards her. "Can't let you do that." I wanted to open my eyes and she what she had been about to do. "Now put your tape back on."

Very quietly, quiet enough that Willa's human ears wouldn't be able to hear me I spoke into Eric's ear. "Can we talk?" He didn't tense up, as I would expect a guilty person to do. Maybe he hadn't realized she was coming onto him, though I doubted Eric Northman would ever be that oblivious.

Tonight, he thought to me. You need to rest.

"Fine, but I'm not letting you out of it."


We left the faerie club and went back into the field. There was a man walking towards us. "Faerie?" I asked Niall. He nodded.

"My name is Ben," he said introducing himself to us. "Is this Thibodaux field right? I heard there was a faerie hiding place near by, I've been looking for it since yesterday."

"It was destroyed by a vampire," Niall told him.

"Is your arm alright?" I asked.

"I was attacked by a vampire, but I'm alright now," he told me. "Were they're any survivors?"

"No," Niall told him. "This vampire I've been hunting, I've chased him across millennia. He is very old and very dangerous and he is after my granddaughter."

"Is this vampire named Warlow?" Ben asked. Niall nodded. "Shit," Ben said dropping to one knee. "Forgive me, I just realized you're Niall Birgant, king of the fae."

"Stand up, son," Niall said.

"And this is?" He asked looking at me.

"My daughter, Rachel Compton," Niall told him.

"Nice to meet you," I said.

"The pleasure is all mine," Ben told me.

"As I was saying, because of a mistake one of my descendants made Warlow believes he is entitled to my granddaughter Sookie."

"Sookie Stackhouse?" Ben asked.

I rolled my eyes. "Of course, everyone knows Sookie."

"She found me after I was attacked and bandaged me up."

"My daughter and I came here in hopes of assembling an army to fight Warlow and we found you. Would you like to repay Sookie's kindness?"

"It'd be an honor," Ben said.

"Let's go."


As soon as nightfall came I woke Eric up and got out of the coffin. Willa started to get out but I shut the coffin and sat on it. "We need to talk about her."

"What about her?" Eric asked.

"Well the fact that she's developing a thing for you, for starters."

"Are you jealous?"

"I know how you are, Eric. Now that I'm not human any more how am I supposed to know that you aren't going to run off to the next pretty human girl that wants to get in your pants?"

"You don't have to worry about Willa. You may not be human but you are mine and you always will be. Why do you think Pam is acting the way she is?"

"Like a raging bitch you mean?"

"She's jealous that I have another progeny and beyond that she knows that what you and I have goes deeper than that but she will always be my first progeny and my closest friend. Just like her, you are wrong if you ever think anyone could replace you." I wasn't sure if that made me feel any better since clearly he'd grown tired enough of Pam to fall for Rachel and then me. How could I expect to keep his attention for the next century, if we even lived that long?

Ginger came into the room with Eric's phone. "The governor called for you," she told him waving the phone at us. Eric groaned and opened the coffin to get Willa out.

Pam and Tara appeared in the doorway. "Oh how sweet, Eric and his new human. I'd watch out if I were you Lily, you may be new now but if I've learned anything its that Eric always needs a new plaything."

"Pam, now it not the time," Eric said.

"He's got the governor on the phone," Ginger said.

"Tara be a dear and tape Willa's mouth shut for me," Eric said.

"He'll be tracing the call," Willa said as the rest of us left the room. I waited with the others in the living room as Eric talked to the governor on the phone.

Finally he muted it and turned to us. "They're coming."

When we went back into the room where Tara and Willa had been waiting we found no one. "Tara!" Pam yelled flying out the window.

Eric gave Ginger the phone and strict instructions to keep the governor on the line and stall him before grabbing me and flying out the window after Pam.


I chose not to listen to Niall rehash the story about the club and went to my old room upstairs. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and sat it on the bed. There wasn't a single text from Lily or Alcide, though I hadn't been expecting anything really. I was still sitting there when Jason came upstairs. "Hey, you ok?" He asked.

"Yeah, fine. Its just I miss the way things used to be, you know?"

"You mean Lil? Me too."

"You two were friends right?"

"Yeah, we were." He smiled. "One time I took her fishing. You know she almost fell into the lake, I thought she was going to drown or something." He laughed. "I was real mean to your sister the last time I saw her and I want to apologize for that, but who knows when I'll see her again. I was hallucinating that my momma and daddy were there saying a lot of shit about how terrible vampires were and I took it out on Lily and Tara even though I know they're good people."

"I'm sure she would forgive you," I told him. He slid me over on the bed and sat down next to me.

"What about your boyfriend? He's the reason you're here, isn't he?"

I nodded. "Yeah, he is. He's changed a lot since I met him, he became packmaster and the power got to his head. I want to love him, I still do but I don't want to be hurt and he's so so different." I started crying and Jason shifted, I thought was going to leave but instead he put his arm around me and pull me closer so my head was laying in the space between his shoulder and his neck.

"You deserve someone who is gonna treat you right. He's an idiot if he's going to let you go like that but you need to do what's right for you, even if that means leaving somebody you love."

There was a commotion from downstairs and I reached out with my mind. Warlow is back, Sookie thought.

"Warlow," I told Jason. We both jumped up and ran down stairs. Before Jason got to the bottom he collapsed and fell down the stairs.

"Jason!" Sookie yelled running back into the house. We both knelt down next to him but he didn't wake up right away this time. "Oh my god."

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