Look Before You Leap

3 It's Never Nothing


"I'm done. Find Bill bring him back, but I'm not helping. I'll keep making phone calls but I'm done with all this vampire shit," I told Rachel when we got home.

"Lily, be reasonable."

"I am! I've never wanted to be around vampires and you know that." She started to say something else, but I cut her off. "You are going to drop this," I commanded. I felt a little jolt and Rachel was staring at my blankly.

"I'm going to drop this," she repeated.

"Rach, are you ok?" I asked.

"Yeah fine. I guess I should get going." She said sounding like her normal self again but totally moving on from our argument, completely unlike herself.


I drove up to Fangtasia where I showed Eric the symbol. He claimed he didn't recognize it. "You're lying," I said.

"No, I'm not."

"Yes, you are. I've been around you enough, you have a tic."

"What is it?" He asked.

"Like I'd tell you. What do you know about werewolves?" I asked.

"Their dangerous," he said simply.

"So are you. What else?"

"They're territorial, vicious, and secretive."

"So exactly like you," I said.

"They're nothing like us," he defended.

"Right. Well Sookie's going to need more than that or she'll end up getting the rest of us in trouble," I rolled my eyes.

"She's human," He said.

"Doesn't mean we're stupid, but we do need your help."

"I'm not talking to you about there weres. I don't want you trying to chase them down, you'll only get hurt."

"You don't know that."

"No, but I'm not risking your life because you want to play brave."

"You've got to give me something. He's my family. He and Lily are the only family I have left." I said sniffing. I didn't cry much but the thought of loosing someone else in my family so soon after my mom made tears come up.

"Don't do that. It makes me feel…human," Eric said.

"If making you feel human will make you help me, then I have no choice," I said trying to stay strong but I really couldn't help crying.

"Do you really want to know about Operation Werewolf?" He asked.


He seemed to go off to some place far away, "It was in Germany in 1945. Godric, my maker, and I were looking for the werewolves that were part of that group, they all had those marks it was the way we could tell. They're killers and we had to take them down. There was a girl we captured; she wanted my blood in exchange for information. Godric told me not to give it to her but I did anyways. I needed to know what she knew. She said that a vampire led the group, and then she attacked me. Godric killed her and that's all the information I was able to get out of her."

"But most vampires killed people, what was so special about those wolves? And please don't say it's because vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies or something cliché like that. What was so special about the werewolves with those marks?" I asked.

"It's a long story. You should get back to Bon Temps," He said.

"Eric-" I started to say something but he cut me off.

"Later." I could tell whatever it was still hurt him to talk about. Eric wasn't big on feelings like grief or sadness. It made him feel human; he wasn't big on being human.

"Ok," I said, letting it go.

"I'll help you, find Bill."

"Thank you." He walked me out to my car and I leaned back against it. He kissed me lightly though I could tell he was still thinking about whatever that memory was. "I'll see you tomorrow."


When I got back to Bon Temps I decided there was no way I was going to be able to sleep so I stopped at Sookie's. Lily's car was parked in the driveway. I knocked on the door. "Hey Rach, your sister is asleep down the hall."

"Oh alright. I don't think I can sleep. I went to talk to Eric, he said he'll help."

"That's great!"

"Can I just hang out here for a while? I don't want to go home."

"Yeah. I told Lily she could sleep here as long as she needed. The whole vampire thing is really messing with her. She'd rather be here than a house any vampire can enter."

"Makes sense."

"I'm doing a little house cleaning if you want to help," she said.

"Yeah that sounds good."

"Well grab a broom."


A few hours later Sookie was getting ready to go to work.

"You think you and Lily will be alright if I leave you here?" She asked.

"Yeah we'll be alright."

"Ok well watch out."

"Yeah you too," I nodded.


Lily woke up eventually, I heard her moving around, but if she ever came out of her room I must've had the TV on too loud because I didn't hear her. When Sookie came home the two of us sat on her couch in silence waiting for something to happen. Then there was a knock at the door. We both jumped and then walked slowly towards the front of the house. I peeked through the curtains on the door I could see Eric. We went outside and he explained to Sookie what he had told me the night before. After he did she went back inside to let us talk.

Eric sighed. "I shouldn't want Bill found, I would be much better off if he disappeared forever but now that these werewolves are coming for you I have no choice. I never wanted to put you in danger."

"I put myself in danger when I decided to stay and live in Bon Temps, and then when I decided to go on a date with you. Do you think life here is easy? My sister has locked herself in her room because of you, I'm pretty sure she hates me. A family member I just met might be dead. Life here is anything but easy."

"I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault. I'm stupid."

"You aren't."

"If I was smart I would've gotten out of here the moment I met Bill. I wouldn't be standing here right now. I definitely wouldn't be falling in love with you."

"You make things increasingly more difficult every time I see you."

I sighed. "You ought to get used to it. Are you going to come in?"

"Of course. I've got to protect you from your own stupidity." He smiled.

"Come on. My room is upstairs it's got the best view," I said looking over my shoulder as I walked towards the stairs.

"I'm sure it does," he said grabbing me around the waist.

"Sook's up there too we have to be quiet," I laughed.

"That can happen." He smirked. We were just about to go upstairs when his head snapped towards the living room door and he leaped towards it. A wolf came around the corner and I grabbed the gun Sookie had given me and pulled the trigger. The next few things happened so fast I had no idea what was going on. Eric jumped in front of the bullet. I screamed. The werewolf jumped on Eric. Next thing I knew the were was dead and he was bleeding out all over Sookie's rug.

There were footsteps running down the hallway. Sookie and Lily appeared. "Holy shit," Was all Lily said before retreating back to her room.

"He's bleeding all over my rug," Sookie commented.

