Look Before You Leap

30 Between A Rock And A Hard Place


Ben grabbed Jason and dragged him to the couch in the living room. "I'll call 911," Sookie said running into the kitchen.

I stared at Jason for a moment. I never knew what to do when people were hurt. "I'll go after Niall," I said. I turned and ran towards the door but stopped when I realized that between the vampire's super speed and Niall's teleportation I'd never catch up. I started to return to the living room just in time to see Ben bite his arm and drip blood into Jason's mouth. I clamped my hand over my mouth because I didn't trust myself not to panic and scream or something.

Ben must have heard me anyways because he turned to face me, fangs still out. He moved towards me at vamp speed. "You won't tell Sookie what you saw here," he said.

"You can't glamour me, you should already know that," I told him. "But I won't tell her." I knew I should, this vampire faerie hybrid was most likely Warlow. He had probably killed dozens of faeries in the nightclub and he probably wanted to kill Sookie. But he was half vampire and half faerie, just like Lily, and I wanted to know more about him. More confidently I repeated, "I won't tell her."

Sookie came into the room and Jason sat up on the couch, the vampire blood taking effect. Ben was still staring at me and I mouthed "yet" before walking around him to get a better look at Jason. He did look totally healed, another point for Ben. "I just sat down and he woke up," Ben told Sookie.

She looked at me and I nodded. "Yeah, I guess it wasn't as bad as we thought. I'm glad you're alright, Jason."

Niall entered looking annoyed, an expression I was beginning to learn was almost always on his face. "Did you get her?" Ben asked.

"If you hadn't left, I would have," Niall told him. "Sookie is the one who we need to protect, not her brother."

"I'm sorry, I guess I'll just get out of your way," Ben said. He walked towards the door and Sookie followed him.

I went to Jason and inspected him. "Are you sure you're alright?"

"I fell better than ever," he said.

I had no doubt Jason was all right now; I knew how good vampire blood was at fixing otherwise deadly injuries. But we still didn't know what was causing his fainting spells and who's to say that it wouldn't resurface in a few days once the blood wore off. "Ok," I said with a nod.

"Were your worried about me?" He asked grinning.

"Well you did faint on Sookie's rug, do you know how many times she's had to get that replaced? If you died on it we'd both be pissed," I said. I hit him in the arm. "Of course I was worried about you, you big idiot."

He just smiled widely making me laugh, much to Niall's annoyance. I'm sure he just loved the personalities of his three newfound relatives. Sookie acted like she had a stick up her butt, and when I wasn't being extra stubborn I was acting like a child with Jason.


Eric, Pam and I stopped to find Tara after we were safely away from Ginger's house. Pam summoned her and we waited for quite a while before we showed up. "Where's the girl?" Eric asked.

"You won't find her," Tara said.

"As your maker I-" Pam started but Tara started yelling and covering her ears to block her out.

"Wow, real mature," I said.

Eric jumped on her and pinned her to the ground. "If you aren't going to listen to your maker you will listen to me."

"Get off her, she's mine," Pam said to him.

"Shut up, Pam!" He yelled at her. Pam glared at me like it was my fault. Eric asked again where Willa was and Tara gave him the address.

"You have no right to lay your hands on her," Pam said.

"We'll meet here tomorrow night," he said, ignoring her. He took off, on ground, and I followed him.


I went to the kitchen and made myself a cup of hot tea and then went up stairs and dug out some old magazines to read before bed. I pulled out an issue of ELLE and Cosmopolitan and tossed them on the bed before changing into my pajamas. Jason appeared in the doorway before I had the chance to get into bed. "Hey, Rach, going to sleep?" He asked.

"I've had a rough couple of days," I told him. "You should get some rest yourself, you did pass out a little bit ago."

"I'm feeling super energized, I'm going to do some pull ups or something. Mind if I stay in here?" I raised an eyebrow and he grabbed the top of the doorframe and pulled himself up. "I'll just be over here."

"I'm about to go to sleep," I said.

"You won't even know I'm here." He dropped and pulled his shirt off. I opened my Cosmo to keep from looking at him. He started reading the headlines from the front of the issue. "Great guy lame sex, 25 ways to have fun with him, bad girl sex: 75 very naughty-"

"Why are you in my room?" I asked.

"Because its clearly annoying you," he said. "Get any tips from that?" he asked.

"Maybe, not that you'll ever find out." I finally looked up and noted for the first time how nice he looked without a shirt. I pointed at the headline on the front of the magazine that read: Feel so confident, you could take over the freaking world! "For your information, this is the article I'm reading."

"You don't need that. I mean you're like Sarah Newlin," he said. I made a face and he backtracked. "You're already kick ass. And you know what you're looking for, Eric was in politics, or whatever vamps call it, and the guy you've been living with is packmaster, right? Obviously your type is men in charge."

"Yeah, and both of those relationships worked out so well for me," I said sarcastically.

"I'm a police officer," he said. "You know, uniform, in charge, whatever."

I laughed. "I don't know if you're hitting on me or trying to distract me from thinking about Alcide."

"Is it working?" He asked.

"Not really, since you brought him up," I said.

"I meant the hitting on you," Jason said.

"I don't know about that one," I said laughing. "Why didn't I hang out with you before? You're fun, I may be thinking about Alcide but I don't even care."

