Look Before You Leap

7 Vampires, Werewolves & Faries Oh My!


"We're faeries?" I asked skeptically.

"That has got to be the lamest thing I've ever heard," Sookie said.

"You've only part faerie. Lily, you and you're sister have more faeire blood that Sookie. Claudine believes that your father was fae."

"Well damn. I've spent the last several years staying away from supernatural beings when I'm one myself," I mumbled.

"Claudine is afraid for you all, and with a good reason," Bill said,

"What reason?" Sookie asked

"Every supernatural person I've ever know believes the fae were wiped out by vampires years ago."

"Why does everyone say that?" I asked.

"According to legend faire blood is intoxicating to vampires. And Sookie, you're blood is the most delicious I have ever tasted."

"I have a question," I said."Do we glow?"

"Well I never really thought about that but yes a bit. Why?" Bill asked.

"Rachel told me that Eric said she glowed. I was just wondering. I guess we do have a Light in a literal sense. That's interesting, I guess."


Eric was making a will. Pam and I weren't happy about it. "Why are you doing this?" Pam asked.

"Because Russell Edgington is maybe the oldest and strongest vampire on the planet not to mention the craziest, I'm covering all my bases."

"You aren't even going to put up a fight?" I asked.

"Of course I will. I just need to come up with a plan."

"Is there anything you want to leave specifically to another person?" The lawyer asked.

"Yes. I have a Viking crown I wish to leave to Rachel Caroline Compton."

"Your father's crown?" I asked.

"You were the first to know. It's only right that you have it after I'm gone."

"Too bad you won't be going anywhere," I said.

Eric sighed. "I should get you home."

We drove back to Bon Temps. "They're at Jason's," I told him.

We pulled into the driveway and knocked. Bill answered. "Did you tell him where we were?" Bill asked me.

"I didn't know it was a secret."

"Let's take a walk," Eric said. Bill, Eric and I walked into the woods.

"Rachel, I just recently found out, you are a faeire. After doing a bit of digging today I believe your father was fae," Bill told me.

"A faeire. Really?" I sighed. "I guess that's better than nothing."

"Is it true faeire blood lets you walk in the sun?" Eric asked Bill. Bill looked at Eric surprised."Oh did Sophie-Ann not tell you why she was after Sookie?" Eric asked.

"You came to Bon Temps for Sookie?" I asked.

"No, I came back because it was my home."

"Oh spare us both your lying. I can see right through you," Eric said.

"Sookie is mine," Bill said.

"I'm not interested in Sookie," Eric told him.

"Does faeire blood really let you walk in the sun?" I asked Bill.

"For a few seconds, that's it."

"But Sookie's blood is only a little fae. I'm half."

"I suppose it might work longer with you," Bill said.

"Did you go outside after you drank from me?" I asked Eric.

"I had no reason to," Eric said.

"Why are you here Eric?" Sookie said coming into the woods. "Is it so you can sell me out to Russell or is it the queen?"

"Sookie, you don't know anything," I said.

"I know Eric isn't at all trust worthy," she said.

"Believe what you want. I won't be here much longer anyway," he told her.

Rach, what is he talking about? Sookie asked. I ignored her.

"Let's get out of here," I told him.


We had been back at Fangtasia for quite a while. "You've been distant since we got back from Jackson. It isn't about Alcide is it?"

"No, I forgive you. But how can you forgive me, how can you still trust me?" Eric asked.

"Because I love you. You still don't get that do you?"

"How could you love someone like me?"

"Love is irrational. And stupid, really really stupid."

He laughed. "I've always had people l love; Pam, Godric. But being in love is different. Maybe love is stupid."

He kissed me. I pull back for a second. "Wait does that mean you love me?" I asked.


"Just making sure." I grabbed his shirt and pulled him towards me to kiss him again. Then Pam opened the door, I sighed.

"What?" Eric asked.

"Blah blah vampire emergency blah. Also Sookie is here." Sookie walked in. Eric walked out with Pam and I leaned against the door to listen in.

"Give Sookie up. Save yourself," Pam said.

"No," Eric said. "Rachel would never forgive me."

"You're choosing Rachel over yourself?"

"Yes." There was a silence.

"If you won't give Sookie up at least figure out how to use her."

"What's going on out there?" Sookie asked.

"Nothing," I lied.

"Then why are you hiding your thoughts?" She asked.

"Why are you trying to look inside my head?" I asked.

Eric came in. He picked Sookie up and she started kicking and screaming. "Rachel! Don't just stand there, help me!"

"Sorry Sook. Forgive me, but if I remember correctly you risked all of us to save Bill. I think this is pay back."

"I hate you, Eric! I hate both of you!"

"Oh, you'll get over it," I said.


I needed to eat. When you hang out around vampires as much as I did you kinda forget that you need to eat. It seemed like I hadn't eaten in a few days and maybe I hadn't. I drove out to Wendy's for a burger and a chocolate frosty shake and when I got back Pam was chained up with silver. "Well don't just stand there! Unchain me!"

I walked over and started unwrapping her. "I guess Bill came and got Sookie?"

"Yes. But don't worry, Eric will track them down."

"Do you know what his plan is yet?" I asked.

"No. Eric wouldn't tell me."

"Of course he wouldn't. Well hopefully whatever it is works."

"You know having you around sure makes things difficult. I've never seen Eric like this. It's terrible. He doesn't show human feelings, ever. When he's around you he turns to mush."

"I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault, it's that damn glow."

I rolled my eyes. "There almost here," I said.

"Did you get a "flash"?" she asked.

"Yes I got a flash."

"That's a really stupid name."

"Yeah but premonition or vision just sounds too corny. Flash is quick and easy."

"Hm, I guess that is a point."

Sookie and Russell came in. "Ms. Compton, wonderful to see you again."


Eric had explained everything about Sookie to Russell. Apparently Russell wasn't smart enough to figure out that that also applied to me, or even if he did he was too focused on Sookie to worry about me. But he didn't believe it anyway. "You've seen the light thing yourself," I said.

"I must admit, that was intriguing. I've never seen that before. But why wouldn't vampires know about faeries running around?" Russell asked.

"She isn't full fae only a hybrid," Eric said. "Her blood will let you walk in the sun."

"That's just crazy!" Sookie said. "Rachel, how can you not think Eric is crazy?"

"Actually Sookie it's true," Bill said.

"What?" She asked surprised.

"Bill has experienced it for himself," Eric said.

"I'm intrigued," Russell said.

"Excellent," Eric said.

"But you have to go first."

Eric hesitated for a millisecond. "I'd love to," He said smiling.


We were pacing around until morning waiting on the sun. Pam and I were talking quietly away from the group, Eric walked up. "You can't do it," Pam said.

"It'll work," Eric promised.

"But you heard Bill, it only works for a little bit," I said.

"I'll be alright," he said.

"No you won't. You'll be dead. Drink some of my blood. You'll be able to last longer out there. I'm almost pure fae."


"Eric, please," Pam said.

"I won't see you die," I said. "Just one drink that's all."


He walked away. Pam and I watched as Russell and Eric drank Sookie's blood and then walked into the sun. We both sat and watched them outside on the security camera. "He's going to die," I said.

I looked over at Pam, blood tears were running down her face. I started crying too. I saw Eric chain himself to Russell and they both went down on their knees, the sun becoming too much for them. "No," she whispered.

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