"Sorry," Eric said.

I coughed. "Well, um, we'll go get rid of this. Come on Eric." I grabbed a shovel before we went out and Eric slung the guy over his shoulder. We walked out to a place in the woods and Eric started digging. "I thought we were going to talk to him? You saw that mark and freaked. It's got to mean more that what you told me."

"It's nothing."

"If it was nothing you'd be thinking rationally."

"It brings back bad memoires," he said.

"I can tell. But I could've listened to his thoughts," I said.

"Rachel, you don't understand how dangerous werewolves are. When they're had vampire blood their even a challenge for me."


"I did what I had to do to protect you."

I sighed. "Well I did hear something about Jackson, isn't that a city somewhere?"

"Jackson Mississippi, he had a Mississippi accent."

"I'm from Colorado I wouldn't know." I shrugged. "I need to go there. Sookie and I need to leave like now! Come with me?"

"I can't. The two of you shouldn't go alone either," Eric said as we walked back to Sook's house.

"Well we aren't just going to sit here."

"I'll figure something out. At least take the day to think about before you rush up there."

"Maybe. If something does happen, you'll feel it won't you?"


"How long will it take you to get to Jackson?" I asked.

"Too long." He paused. "I don't want you to go."

"I have too."

He nodded and kissed the top of my head. "I know."


The next morning Sook and I went to tell Sam that we would be missing a few days of work. Afterwards we went home and I started helping her wash her rug. We had been scrubbing for a while when I heard someone thinking behind us. I grabbed Sookie's arm. We both jumped up and ran into the house. "Wait!" The guy yelled.

He grabbed me. Sookie started trying to pull him off. "Let go of me! I know what you are!"

"I'm not going to hurt you! Eric Northman sent me." I stopped fighting and Sookie stopped tugging. I remembered him saying he'd "figure something out" I guess this was it. "My name is Alcide Hervaux, I'm here to help." He let go of me slowly as if seeing if I was going to freak out again.

"I'll make tea," Sookie suggested. We went into the dining room and Alcide and I sat down.

"I'm Rachel Compton," I said introducing myself. "That's Sookie Stackhouse." I heard some shuffling at Lily appeared around the corner. "That's my twin Lily," I added.

Wow, she's alive. I thought to Sookie. Sook snorted and Alcide gave her a weird look.

Haha very funny. Who's he? Lily asked.

"This is Alcide Hervaux. He's a werewolf," I said out loud.

"Just when you think you might have a day where you aren't faced with some crazy shit…"

"Nice to meet you, Lily," Alcide said.

She blushed. "Nothing against you. I'm sure you're fine. It's just become a bit much."

"I understand," he nodded. Sookie brought our tea over.

So, I heard one of ya'll read minds? Alcide thought.

Lily sighed. "We all do."

Lily, I kinda thought we were trying to keep that little fact about you on the DL. I thought at her.

What's the point?

So we could all be having a conversation without me saying anything? Alcide asked.

"We've been having conversations without you hearing," I said.

"Which is a little rude," Sookie said.

"But yeah we could," I finished.

"Might come in handy," He said.

"So you're taking us to Jackson?" I asked. "Why?"

"My dad owes Eric some money. Plus the only way you're getting to the weres is with my help."

"Well when are we leaving?" I asked.

"Whenever you're ready," He said.

"I just brought a suitcase of clothes over here, I'm ready to go. Sookie?"

"It'll only take me a little bit."

"So while you're both gone do I need to expect any supernatural visitors?" Lily asked.

"There's a gun in my bedside table," Sookie said.


When we got to Jackson it was dark. Sook and I got ready to go to the werewolf bar, Lou Pines. She wore a simple innocent looking outfit and I mirrored her outfit in all dark colors making us look like we had purposely meant to look like an angel and a devil. The look would've been perfect on me and Lily. I found myself wishing Lily was here instead of having a panic attack at home. Sometimes I really wished she could be a bit tougher. We parked outside the bar and walked in. Alcide greeted the door man and got us in.

"Am I not really dressed appropriately?" Sookie asked me.

"Well, I fit in better. You should've let me pick your outfit."

"Next time," She nodded.

"We'll have to split up. If they see you girls with me they won't talk" Alcide told us. "I'll be over there." Sookie took off immediately, but I hesitated. Alcide grabbed my hand and gave it a little squeeze, I looked up at him. "You'll be fine." I nodded and walked towards a group of weres leaning sitting together.

"Have you ever heard of a place in Louisiana called Fangtasia?" I heard Sookie ask.

"You a Fangbanger?" one guy asked.

"We'll there isn't anything sexier than a vampire," I said. The guys all looked me up and down, probably undressing me in their heads. I didn't want to look and find out.

"I don't know," Sookie said. "These guys seem pretty good too, Rachel."

"Yeah, listen to your friend Rach," One guy said.

I walked up to him and touched him. "Why don't we go somewhere so you can tell me about it?"

I got flashes of Bill. This is the one. I told Sookie.

"Come on then," the were said.

Rachel, wait! I heard Alcide. It was too late for me to heed his warning and the werewolf took me to the back room.

"Where's that vampire?" I asked.

"You don't need any vampires. I've got plenty of vamp blood in me." He started trying to rip my clothes off. I clawed at his face and tried to push him away from him. Alcide grabbed him and pulled him away from me.

Sookie came in behind him. "Are you alright?" she asked sitting next to me.

"I'm fine," I assured her. I could hear the fight happening outside. Then I heard the doorman yelling at everyone. We waited until the yelling stopped before walking out. I stood in the doorway nervously. When Alcide got up he came over to me and Sookie. "Thank you for helping me in there," I told him.

"It's my job."

"Well, thanks anyway."

"Come on, let's get you two out of here."

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