"You were a little distracted before," he reminded me.

"I guess so, to be honest though nothing is ever quiet enough around here for me not to be distracted." I took a sip of my tea and realized it had gone cold. "I'm going to have to make more tea now, thanks a lot." I stood up and walked towards the door. He dropped down and I brushed past him as I left.

"I'm glad you're feeling better," he told me.

"Same to you," I said.

"Night, Rach."


We reached the fair grounds and Eric finally stopped running. He looked surprised to see me. "You followed me."

"You didn't tell me not to. Plus, if you haven't noticed, Pam and Tara aren't exactly my biggest fans." He nodded and motioned me towards the carousel. "She's still here?"

"Apparently," he said.

She turned and faced us when we approached but spoke only to Eric. "I wanted to talk to you, so I stayed." He sat down in front of her.

"You have my attention." It annoyed me that he found her interesting. I understood Pam's feelings, Eric had said Pam could never be replaced but having an addition to the family is just as hard, because you're no longer the center of attention. Its worse being left on the sidelines than to be kicked out completely, at least then you'd have closure.

"I wanted to say that I hate what my dad is doing and I'm on your side. Also I wanted to ask why you wouldn't let me taste your blood before, in the coffin?" She asked. So that's what I'd missed when my eyes were closed.

"Why did you want to taste it so much?" He asked.

"I think I deserve to," she said. I snorted and she looked at me, as if she hadn't even noticed I was there. I didn't want the girl dead but I wouldn't mind getting her out of my life.

"Do you really want to help me?" Eric asked her. She nodded in response. He stood up and took her hand and helped her off the carousel.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Stay here, Lily," he said.

"There is absolutely no way," I said.

He stared at me for a moment, waiting for me to back down. "As your maker I-"

"Don't you dare," I said.

"As your maker I command you to stay quiet and out of my sight, until I tell you otherwise."

I involuntarily moved into the trees. I wanted to scream at him but no words came out when I opened my mouth. He and Willa walked towards the other edge of the fair grounds. I followed them, making sure I was out of sight. He hadn't commanded me to keep him out of my sight, so I was using his wording to my advantage. It didn't take me long to wish that I hadn't.

As soon as he started digging the hole I knew. I had the urge to find Pam and immediately apologize for coming between her and Eric. I couldn't pull myself away, though I wanted to. I watched him help her into the hole and then follow after her. I couldn't see them any more but I could hear them. I could hear her thoughts, she was excited and a little bit terrified and she also really wanted to fuck him.

I wondered if Pam had ever thought about killing Rachel or me, because that was the point I was at. I had never considered myself a jealous person but at that moment the green-eyed monster was certainly rearing her head.


"Rach," someone said, waking me up. "Rachel. Hey, Rach."

"What?" I groaned. I flipped over and looked up to see Jason in my doorway.

"I need you to kiss me."

"What?" I looked at my clock. "Jason, it's ten fifteen. I just woke up. I haven't had coffee. I was up way too late last night. I am not going to kiss you."

"Come on, Rach." He sat on the edge of my bed.

"I have shitty morning breath," I told him.

"I don't care."

"You are being really weird, what the hell is going on?" I asked.

"I had a dream last night, about Ben."

"Oh."I knew why he'd dreamed about Ben, the vampire blood would have messed with his head.

"But I'm not gay, I swear."

"So you want me to kiss you so you can convince yourself your sex dream was a fluke?" I clarified.

"We didn't have sex, we just shaved each other."

I stared at him. "That is incredibly weird."

"I know!"

I didn't have to focus very hard to see his strands. He was freaked out but he was also pretty turned on, whether that was because of the dream or me I couldn't be sure. I smoothed down his frazzled nerves and saw his shoulders relax.

Any other day I would have taken the other half of his strands and fashioned them into something else, but part of me didn't want to send him away. I thought of this as a test. I wanted to fix things with Alcide but maybe, if I rebounded, I would get over him quicker.

Jason pinned me against the headboard and kissed me. "Your morning breath isn't even that bad." I laughed. "But can you brush your teeth before we do that again?"


By the time we finally made it down stairs it was noon. "Crap, I have to be at Merlotte's in less than an hour. I told Sam I'd help him with the bar while I was in town. I guess he's a little short on wait staff."

"What is Merlotte's?" Niall asked. I hadn't realized he was standing there and I jumped.

"Its my former place of work," I explained.

"And helping this Sam is more important than saving Sookie?"

"Keeping a promise I made to my friend is more important than wandering around like lost puppies while we wait for another Warlow sighting."

"See you later, Rach," Jason called after me as I left. Niall was silent.


I pushed from my poorly dug hole in the ground and out into the night. "Lily, come here," Eric called. "I know you're there."

Reluctantly I stepped out of the trees and into the clearing. "Where's Willa?"

"Gone, I sent her back to her father."

I stared at him a bit skeptically. "You sent a baby vampire to her father, who happens to be killing and torturing vampires as we speak?"

"She is our last hope. If she can convince Governor Burrell that she is no different than she was before, then maybe he will stop."

"He's a psychopath, he's not going to stop. I try to be optimistic, but Eric, you're being delusional."

"We're out of options."

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